Jón Gnarr Kristinsson

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the Mayor of Reykjavík since 15 June 2010

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Fridarfluga3587 karma

Probably because of the smallness of this country I live in. We are only 320.000 and practically everyone is friends on facebook.

Fridarfluga3201 karma

Global warming is a fact. But I think the effects on Iceland are mainly positive. The weather is improving every year.

Fridarfluga3040 karma

Be yourself. Don't be evil. Show a little empathy.

Fridarfluga2990 karma

I wouldn't.

Fridarfluga2985 karma

Undressed after being in drag on Gay Pride. Taking a shower only to find out the shower didn't work. And sometimes I like to go out on the balcony when the pond is frozen and some children are playing on the ice and yell: "This is private property! Go away or I'm calling the police!"

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Já. Call of Duty, Half Life, Fruit Ninja in long meetings.

Fridarfluga2823 karma

Yes, that's true. It really was a sledgehammer.

Fridarfluga2803 karma

Barely one.

Fridarfluga2789 karma

I wish I had been able to finish school and work as a neuroscientist today.

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