I grew up in Texas but moved to LA to help build technology for film. I worked on many animated 3D films for several years and our recent film just got nominated! Ask me anything.


My dreamworks 1 year anniversary statue http://i.imgur.com/Tb72MnP.jpg

IMDB: http://m.imdb.com/name/nm4192113/

Tweet from IMDB account holder announcing this AMA: https://twitter.com/jonathanleaders/status/424151514454585344

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shaneoinsaino210329 karma

Will you promise that if you win, you'll work the phrase "extra spaghetti sauce" into your speech.

DesertShadow212 karma

I'm upvoting this. And even though I won't be near the ones giving the speech, I hope this dream will someday come true for you.

relentless1942 karma

Would be fantastic if this was Martin Scorsese just doing a really low-key title.

DesertShadow37 karma

Don't blow my cover. My agent's been working on that twitter account for ages. Characterized some sort of nerd by the looks of it.

riningear28 karma

Hey! Congrats on the nod.

This year was pretty big for animated films - a lot of people are surprised that Monsters University missed it. So how does it feel to be nominated?

DesertShadow27 karma

I must say, it's not actually the oscar nomination that interests me. It's the environment that surrounds it. The people. It's absolutely inspiring to be part of a group that is banding together to make something big that will echo throughout almost every country in the world. But this group of people doesn't really focus on the distribution (the fame of it- for that is all fame is, distribution). They focus on the perfection of their individual craft. And how they use their time and efforts to help others outside of work. And what sorts of large projects can also be contributed to.

I've never met a group of people with so wide a reach, that you can see the culture and shape of the world changing as they move. And I don't mean just that I have seen girls tattoo Megamind on their bodies (which I have). I mean this: The tech groups volunteer with NASA after work to mentor kids in robotics at local high schools. Or we have a toastmasters on campus where we face our fears of public speaking so we can reach out to more people. Or when we have great mentors from competing company's, such as Pixar's Pete Doctor who come and share their story and freely give advice. To us! their competitor! It's that kind of open attitude and collaboration in the larger things that makes me inspired and my world gets just that much bigger. I wrote an article on more of the details of inspiring innovation for a magazine (I don't have the link since I'm on my phone but see jonathanleaders.com for a link to the article of you're interested in innovation-creating from the campus.)

We each have 24 hours in a day. But I learned here more than anywhere that not every hour is equivalent.

SexyMcSexy21 karma

More like 1 ear anniversary statue.

DesertShadow10 karma

Hahaha, yeah I was moving it out near a lot of things in the closet and, horrified, realized my mistake.

forte215 karma

I quite liked the film, please don't make a sequel. What's your next project?

DesertShadow19 karma

I've already worked on an upcoming film. Let's just say cute and alien.

Cunhabear1 karma

Do you know a Robert Vignone?

DesertShadow1 karma

Not personally, but wow his work is great. The artists there always blew my mind. bphooossh Mind blown.

Cunhabear1 karma

Haha yeah I just know him from playing Dota2 and I have seen his work. Its extremely impressive.

DesertShadow1 karma

Nice! I'm a big gamer myself! :)

GaryBuseySpaceNazi7 karma

Hi! Thank you for doing this! I really likes the Croods, it was very entertaining. I have a couple questions:

  1. Did you ever have to work directly with the actors in this? And if so, who was the nicest and most cooperative?

  2. How did the tell you that your film had been nominated?

  3. What is the hardest part about doing an animated film?


DesertShadow13 karma

1) as a technical director, I dealt mostly with technology. Voice acting starts very early in the process-- even before some of the new tech is made.

2) the academy had a voting process through an internal site. They can announce results there but I actually heard about it first from Facebook ;) funny how that's where news breaks first

3) from the business side animated films are hard because their cost is so high. $30 million isn't a bad budget for a non SFX based film. But 3D animated films now are in the $160,000,000 range. That means we have to nail it. Also there's a lot of mid-to-high level math involved in programming the 3D world. It's emulating real world physics and how light bounces and that is based on the real math behind their respective sciences. Plus the tech changes every film! Contrast that to traditional media, where it still changes but slower.

GaryBuseySpaceNazi4 karma

If the Croods wins, do you get an Oscar, or does it just go to the director and actors?

