My proof is here: Update: I am now leaving the session, thank you all for your questions. See you around! :)

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ILL_Show_Myself_Out386 karma

How did you get to be so modest?

Fridarfluga833 karma

It's just my fantastic intelligence.

Artvandelay1303 karma

I have a two-part question, Mr. Gnarr. In D2: The Mighty Ducks did you cheer for team Iceland? If so were you proud of them for going to go shake their opponents' hands despite losing in one of the most epic shootouts ever seen?

Fridarfluga384 karma

Of course I cheered for Iceland, like all Icelanders always. I was very proud of them to shake their opponents' hands despite their loss. I thought that was very typically Icelandic of them.

belgiangeneral270 karma

Iceland is known to be one of the most progressive, peaceful and socially just countries in the world. What baffles many foreigners, then, is Iceland's pro-whaling attitude. What do you think about the whaling industry and why is this apparently so important to Icelandic identity?

Fridarfluga597 karma

I think it's crap. It's not important to us, only to a very small group of men.

KristjanHrannar256 karma

On election day, you came into the retail I used to work in to buy a brand new pair of shoes. They were black and a bit pointy. Do you still wear them?

Fridarfluga460 karma

Yes, I still use the shoes. They are very nice shoes. Keep up the good work.

lancaric231 karma

What do you think about Canada (if anything at all)? As a citizen of Toronto, I am insanely jealous Reykjavik gets to have you as their mayor. Please move to Toronto after your stint in Reykjavik - our elections are this October. Please.

Fridarfluga392 karma

I was in Canada last summer and I loved it. Just get rid of Rob Ford and it will all be ok

Rumci194 karma

I know you love art. So, who is/was the most important or influential artist for you?

Fridarfluga404 karma


anarchisto150 karma

You were an outsider to Icelandic politics and yet you succeeded to win an election without having lots of money.

What is your advice for people in countries in which the whole political class stopped listening to their citizens and they only continue to be in power due to their monopoly on the media?

Creating a new party may seem easy, but it won't get much exposure if the whole system is rigged against any outside attempt. (I'm in Bucharest, Romania)

Fridarfluga264 karma

Well, social media and clever thinking, and make it funny because that is lacking in the media. Then you have something they don't have.

endercoaster149 karma

Do they owe us a living?

Fridarfluga299 karma

Of course they fucking do!

Liverspot133 karma

What are your daily duties being the mayor like?

What is your favorite denomination of currency?

Fridarfluga255 karma

Mostly meetings of all kinds. Reading reports. Bitcoin?

Zer_Mortice125 karma

Mr Gnarr, how much money would we have to pay you for some more Fóstbræður?

I hunger for more

Fridarfluga109 karma

A lot.

AnnieLanglois106 karma

Sæll Jón! I've read that you thought that English will become the one spoken language in Iceland in the future. Wouldn't you see it as a very sad thing for a language to disappear? Wouldn't you consider your language as a central part of your culture/identity? (I'm from Québec (Frenchie in North America), and we are very protective of our language here, which is why I struggle with this) Takk kærlega fyrir!

Fridarfluga308 karma

I think it's highly possible that Icelandic will die out. It would of course be sad because you can say some funny shit in Icelandic.

InternetGoddess94 karma

What is the meaning of life, Mr. Gnarr?

Fridarfluga249 karma

All the fish!

Chesner91 karma

Hvort finnst þér betra, venjulegt seríos, eða honey nut seríos?

Fridarfluga79 karma

Betra? Bara bæði :)

ajlm91 karma

Glad you decided to do another AMA!

I saw on your Facebook that you aren't running for reelection. Do you have a top 5 list of things you want to go do once your mayoral time is done?

Fridarfluga374 karma

I would like to be elected pope and have a little cottage on Mars. I would also like to live forever and have my own personal clone. And get the Nobel Prize for something.

BlackBearBoxer85 karma

Hey Jón! I think you're awesome, I wish I had a mayor like you.

My question is, how come you're not running for re-election? Are you finished with politics for good after this mayoral term is over?

