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How crazy was Hooch?

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What's your opinion on the persecution of whistleblowers in law services? There's an ongoing case in Ireland where two whistleblowers were ignored and shunned for leaking info and you lost your job like you said

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Do the de-pigmented areas still burn the same way pigmented skin would?

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In Ireland there's an ombudsman which is a place you can lodge complaints about government/public bodies. Those two Irish gardaĆ­ went to the ombudsman and were laughed at saying that they would be torn apart for trying to go against the minister for justice. Luckily for them they had the meeting recorded and this was leaked once they were shit down

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Ye I struggle to understand the whole stigma/illegality. Surely if you see malpractice or something that shouldn't be tolerated its only right to report it right?

So much hypocrisy for a service that's job is to serve justice however it covers it's own injustices and acts as if they're entitled to do so