DesertShadow9 karma

Hundreds of people contributed to this film. So no. The studio gets one, which is often displayed, and then the key people related to that oscar category get one each. FWIW They are pretty in real life.

mirozi7 karma

OP, we need a reliable proof.

DesertShadow11 karma

Added photo proof as well http://i.imgur.com/Tb72MnP.jpg

DesertShadow4 karma

Just posted tweet & link to it

DesertShadow2 karma

Working on it

kholemans5 karma

Was this the career path you had in mind when you were growing up?

DesertShadow8 karma

Nope! Haha. I wanted to be a professional snowboarder. And instead became a game developer (programmer).

Then I wanted to make Christian video games. And instead made puzzle/action games.

Then I wanted to be an Entrepeneur. And instead made films and became a life coach.

Then I wanted to become a world traveler and charitable worker. And instead worked on telecom apps.

What's next I wonder :) it's been very good even though different. I can die happy knowing I've done 4 of my life dreams. What made me do the different things was mostly prayer if I were honest.

nabzz4 karma

a bit rude but roughly how much do you earn?

DesertShadow5 karma

I think it helps people to discuss wages, as it regulates supply / demand. I've worked for $48-$60k, I've seen more for my job, and I've had offers at other companies up to six figures. Right now I intentionally take a lower income for more freedom of time.

Skychrono4 karma


What are your thoughts (technical or otherwise) on the competitors' films?

DesertShadow3 karma

I'm always amazed. I'm a huge Pixar fan. I think everyone at dreamworks is. Lately I've been real impressed with dreamworks as a studio. I seriously fell in love working there with the whole culture. I think of films quite casually, my self. It's the technology I get all excited or on edge about! And the competitors tech is great, and in some places horrible too, haha. I've seen the flaws.

uglychristmassweatr1 karma

Lately, I love Dreamworks over Pixar. From all aspects - story, animation, etc. Dreamworks animation seems to be a little more life-like while Pixar has that Pixar feel to it.

DesertShadow2 karma

Actually I'm in the same boat! I think after how to train your dragon, Dreamworks is really stepping into it's own as a classic film studio.

gothsurf4 karma

on average, how much time per project do lighting tds sit around waiting for renders?

DesertShadow5 karma

If we're doing our job right, zero time waiting.

I had a Linux desktop with 12 workspaces. Each desktop had one task. Once one stalled-- which it did for exactly this reason. I just logged a note in a terminal to remember what's next and hit a keyboard combo and started the next one. I've had up to 7 tasks all stalled at a time in some cases! Then I was just working on task #8! It was kind of fun to be flipping between so many at a time. I can't vouch for all lighting TDs, but that was my solution and I did a training video on this and the techniques to minimize wait time and optimize work!

gothsurf1 karma

thats a great idea, thanks! is the video something you could share?

DesertShadow1 karma

It's internal, sorry! :)

DesertShadow2 karma

renders take about 4-6 hours on average, and i'v seen up to 18hrs

DesertShadow3 karma

per frame

slithek1 karma

What kinds of software do you guys use?

lawlshane4 karma

What film was this?

DesertShadow7 karma

The Croods (2013)

Humpsta3 karma

How does it feel?!

DesertShadow5 karma

No different! More of a curiosity than anything. I really want to make a difference in the world and my dream would be to help stop sex trafficking and give aid to victims, or mentor young kids and share with them how to achieve their dreams, or build a technology that helps people communicate long distance easier (holograms?), or a robot that folds laundry automatically for you.

Working on films was like working on a 2 hour long joke for 2 years. It makes people smile, and laugh and that is worth a lot, but how much is it worth in relation to all the other things we can do? My 2 cents

The_Fig3 karma

How does it feel to be on the same level as Leonardo DiCaprio right now?

DesertShadow6 karma

less handsome than I imagined it being like

lavidacontinua3 karma


DesertShadow2 karma

There's lots of us on a film! Credits smell like faces and memories now. (It's kind of like if your high school yearbook had just names scrolling up the screen)

GaryBuseySpaceNazi2 karma

Just another quick question:
What is your favorite film? Also, what is your favorite film that you have worked on? Thanks and congrats on the nomination!

DesertShadow7 karma

Megamind is my favorite I have worked on! I love that movie and still haven't gotten tired of it even though I had to watch it countless times.

My favorite film of all time would be Road to Perdition for the father-son story.

