Hello Everyone. It is I, Donald Faison. Back on Reddit to answer your crazy and legitimate questions. Oh and if you want to check out my Prizeo campaign where you can be entered to win a walk on role on TV Land’s “The Exes” and hang out with me on set to support a great cause, Soles4Souls: www.prizeo.com/donald

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zachinoz4181 karma

Braff here. Is it true that your penis is so large that several times it has been mistaken as an eel?

donald_faison3942 karma

yes this is true.

zachinoz3812 karma

Follow up: are you able to ride a bicycle, or does your eel need a sidecar?

donald_faison3863 karma

I don't know if there's a sidecar big enough buddy.

donald_faison3816 karma

Zach's on here somewhere. if i knew how to use this thing better then i would tell you. Look for zachinoz.

zachinoz3913 karma

Right here. How baked can you be?

donald_faison3835 karma

dude, you have no idea.

zachinoz3670 karma

Have you ever drag-raced a Lambo on pills in Miami?

donald_faison3401 karma

No. dude come on.

zachinoz3591 karma

It is rumored you call your anus: "My man pussy." Please explain.

donald_faison3170 karma

you better act like you know!

zachinoz3450 karma

What do you like more; Weed or Oxygen?

donald_faison3522 karma

i need both to live.

zachinoz3245 karma

It's rumored that you are often "ashy." What advice can you give to people with ashy elbows, knees and scrotums?

donald_faison3012 karma

coco butter

donald_faison3193 karma

hold on. gotta pee.

zachinoz3264 karma

Your onesie took a long time. Did it become a twosie?

donald_faison2846 karma

not quite a twosie.

I_Are_The_Coach3138 karma

What is the "whitest" thing you do on a regular basis?

donald_faison4266 karma

my wife.

siu3d6192816 karma

Will you be my Bluncle?

donald_faison3028 karma

yes nephew

donald_faison2237 karma

Great questions so far, keep'em coming. Again, doing this AMA to raise funds for Soles4Souls and you can also win a chance to hang out with ME on set! prizeo.com/donald

joec_951232175 karma

How accurately did Scrubs capture your real-life bromance with Zach Braff (/u/zachinoz)?

donald_faison2844 karma

it started the whole thing. if it wasn't for scrubs, there would be no bromance

jarrettbraun2155 karma

You and Braff switch bodies for 24 hrs. How do you spend your day?

donald_faison3501 karma



When did you learn to make coffee??

donald_faison3027 karma

when my brother went away to fight in the war.

dudemeister50001959 karma

Besides Zach Braff are you still in contact with the other actors from scrubs?

donald_faison2434 karma


LamborghiniHEAT1864 karma

Thank you for scrubs, no question just thank you!

donald_faison1968 karma

thank you.

donald_faison1752 karma

How many of you are going to www.prizeo.com/donald ?

donald_faison1741 karma

PS - just cuz i'm leaving doesn't mean I won't be back later....It's bath time.

I_NEED_MO_FUDGE1633 karma

How crazy was Hooch?

donald_faison2471 karma

dude, hooch is crazy.

Indigo-21841580 karma

Hi Donald, I just wanted to ask about the moment in Scrubs where you broke out into Safety Dance while talking to Carla. Was it the writers idea or yours? Did you have any input?

Edit: My highest upvoted comment ever, thanks all.

donald_faison2315 karma

writers. I'm gonna keep it real with you, I barely knew the song when I did it.

MrMindGame1576 karma

Hey man, dunno if you remember me, but I'm ZachMG the LEGO animator from Twitter. Hope everything has been well with you! :D

I imagine you've been keeping busy with The Exes and everything else, but I was just wondering if you had plans to make any more BlackStormTrooper films. Actually, let me rephrase: please keep making BlackStormTrooper films. They're excellent, and you're a remarkably talented animator. ;)

donald_faison2043 karma

ZachMG holy cow. First off, I'm a fan of yours! I love your lego animations on youtube. Right now I'm in the process of moving so my station isn't set up. But yea, best believe. BLACKSTORMTROOPER BITCH!

