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Sorry, but I have to ask - do you face or have you faced problems with people turning up their noses at academic research about sexual fantasies? I don't know, because I'm not involved in that sphere, but reading "I published a paper on gay cuckold fantasies" elicited an automatic response of 'it's hard for me to take this seriously' even though I know that the work you do is perfectly legitimate and there's no real reason to laugh it off. What has your experience been in academic circles when sharing your research to those in different fields?

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I'm a budding space nut myself, but theres something I dont get that maybe a higher-level space nut like you can help me with. How are private organizations like SpaceX doing so much better than NASA with so much less funding? Why couldn't it be NASA that designed the BFR and reusable boosters, for example? What is it about private organizations (thinking mostly about spacex here) that make them so much better at what they do? Would it be a better use of funding to give stimulus packages to private orgs?

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And I won't do cases involving animal cruelty. Never.

But cases involving human cruelty, that's totally fine and everyone deserves a defense?

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What were your biggest influences when designing the structure of the site? I'm not past the waiting list yet, but I'm noticing sub-wikis -- is this based on the reddit model? If so, how is this different than reddit?

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How do you get people for the scenes, and how would I join in?