I consider myself much more of a tech-enthusiast than a film enthusiast, and it's making the technology work that fascinates me about films much more than making the films characters. :)

ayb2 karma

More of a curiosity than anything else--is it common for production staff to call what they are working on 'My film'?

From the title, I thought i was entering into an AMA with a writer/producer/director

Dunno, I'm not in the business.

DesertShadow1 karma

I actually wasn't very comfortable with the title myself. I would have rather written it "our film" =/ But felt somehow I should write it "my"

CountAardvark2 karma

What animation/modeling software do you use, and why?

DesertShadow5 karma

We do use maya and a variety of packages but honestly a lot of it is in-house. There are only a handful of studios on the bleeding edge of 3D graphics. Which means each one has to each year be better than the others. Which in turn means they are churning out innovation independently to get to that next step before the other studio does. It sounds a bit close minded to be so independent, but what is remarkable is that a lot of it is then presented and shared openly at industry conferences, namely SIGGRAPH. Sometimes even patents are filed for remarkable technological innovations.

miraclemusic2 karma

How does it feel to work in Dreamworks? I dream of working there. I'm a 3D Animation and visual effects student graduating in six months. :)

When did you begin your career in this field? What got you interested in it? And lastly, what's your favourite food?

Edit: Grammar

DesertShadow3 karma

I started out making 3D games and it was a natural transition. I was interested merely because I wanted to work at a larger studio and mix it up a bit after games. Not much of a film guy actually XD

My favorite food is bún thịt nướng chả giò. (My grandparents were missionaries in Vietnam)

xuanxuan-1 karma

Fucking missionaries.

DesertShadow1 karma

Shut your mouth, young one.

scoobydoooooo2 karma

What did you think of the main character (the daughter) not being as beautiful or pretty as other disney princesses? I could see how it was intentional because of the whole concept, but did it stir up any debate?

DesertShadow3 karma

I thought Eep was pretty and I never thought about that. I guess she's a cave woman so there's that angle. But yes good question. You're right that is interesting. I suppose I could ask Chris Sanders that. Think Lulu and Stitch. But honestly I would say any accentuating was probably driven by the story, as you notice she was very agile and physical in her interactions to really make her rough and cave-like. I think that may translate some physicality to shape.

Galaxy_Bot2 karma


DesertShadow4 karma

Script writing in general is difficult because remember that scripts are, in effect, business plans. They should get a return on a $20m to $120m investment. (That's not including marketing/distribution) I did not write the script but I have friends who have done script writing. What I suggest is that new script writers go to live events where they can perform short monologues and get recorded and noticed that way. Also to try to publish books and get a following because that has a lower barrier to entry. I have not heard of online competitions getting noticed out here but, again this is not my exact specialty :)

DesertShadow2 karma

The best competitions in general are the ones showcasing the whole process. In other words, your local film festival. Find or build a team and work your way through the circuit to sundance! There's a few steps between here and there, but just take one step. Then the next.

TheUglyComputer1 karma


DesertShadow1 karma

Submit all couch applications to my couch agent.

What's funny is Tom Cruise, well before he was famous, used to crash on Katzenbergs couch! So it's clearly a good strategy.

TheUglyComputer1 karma


DesertShadow1 karma

Yes. If you build honest and genuine friendships with a variety of people you respect, doors will open you would never have thought of. Never eat alone!

StefieMISC1 karma

As someone looking into the profession and is currently in school for it, I say congrats! Thank you for the job information, and one thing: when people look at portfolios do they look more at how the style of animation fits their company's style, or are they open to innovation?

DesertShadow1 karma

No style is run-of-the-mill. Original style is good. Variety of style is great. And style that matches the company's vision is the best for that company. It doesn't hurt if you're not a match, unless you're so wildly different they can't imagine hiring you, so it's a plus to match.

Think of it this way. You have $50, and you want to hire someone to make something in the style X. What are the thoughts that go through your mind for spending your $50?

monoxide271 karma

How do they let you know that you've been nominated? Is there a phone call or something of that sort, or do you just find out like we all do --- looking at the internet?

DesertShadow2 karma

They call you but then they just breathe heavily into the phone for awhile.

WorldsEndGirlfriend1 karma

What did you study in college and what tips would you give to someone who wants to end up in your position?

VanSensei1 karma

What causes animated films to often cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make? Some can be almost $230 million.