Slaterkm1513 karma

All-time favorite line/dialogue on Scrubs?

donald_faison2943 karma

"It's analgesic. The pills go in your mouth"

Frajer1429 karma

What was the best part of filming Clueless?

donald_faison2166 karma

everything. that was the true jump off.

jsto341404 karma

If I ever see you in real life, can I jump in your arms and you twirl me around while I yell, "EAAGGLLLLLLEEE!!"?

donald_faison2558 karma

no. i'll flip you.

themrwoo1352 karma

I love you

donald_faison2382 karma

i know.

UltravioIence1239 karma

if you could do a buddy cop movie with anyone, who would it be and how many sequels?

donald_faison2074 karma

ZB for the win. we've actually talked about that. by the way i'm typing now.

SDTowle1236 karma

One celebrity you really want to meet?

donald_faison2030 karma

harrison ford.

donald_faison1206 karma

Well guys, this has been fun. Sadly I must go, I wish I could have answered more. I hope you consider supporting the Prizeo campaign, www.prizeo.com/donald It would be fun to have someone from reddit win that walk-on role. Take care and until next time…

Puckbandit351200 karma

Why did they have to kill off the black guy first in Skyline?

donald_faison1553 karma

i know, right?

HackPhilosopher1160 karma

Legitimate question here. What is your least favorite thing about Zachinoz?

donald_faison2631 karma

his tiny butthole. too much?

abdullah101075 karma

Did you or Zach get to keep Rowdy and/or Steven ?

donald_faison1325 karma

i wish.

donald_faison1060 karma

That's kind of cool. My wife hasn't watched scrubs.

Africongo955 karma

Hi Donald. If you hadn't gone into acting, what were your other aspirations to do in the future? Huge fan and would truly appreciate a reply x

donald_faison1500 karma

animation. love it so much.

thelongdickofthelaw937 karma

Are we going to see another musical duet with you and Zach a la Baby it's cold outside?

donald_faison1157 karma

i hope so...

leadstrat914 karma

He Donald, huge fan of your work. What is your favorite episode of Scrubs?

donald_faison1664 karma

the one with the doodoo song

stats94855 karma

DONALD. What's your favourite thing that's ever happened to you. Ever?

donald_faison1756 karma

well since my wife is typing for me I'm going to say "my wife"

(and i second that!)

a13xand3r1344 karma

Mrs. Faison... How do you feel about the bromance between your husband and Zach Braff? Will you ever be fully satisfied knowing the best you could be is second place?

donald_faison2122 karma

i'm used to it.

bob_loblaw72788 karma

is your head so shiny that I can see my face in it?

donald_faison2284 karma

no, but my balls are.

thelostuser761 karma

Hi! What animal would you like to be reincarnated as?

donald_faison2385 karma

a brown bear.

abdullah10752 karma

Did you click with Zach Braff when you first met on the set of scrubs? If not then when did you two get so close? Also, are you as close in real life as you were on scrubs (please say yes). P.S your singing voice is angelic

donald_faison1264 karma

yes, it was love at first sight.

miistahmojo722 karma

Hi Donald. Do you ever encounter fans that you inspired to become doctors/surgeons?

donald_faison1847 karma

no, but i meet a lot of doctors that say scrubs got them thru medical school. That's kind of cool.

Bloodyfart678 karma

Say, lend me your afro comb.

donald_faison1285 karma

it's a fucking Brush!!

Familyman2014635 karma

Hey, Thanks for taking time out to do this AmA. I was wondering what your favorite role has ever been, and what made it so much fun?

donald_faison1486 karma

i truly liked every experience i've had. i'm very appreciative to be in the projects i've been in, but if i had to choose one role, most definitely Petey Jones.

harpsrawx561 karma

Were the braces in clueless real or just for the movie?

donald_faison978 karma

just for the movie. i actually still have them.

sch1sm493 karma

What was the worst thing about working on Scrubs?

donald_faison886 karma

the hours.

luckythedog24490 karma

Whats your favorite place to eat?

donald_faison1183 karma

Dupar's for breakfast, brunch and brinner.

FourScore7Beers420 karma

Let's talk about how great Black Stormtrooper is.

