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Thanks for the next level hip hop that you and HBK put out. How and when did you get tight with the Pink Dolphin crew?

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Thank you for asking this question or else I probably would have never known Suzy and Andretti were dropping a tape together. I love those Bay Area rappers.

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Was that a different video director than David Camarena? Because David makes some good shit for you guys.

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I've had anxiety and depression since I was a boy, and it only got worse as I grew older. Now, I'm 20, and I see a therapist with my Mom. My mom is 45. We all agreed that I take a cognitive IQ and IVA test. I haven't gotten my results, but I most likely have ADHD with an emotional disorder from anxiety and depression. My therapist is named Dr. Gary Monkarsh and his puppy, Sadie, is a guide dog during therapy. I believe the future of mental health relies heavily on finding the problem that causes someone mental illness, and slowly working towards a better life. Is there any reason you can't help someone with mental illness?