DesertShadow1 karma

That sounds like distribution costs included. It's slow! Lots of detail. Every bit of the film is meticulously crafted.

Best example I can give from a real movie: There's a shot in Megamind that is literally like 2 seconds long. In it, there's a quick camera pan inside of a cafe, looking out towards the street. You can see some ketchup bottles and the interior of the cafe. Anyway, it was taking WAY TOO LONG to render, so it wasn't finishing. I was tasked to finding out why. It turns out that in ONE OF the frames there was a BRIEF MOMENT where the view of 4 or 5 cars was overlapping the raytraced transparency of all the windows while being motion blurred by camera movement. Mind you, the whole car was about 50 pixels of size, or about the physical size of the word "size" on screen. And it was BLURRED big time. My suggestion was we just delete the cars and move on, and be done with it in 5 minutes. Really, because there's no way a human could tell -- they were blurred specks that appeared for about 0.2 seconds of the pan. Instead a supervising artist opted to preserve them and so I did some advanced trickery to render it and to keep the authenticity that blurred part of the city. He saw it as important because it will projected on a big screen. Took like a day and a half to solve. That's not a common case, but it gives you an idea of how long these films can take for even brief moments on screen.

justinqueso991 karma

Did you go to A&M because I was told there students worked on Shrek?

DesertShadow1 karma

I've heard that, but no, I went to SMU, The Guildhall in Dallas.

ziggle431 karma

How do you feel about having to compete against Frozen?

DesertShadow2 karma

Let me answer that by a quote from one of the smartest people I've had the honor to meet..

"There's two major worldviews. The creativity motivated by looking inside oneself, and the creativity motivated by looking outside oneself.

"Pixar doesn't think that DreamWorks is competition. This is like Apple. They look inward to compete -- what can we do BETTER than we've done before, what is the best. They don't care what anyone else is doing.

"However DreamWorks DOES think Pixar is competition. This is like Microsoft. They look at the world around them, and say 'What can we do better'? and then look around them to see how they stack up to the other guys. " -- Randy Nelson, Director of Apple University

jenniferkwonn1 karma

I want to go into the film business when I grow up (Junior in highschool), are there any things that I should do to prepare me?

DesertShadow2 karma

Choose what part of film you'd like to do--- there's a lot! :) See the credits of films for the ideas of roles. Job advice: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1vfvyr/my_film_just_got_nominated_for_an_oscar_ama/ces0b7g

sphinctersayhuh1 karma


DesertShadow5 karma

Yes. Loving others comes from a place of healing from your past and wounds and self-centered thinking and so forth. Christian video games to me is not about exposition of the bible (playing as Kind David) or slaying demons (ala Catechumen) or something along those lines. Christian life is about community and people. So to me, making a Christian game means making a game that is fundamentally about the people who are playing the game. About their real lives and their journeys and creativity, sharing, and growing together in how be more Christ-centered. I want to share the transformative nature of Christ. That is, I was once hurt, and now I am [edit: *more] whole.

sphinctersayhuh1 karma


DesertShadow2 karma

Yes. Second life genre -- social games can be done I think much better than second life And no I hadn't seen anything like it. I am working right now on something that I hope will augment socializing virtually, but it is purely communications tech. My thought was the game detracted from social intimacy rather than added to it. So the game disappeared but plans to improve communication continues

gnualmafuerte1 karma

What are your thoughts on Blender?

DesertShadow2 karma

I'm a huge fan of the open source community. For serious career moves go with industry software but by no means does that discount blender as a great launching point. Blend away

cpc20271 karma

Do you get to go to a special nominees event(s)?

DesertShadow2 karma

Not unless you're key cast / key creative

Wonderlandian1 karma

I really want to be a computer animator, and am currently saving up to attend a school to learn the skill.

The thing is (this is kind if embarrassing) I still don't really understand how animation works. I've tried really hard to research it, but I can't find anything that goes into substantial detail. Do you have any books/documentaries to recommend that really break down the process of creating an animated film?

Also, I've heard that most big animation houses don't keep an animation staff, but rather hire freelance for computer animators. Is this true for Dreamworks?

Any general advice or tips you have for someone who wants to break into the animation field?

I really appreciate you reading this and possibly giving me some insight. I've had a hard time getting candid information about the field from people who aren't affiliated with the school I hope to attend.

