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Since you're so young compared to other UFC fighters, do you see yourself still competing 10 years from now? If not what do you envision yourself doing?

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You seem to have very understandable (and common) criticisms about Korean society. Do you think that it is unique to Korean or general consumerist capitalist culture? How do you feel about Western influences directly causing this, albeit you seem to embrace American culture a lot more?

I'm enjoying the parallel here. I'm your age, a Korean American, and while I absolutely share your views and complaints on Korean culture, I see much of the same thing here, except it's less homogenized.

Also, I'm just surprised you were so disappointed with the popular music industry. Did you not know back then that it was processed, image focus instead of creating artistry? there's a reason why it's called popular music..

here's a light question. Do you like Korean art films like the works of Hong Sang Soo or Kim Ki Duk?

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Who do you think is the biggest threat to your belt and why is it khabib?

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i'm gonna assume the 84 is your birth year. Do act your own age instead of acting like a 12 year old who finds his own jokes to be hilarious when no one else does.

Even if you are hiding behind the anonymity of internet, that's a real person on the other side who's decided to share his traumatic and terrible past for a good cause.

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What did you study in college and what tips would you give to someone who wants to end up in your position?