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TheAdderallAdmiral323 karma

Holy shit, I'm a huge fan! I have a few questions and you guys don't have to answer all of them; also check out /r/hiphopheads we love you over there

How did you guys meet?

Which track off RTJ2 was the most fun to make?

El, do you have any tips or advice for an aspiring producer?

Mike, I made a guide to your work a few months back for /r/hiphopheads, did I miss anything?

Who smokes more weed out of the two of you?

Where the fuck has Despot's album been?

TheAdderallAdmiral27 karma

How many grams of sour diesel do you go through daily?

Also I learned how to roll a blunt from your video on youtube back in high school and that shit changed my life

TheAdderallAdmiral18 karma

What is your favorite album of all time?

Are you an ass man or a tit man?

TheAdderallAdmiral17 karma

Big Boi would be perfect

TheAdderallAdmiral9 karma

Preme, whats your favorite beat youve produced?

Royce, what do you think is your best verse ever?