DesertShadow1 karma

Roughly the process is Business vetting -> Storyboard -> Green light -> modeling -> layout -> surfacing -> animation -> fX -> lighting -> color correct -> formatting -> toy production -> ads -> distribution -> popcorn

For animation it's modeling, rigging (a lot of work) and then mocap blending (optional) and key framing wide then detailed.

Let me know what questions you have. I am on the tech side of things but have a reasonable gist of the work flows.

DesertShadow1 karma

We have a staff. In between projects they float on what is called "Gap". Then they are let go when gap fills up. They bend over backwards to try to keep everyone on board but if a movie moves by a few months that could mean a hundred people are laid off they didn't want to. So it can get a little hairy in cases. The more technical you are or senior you are the more likely you can stay

SixGunGorilla1 karma

What experience lead you to become what you are today

DesertShadow1 karma

In large portion it was hospitalization due to a chronic illness. I spent several weeks learning if I was going to live or die and coming out of that I feel like I was given a 2nd chance. I modded my phone and changed "AT&T" to say "Last Day" as a reminder that you never know what day will be your last. I think realizing that we don't deserve all that we've been given has helped me a lot. Just a hundred years ago many of is would have died already due to common illnesses with no known cure. My friend said yesterday he had 4 illnesses in his life that each would have killed him in the 1800s! I know for myself I am lucky to be alive. Or I should say, grateful to innovations of medical science!

sydwiki1 karma

Are you at the Glendale or the Redwood city studio? Not trying to be creepy - my SO just got hired as a senior pipeline engineer at Glendale Dreamworks. He starts in March so maybe you'll meet him!

DesertShadow1 karma

That's awesome! I was at Glendale though I've worked at RWC as well and they're both amazing. Glendale is my fav but I like sun and fountains. Pipeline is a fun group. I know them for sure. :) I now work freelance but I may return.

Mauldeth1 karma

What are you doing right now?

DesertShadow1 karma

I do life coaching, and freelance programming while I travelwork

lonewolfandpub1 karma


How closely did you work with Chris Sanders?

(Also, if you see him, tell him some random dude from the internet thinks Lilo and Stitch is the best Disney movie ever made. No lie.)

DesertShadow2 karma

I was in the room with him weekly at one point assessing technology and team needs, but I personally didn't work directly with him, my team I supported did.

circus_penguin1 karma

How do you feel about hand-drawn animation these days, notably Ernest and Celestine and The Wind Rises? Do you still think there is a market for them, or do you think they are on their last legs?

No offense, but I don't think the CGI animated films of late have been very strong (the last one being the love letter to Westerns, Rango) and I feel as if the Academy generally favor CGI because they are by far the most abundant and popular animation style these days.

DesertShadow2 karma

Also, never underestimate emerging foreign markets. It's like time traveling.

DesertShadow2 karma

I think Studio Ghibli shows there's still a model for it. The trailers/ads have to make it clear it's not just for kids because that's the pigeon hole. But REMEMBER, audiences go to theatres now for EVENTS because they can netflix at home.

cairmen1 karma

No question, just wanted to say congrats!

As a fellow CG animation person, always inspriational to see something like this!

DesertShadow1 karma

Thank you!

XDReyes1 karma

So youre gonna be at the ceremony itself? Sorry if thats not a very smart question. Also, what advice would you give to someone tryin to get in the industry?

DesertShadow1 karma

Nope! Im crew more than cast so they wouldn't have room for us all. They give us perks of course but I don't think all the crew for all the films could physically fit :)

heydanpowers1 karma

My 3yr old son absolutely loved The Croods sat through the whole movie so kuddo's on a great job! Would you be able to send a screenshot jpg of your work on it? I would love to frame something like that for his room.

no1partyanthem1 karma

What's Nic Cage like?

interestedinasking1 karma

How does one get a job in animated 3d films? and such things as that like vfx and other stuff. I've always wanted to get into the field when i get older, but since im in australia and generally all them jobs are located in the u.s.a and im lost on what courses to do.

DesertShadow2 karma

Okay, if you're near Melbourne, for starters WETA digital is in your backyard (NZ). So that's nice to know. You may recognize some of their work: Avatar, or Lord of the Rings. :)

And how to get a job in it:

Start backwards. Pretend right now you were about to spend your hard earned money to hire someone to do a job posting you found at one of the studios. Google for some portfolios. Decide which you'd pick. Try then to be as good or better than those! Study the experts. Weigh the costs of school vs. Salary. Don't just go to any school for any tuition, as is common in our generation. I asked my mom once how many of her friends had school loans (it's epidemic here in America at the mid to late twenties to be tens-of-thousands in debt). She said zero. None. They just didn't buy things they didn't have the money for back then.