Fridarfluga199 karma

It's over. Don't be sad, be glad it happened.

kayker19184 karma

My boyfriend is a huge fan of yours. He also loves reading. So if you were to recommend one book for him to read what would it be?

Fridarfluga184 karma

Tao Te Ching.

ShamAbram63 karma

Two questions:

  1. Will the Best Party make an attempt at international influence? America needs a little help over here...

  2. What message would you give to people frustrated about the lack of control the individual has in political affairs?

Thank you, huge fan of the -Vatkin series, along with the movie. One of the best TV shows since The Wire.

Fridarfluga139 karma

  1. I have invented First Best International (pun intended).
  2. Be your own authority! Be the burger you want to eat! Thank you, I appreciate it.

fnordal56 karma

In your previous AMA you said that you don't think Iceland entrance in the EU is really an important issue.

Why? Do you think the EU will "work", sooner or later, or is it a waste of time?

Fridarfluga164 karma

I know very little about the EU. I think the EU will function or disfunction with or without Iceland, and the same applies to Iceland.

That_Guy_JR52 karma

Hi Jon,

Thanks for doing this AMA. During your tenure, have you ever been approached by anyone asking for extra-legal favours? Do you think your direct engagement with your citizens/fans via social media (twitter, facebook, reddit!) has stopped that to a certain extent? In general, what measures would you recommend to increase transparency in municipal politics?

My city, Philadelphia, has had a raft of issues with municipal graft (at all levels), and people seem to have accepted it as a given that the new boss will be the same as the old boss. How can we, as private citizens, break the cycle?

Cheers, and all the best in your future endeavours!

Fridarfluga155 karma

There is a lot of nepotism in Icelandic politics. After the elections many artists thought that their time had come now that artists were in office. Many were quite disappointed when that was not the case. I also ask people who approach me if their requests have any value for society or just for themselves.

frylocke2751 karma

Just wanted to say thank you for the autographed photo you sent me with your favorite wire quote after your last AMA.


Fridarfluga42 karma

You're welcome.

Arnifreyr46 karma

Why did you decide to not run again for mayor?

Fridarfluga148 karma

I'm not a politician. If I would run again I would have to become a politician, and that is impossible

MisterAKnife42 karma

Who is the icelandic equivalent of Clay Davis ?

Fridarfluga68 karma

I don't want to be mean.

ellykelly38 karma

If you were a gay man, who would be the love of your life? (and, indeed, if you were a gay woman?)

Fridarfluga146 karma

Omar Little.

facecuddle37 karma

Jon! What type of anarchism do you typically associate yourself with? From what I gather, you're a Taoist in the spiritual sense, but how about in practical terms? What are your thoughts on anarcho-syndicalist ideas, embodied in non-hierarchical labour unions like the IWW? (which has just started a Reykjavik branch in the last few months - join up...). Thanks for your time.

(wanna hang out in April?)

Fridarfluga56 karma

Heavy. I'm a Zhuangzi-ist.

belgiangeneral36 karma

Do you like puffins?

Fridarfluga68 karma

Yes. Do you?

Arthro34 karma

Hey Jón, great to see you on Reddit again. I've asked you on all your Reddit appearances with tough questions and you have tried to answer me every single time. So this time I have no question, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come here and talk to us. I hope you will have an awesome year and take care!

Fridarfluga26 karma

Thank you Arthro, and you too!

massera31 karma

When are you the happiest?

Fridarfluga111 karma

Doing computer work, like facerape, trolling, and sock puppeting.

Ash_Williams10930 karma

What is your most memorable day in office?

Great fan of yours btw

Fridarfluga115 karma

When my mother came to visit me in my office before she died.

neftobak26 karma

Are you a police officer!?!? I loved this bit is there any chance we will see you return to comedy?

Fridarfluga42 karma

Well, for me being a comedian is a bit like being gay. It's just what I am. But on a professional level the Best Party is a way of taking comedy to a new level

Stevwen22 karma

Hello Mr. Gnarr,

I just wanted to express my admiration for you as both a person and a politician. As someone who's only experienced US politicians, you are refreshingly candid and seem to be an amazing individual. I don't have a question, but please please continue being a phenomenal person as long as you are able.