Then let me ask, are you currently working with Seth Green on anything new? Or doing different animation stuff?

donald_faison695 karma

i sometimes intern at seth's company, stoopid buddy studios.

mrkreeg384 karma

In a beach volleyball game, a la Top Gun, against James Roday and Dule Hill (from Psych), which team would win? Also, would you guys be Maverick and Goose or Ice Man and Slider?

donald_faison538 karma

we would crush them. and they know it.

The_R3medy355 karma

Hey Donald, been really enjoying The Exes. Who is more fun to work with, Zach Braff or Wayne Knight? Both seem like awesome guys.

donald_faison585 karma

i love wayne. he's a lot of fun to work with. and i love zach.

iplayedbassforthem336 karma

No one I know knows about Clone High. This makes me sad. Thank you for Clone High

donald_faison415 karma

clone high was dope.

onegeekyguy334 karma

Who's your favorite bromance in TV besides you and JD?

donald_faison662 karma

gilligan and skipper. and richie and the fonz

daniel_decrissio292 karma

Did you honestly think Jason Shepherd was the fur coat king of the Midwest?

donald_faison397 karma

Frank Jackson's voice: yea...that little bastard tricked the shit out of me.

MistressCupcake237 karma

Donald, Scrubs is what you're best known for... but who still recognises you from Clueless as the pants-too-low boyfriend? I still laugh when I think of the head shaving scene!

donald_faison397 karma

Clueless is timeless

khall6344219 karma

How often do you put bugles on your fingers?

donald_faison405 karma


donald_faison386 karma

wait i've only done it once.

abdullah10192 karma

Was the dance you performed to 'Poison' rehearsed or was it freestyling. You're a great dancer btw.

donald_faison402 karma

freestyle. that's how i do.

kedavo176 karma

If you could act with one other person, living or dead, who would it be and what would the project be?

donald_faison337 karma

harrison ford. star wars.

TKHawk154 karma

Scrubs is my all time favorite show, but I was wondering, is there a season that is your favorite?

donald_faison258 karma

season 3

clwestbr134 karma

Do any of your legendary Lego movies have a chance of being seen by us?

Also...well you and Zach are two of my favorite actors and I was wondering if we could one day play frisbee barefoot on a beach and sing showtunes?

donald_faison237 karma

all of this is possible.

Simon_Plenderson131 karma

How early in your career was your appearance on' Sabrina the Teenage Witch?'

donald_faison202 karma

about 5 years in...2 years after i moved to LA.

oednj114 karma

Was it anywhere near as fun working on the set of Scrubs as you made it seem?

donald_faison194 karma

great times

Badwhisky105 karma

How much did you bring yourself into the role of Turk and how much did you feel that you had to act for it?

donald_faison211 karma

there's a lot of me in turk.

C_cage63 karma

If you're trying to impress a group of people, what's your go to joke?

donald_faison167 karma

do you like tapes or cd's

Qwaz3155 karma

Hey Mr.Faison can I call you Donald?

No…ok, Mr.Faison it is.

I’m a huge fan of your fantastic work sir, and I have a couple of questions!

Who other than Zach Braff do you hang out with (as far as celebrities go)?

Also, I watched (and downloaded) the “Baby it’s cold outside” song, and Loved it! Who’s idea was it to sing it?

I have to say you’re filmography is fantastic and it continues to get better, is there a role (movie/tv show, whatever) that you've always wanted to try out? Is there one that you regret at all?

Thanks for the AMA!!


donald_faison92 karma

  1. Thank you
  2. All I need is Zach
  3. If i could be in any project - hmm I don't know.
  4. regret nothing.

Didsota55 karma

Dogs or Cats?

donald_faison154 karma


inconspicuous_male53 karma

If you were a LEGO person, what type of person do you think you would want to be?
What type would Zach be?

donald_faison139 karma

blackstormtrooper bitch.

elmatador1239 karma

If I win the raffle, can we sing a song together? Your choice of song.

donald_faison62 karma


HeadOfSlytherin24 karma

Can I hang out with you on set even if I don't win the contest?

donald_faison73 karma

try to win dude. no one likes losers.

ramtoes937 karma

What's your stand on smegma?

donald_faison20 karma


etan_causale5 karma

Hey... uh... what's up?

donald_faison7 karma


Harasoluka4 karma

I am white, like really white. How can I best change this image?

donald_faison8 karma