Because, keep ok mind, the field is low demand, high supply. The more technical you get the more that reverses. So you have to go into it thinking that. Glassdoor.com can be used to sort out which various professions there are and their relative value. And lastly, you need to specialize. Don't just be a modeler. Consider being a environment modeler. Don't just be a programmer. Consider being a 3D graphics programmer. Don't just be an artist. Consider being a particle / special effects artist. Your portfolios should read clearly to the ones hiring that you for the exact thing they are looking for. Pick something you enjoy as well. I almost became an artist but I thought programming was more challenging and so I found that somehow satisfying.

Make friends with those in the profession. Don't be afraid to ask for help or even "cold call" as they call it.

Personally, I went to grad school for 3D graphics programming for video games at the Guildhall, because I had prayed about it and felt like that's what God was saying.

sicaxav1 karma

so you made madagascar 3? :D i loved that movie so much, especially the part where the crew gets together with the EU circus and when alex jumps off.. also the ending where alex actually does the american circus act :D

when u make these animation films, how do directors tell you how to make it? do they give specific info on how they want characters to be, or do you get freedom of choice and then u show them how YOU think it should be?

DesertShadow1 karma

There's a storyboard that's drawn by a team, and reviewed by the writer. As an animator (which I'm not) you can then embellish and add your own flair. Anyone can contribute joke ideas or gags, though they may not be taken depending on how late you suggested it, or based on scheduling, and the director reviews everything at the end. The studio is fairly collaborative, for example Megamind was an employee submitted script if I recall. I never felt like I was a grunt under direct micro management, even building technology. For the tech side, The management tries to get behind the workforce and get their ideas heard, but at the end of the day someone has to steer the ship one way or another.

Crimeberg1 karma

I finally made it to an AMA before there is a thousand comments... and have absolutely no questions... So I guess ill just say that I really love all of the movies you have worked on. Megamind, in my opinion is one of the best animated movies that has come out in the last few years. Good luck!

DesertShadow2 karma

Olo... I mean, hello.

GeneralGiggles1 karma

I loved the Croods! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. :)

Did you help design any characters or were you purely animation? Also, were you a part of the process on deciding how the cavemen moved? I thought it they were very unique in the way they moved.

Edit: Oh! And are you going to call yourself an "Oscar Nominated Animator" now on your resume?

DesertShadow1 karma

My main role was setting up the lighting technology pipeline before I got pulled to another project. This mainly meant building asset validation and fur level-of-detail processing. Most people probably don't know what that is. But I can only hope that is what wins us the oscar.

GeneralGiggles1 karma

The level of detail on the fur and stuff is absolutely SHOCKING. It all looked so amazing!

DesertShadow1 karma

The rendering on that is phenomenal. It's actually quite difficult to fur.... That's a lot of time and long afternoons.

forgotusernamedamnit1 karma

Congratulations on achieving something so few people get to experience. My question is about the next 6 weeks or so. Has anyone guided you about what to expect regarding media requests, pre-oscar ceremony duties, tickets, and other details? I expect as a short film maker you don't have a publicist that does all this for you.

DesertShadow1 karma

I'm merely a programmer, so I won't be in attendance. I have friends that will be working it though. Typically those things are handled. As you become wealthy enough to hire assistants, or such a big part of the film to be overwhelmed they hire those for you. It's fairly streamlined now as the industry is after it's centennial

woodchuk251 karma

How's it feel to be nominated?

Tittyspanks1 karma

Will you draw me a picture?

DesertShadow5 karma

I'll write you some code! That's my speciality.

char* gettinFancyWidIt; for (int x=0; x<strlen(gettinFancyWidIt="How's this?"); ++x) x %= (int)const_cast<char*>("Oh snap"); // I call it the bucking bronco loop

jpop23mn0 karma

I was hoping I could ask a favor instead of a question. In a thread yesterday I ran into a high school junior who was looking to get into VFX. Could you send him a private message about the best way to get into the industry? Or any other advice you have.

/u/spandax is the guy

DesertShadow3 karma