Fridarfluga23 karma

Thank you, I will try my best

tickingnoise21 karma

Is there anything you would like to say to Angela Merkel?

Fridarfluga88 karma

I don't read German, but I saw in a photo that you have a phone. Congratulations. I hope it's an iPhone.

massera20 karma

What is the best advice you could give Stephen Harper?

Fridarfluga47 karma

Stop exploiting the Alberta oil sands. Watch Truth About Oil

dunemaire20 karma

What inspired you to get involved in politics?

Edit: and what made you want to get out?

Fridarfluga37 karma

The general situation after the crisis. I felt it was my civic duty to step in. I am doing my part, and when it's over I want to go do something completely different. I like to surprise.

fakempire15 karma

In October I came to Reykjavik City Hall and left you maple candy and Canadian government pins. You send down a coat of arms and an autographed picture of yourself. Thanks!! :D

Fridarfluga37 karma

They were delicious but the pins were a bit hard

sephera14 karma

Hi Jón, what is your favourite food? What was the last piece of fiction you read, and was it good? What was/were the destination(s) of the best trip you've ever taken?

Fridarfluga36 karma

Anything in a blender. I just finished Being There, it's not as good as the film. Hollywood is always a great trip. I like the climate and the people. They are so real and authentic.

mikeylm9213 karma

Hi! I'm a big fan, which is something I'm hesitant to say about any elected official. What predictions do you have for the political climate over the next decade? As we're saying a shift towards the right in almost all major world governments, do you believe the status quo will be moved to the right indefinitely, or do you foresee (as many do) Western revolutions similar to those we have seen in the so-called East?

Fridarfluga48 karma

I really don't know. I think capitalism is the dominant power structure. Religion comes next. I think the greatest change we will see in politics in the future is an increased political relevance of cities and urban politics. Maybe with time, countries will just disappear. Maybe this right wing swing is just the last roar of the beast :)

meiravesen12 karma

Is there any way to convince you to continue as mayor of Reykjavík? wink

Fridarfluga18 karma


ninasal12 karma

Hæ Jón! What do you think about gender equality in Iceland, would you say there has been a throwback in the last 10 or 20 years?

Fridarfluga25 karma

It's quite good compared to many places but it could be better

AlexTDS11 karma

Who was your least favourite character from The Wire ?

Fridarfluga23 karma


Nobbletops10 karma

Hello mr. Gnarr! Whose idea was it to film the video you did with Jerome Jarre? -And why? WHY?!-

Thank you! :)

Fridarfluga18 karma

I have no idea. They wanted to meet me and I had some free time.

Curlysnail10 karma

Hello Mr. Gnarr! Me and a small group of people came to reykjavik last year for a school geology trip and I want to say that your city is beautiful, I've never been to a place like it before and it was a wonderful change to the cities where I live. Ok, questions, our tour guide told us about how you came to be mayor and thought that your parties name (the best party) and goals were amazingly funny and would just like to ask how you came to this idea and, of course, how you managed to pull it off. Once again, your city is beautiful and I hope to visit again someday, all the best!

Fridarfluga7 karma

Thank you. I must admit I don't know. It was just an idea.

blaeks7 karma

What do you think about Pirate Party? What would you suggest to the political pirates of today?

Do they stand a chance against badass copy monopolies and Monsanto private armies around the globe?

Fridarfluga40 karma

Everything is worth the efforts if it's fun. I think the pirates are great in many ways. But they have a manifesto, and I don't believe in manifestos. Only people.

teawarl7 karma

Hi Jon! Just want to say thanks so much for doing this AMA!

I'd like to know what you actually think of Russell Brand and his so called 'revolution'. Considering he has personally proclaimed that he has never voted in a UK General Election and we are currently living in a world where less and less young people are voting every year. Do you think he is a good role model for our society and a real arbiter for change?

Fridarfluga8 karma

I haven't really studied his ideology but he struck me as a likable, honest guy

derminatorrr5 karma

What is your favourite part about your job?

Fridarfluga10 karma

Getting to meet unique and interesting people

MegazordPilot5 karma

Dear Jón, I have read that you personally take time to meet the citizens of Reykjavík to discuss anything. This is awesome. 1. What do you usually talk about? 2. What is the most unusual request or discussion topic that was brought up to you?

