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Chrussell13 karma

Man when Shit dropped I had one friend who kept askin me to play that coolest DJ in the world song.

You know what's hot in Atlanta now more than anyone else on here. Who are some of the younger more unknown guys who you see getting some attention soon like guys like Bankroll Fresh have done recently?

Chrussell10 karma

You still working with nephewtexasboy? That tape you hosted last year was great.

Chrussell8 karma

Actually I got one thing... You seen/got any opinion on the shit Trae just dropped with DJ Fresh. Pretty damn cool seein one my favourite rappers from Houston droppin a tape with a great bay area producer. some good features on there too from j stalin, philthy rich.

Chrussell7 karma

He definitely lost the first time....

Chrussell5 karma

Yo you one the best new people outta the bay now which i think got the best rap scene in general.

dont really got shit to ask but man you did a great job on that tape with problem, MDA.