Fridarfluga10 karma

A German couple asked me to be the godfather of their child

Calembreloque4 karma

Halló! I just came back from a trip in Iceland (including Reykjavik - you guys know how to celebrate New Year's Eve), and I had two questions:

  • What is your stance on Iceland becoming part of the EU?

  • What is your favourite word in Icelandic?

Also, your city and country are wonderful. I kind of want to spend the rest of my days somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Snæfellsnes. Takk!

Fridarfluga9 karma

My favorite word in Icelandic is ljósmóðir

crawler92 karma

What is someting new you see yourself doing later in life?

Fridarfluga7 karma

Being pope?

Sawfast2 karma

What if you are a butterfly who, at this very moment, is dreaming of being Jon Gnarr?

Fridarfluga3 karma

Exactly my point!

negativemarmoset2 karma

Greetings from Seattle, WA, Jón! Some friends and I will be in Reykjavik from 1/23 - 1/27. Wanna grab dinner or a drink and play Cards Against Humanity with us?

Fridarfluga8 karma

I'm a very busy man.

epsynus2 karma

Apart from Icelandic and English, do you speak any other languages?

Fridarfluga3 karma

Yes but not very much

snowyredbeard2 karma

Er ekkert sem toppar KFC ?

Fridarfluga13 karma

Þetta er nú meira svona grín. Svona miðaldra hálfviti sem borðar KFC af því hann á afmæli.

twanstown2 karma

As an American, I've always been fascinated with Iceland, as well as a big fan of yours. Everything from the landscape to the culture has been an inspiration to me. My dream was to one day travel to this surreal land and experience it first hand. I had the opportunity to visit for a week last January. It was the most inspirational trip of my life. I have continued to think about Iceland every day since and how I can realistically make a living there.

My question is: What industries do you see thriving the most in your country and are there opportunities for foreigners to break into the Icelandic workforce in said industries?

BONUS QUESTION: What's next for you?

Thanks for all you do! The World needs more role models like you.

Fridarfluga3 karma

The creative industry

illPuppy2 karma

Hello Jon,

What do you think about the jailed bankers and the unjailed bankers that still have definite guilt in your economic collapse? I mean, I'm sure you're all for them going to jail, but how would you tackle the rest of this mess if you were to try to do it within the bounds of reality? You've got some pretty good popularity in both Iceland and the rest of the world, how loud can you be while still being effective? Also, I'd like to meet you.

Fridarfluga2 karma

I don't know, I'm not a lawyer. I don't like prisons

Ifyouletmefinnish1 karma

Hi Jon! You've said that you're not going to run for election again (which saddens me, you're the best mayor of anywhere ever). What do you think you're going to do next? Back to comedy, or a different path?

P.S. my friend studying political science emailed you last year adding about interning with you, did you ever get his email?

Fridarfluga2 karma

Yes, but we don't have a culture of internship here

alignfront1 karma

When is doublehead coming back to radio?

Fridarfluga7 karma

Maybe a podcast next winter.

eonomine1 karma

Hi Jón! Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a huge fan.

I saw a video of Jerome Jarre dancing in your office wearing nothing but underpants. Can you please tell me if you prefer your naked boys French or if you're indifferent towards nationality?

Fridarfluga3 karma


arbybaconator1 karma

What is your favorite Crass song? Mine is 'Do They Owe us a Living?' of course.

Fridarfluga3 karma

Big A Little A.

Stebbib1 karma

I've heard rumours that you are the father of the band the boys. Is that true?

Fridarfluga3 karma


Polemarcher1 karma

Will you go back to comedy once you have finished your election?

Fridarfluga2 karma

I hope so. Do you think the God of comedy will take me back?

yuppityup1 karma

Where do you see the political climate in 2020? Also which season of the wire is your favorite?

Fridarfluga5 karma

More punk, less hell. Season 4.

azuremews0 karma

Jon! You are fantastic. If you could be anything else, what would you be?

Also... is there any chance I could please have an autograph?

Fridarfluga2 karma

Thank you. I think I would make a great pope!