My short bio: I started my modeling career doing car and motorcycle shows in the Midwest involving nostalgia cars, hot rods, and race cars, working as a spokesmodel / poster model for a custom car company. By the time I turned 18, I’d been learning advanced pole dancer moves and started doing feature acts in Ohio and about 20 other clubs across the country. Everyone loves my acrobatic and energetic moves on stage! Meeting people at HorrorCon in Indianapolis got me traveling to LA for a magazine layout, where I totally fell in love with the fetish world, and I started doing fetish and porn work. It’s been a wild ride – before I even turned 20, I’ve already worked with giant porn companies like New Sensations, Evil Angel, Girlfriends Films, Digital Sin, Elegant Angel, Wicked, Jules Jordan Video, Kink, and more. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, I won three 2013 NightMoves Awards and am nominated for over 24 awards for XBIZ and AVN this year, including Female Performer of the Year ( Now I’m working on launching my own production company, Mental Beauty, Inc., which will be distributed by Girlfriends Films. I love what I do, and I know you do too.

If you want to know more about me, visit, or ask me here; I’ll be here from 11am-12pm PST / 1-2pm EST to answer all your questions!

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ZigglersHEEL157 karma

I'm trying to send a dick pic. Do I show my balls? How about my championship ring? What about my face?

thebonnierotten71 karma


cantonista55 karma


thebonnierotten125 karma

uncircumcised, because its a nice soft little cover that makes it easier to put big things in tiny places :)

parkowl50 karma

is it weird knowing that people you knew when you were younger are jerking off to you now?

thebonnierotten217 karma

Nope they did it then lol

mjh8445 karma

Did you ever download music illegally?

thebonnierotten47 karma

no lol i use iTunes thats too much work.

Taylano41 karma


thebonnierotten94 karma

asa akira, kagney linn karter

MrMonotone6935 karma

Is there anything you said you wouldn't do when you started that you now do or are open to? Love your scenes. Thank you

thebonnierotten72 karma


cannothita2iron35 karma

How long would it take you to chop down a Redwood with an axe?

thebonnierotten34 karma

not long, i would pay someone cus im not strong enough lol

captainJackDan34 karma

What made you want to get the spider web tat on your tits?

thebonnierotten49 karma

best friend was going to get pentagrams i chose spiderwebs. Lets just say I'm the only one with titty tattoos

Prodigy533 karma

Do you really squirt that much?

thebonnierotten55 karma

yep. with the right cocks

CaptainUninformed32 karma

In terms of length and girth how many inches can you fit in your ass?

thebonnierotten51 karma

i have put a 12 inch dildo up it.

thebonnierotten31 karma

Hi Redditors! Thanks for joining me today - I'll start answering questions at 11am PDT / 1pm EST, but feel free to go ahead and post your questions here now! :)

horse_you_rode_in_on11 karma

... are you still big into cars? I think I remember hearing somewhere that you were a bit of a petrolhead.

thebonnierotten25 karma

yep 1963 fairlane is my fave

So_Many_Dicks30 karma

What is your favorite position?

thebonnierotten88 karma

doggy styleee baybayyyyy or pile driver. its cool to squirt on my face and in my mouth lol

MrMonotone6928 karma

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

thebonnierotten58 karma


Parmesea28 karma

How do you feel about porn streaming sites? Is the increase in exposure worth the potential lost income?

thebonnierotten36 karma

Thats a hard question. Now that I am in the position of Producing my own content I am less of a fan that I ever was. NOT saying I ever condoned it... But i am saying that it was less of a factor..and yes it was a positive increase in fan base. But as of now i can't say its worth it.

JordanRankin27 karma

Celebrity crush?

thebonnierotten52 karma

Bruce willis, Joe rogan, Robert Deniro, Cam Newton, Terrell Pryor

Demolishing27 karma

How did you become a raiders fan growing up in ohio?

Also, shameless plug that I created a sub for you: /r/bonnierotten

thebonnierotten21 karma


TheSweetness9126 karma

whats your funniest fart story?

thebonnierotten72 karma

when your about to squirt and someone pulls their dick out of your ass and you push out and you let out a big one hahaha

KellyShibari24 karma

Congratulations on your nomination, Bonnie! Do you already have a fabulous dress picked out?

thebonnierotten42 karma


IT is very classy and gucci :)

Nation2224 karma

How often do you have sex with random non celebrity men?

thebonnierotten37 karma

I don't have as much time in mt personal life to enjoy that often.. but not usually.

baptized_in_flames23 karma

Is your family judgmental about your career or are they supportive?

thebonnierotten47 karma

supportive :)

4gettit22 karma

Have you had to do things you don't like doing (what), and have you ever refused to do something (what)?

thebonnierotten47 karma

There isn't much that i hate doing lol. But i am not a fan of pussy slapping... lol and for bondage a lot of people do it. I am usually the one coming up with a twisted idea.. so.. i don't typically have to refuse lol

mf7221 karma

Thanks for this AMA! What sort of movie is at the top of your "dream" list production and/or acting wise?

thebonnierotten50 karma

girl gang bang.

6 huge strap ons... dps squirting fiesta

MrMonotone6920 karma

Which tattoo hurt the worst to get?

thebonnierotten25 karma


thepornclerk18 karma

What was your first tattoo?

thebonnierotten28 karma

My zombie. I named him henry.. he's from night of the living dead the beginning issue 1

noodlefishmonkey18 karma


thebonnierotten26 karma

Hopefully my production company is successful and have many directors creating movies

0kB17 karma


thebonnierotten39 karma

my family and friends always have known that I am sexual. It wasn't a surprise to anyone. My family is very positive. I send my grandma movie covers and they even watched the AVN awards on showtime! They know i am maximizing everything I can and that I am not just harming myself. They are happy to see me happy and to succeed in something that I am passionate about.

champ13416 karma

Hey Bonnie, I really love your body and work, you're awesome!

Can you talk about your decision to get implants? When/why did you decide to do it?

Also, do you have a favorite female performer to work with? Anyone on your wish list?


thebonnierotten30 karma

I decided to because I have a dominant appearance so I wanted to have big boobies so i come off as more womanly. And they are fun to play with.

Thestigsfatcousin15 karma

Has your career changed your perception of men (or women I suppose)? Do you feel objectified by your audience?

thebonnierotten22 karma

No i love my audience! fuels what i do.

SoCal_Sapper13 karma

Great tattoos!

Who would you marry, fuck or kill: John McAfee, Kanye West, Shia Lebeouf

thebonnierotten31 karma

kill kanye, marry john mcafee, and fuck shia lebouf haha

Slyfox4life12 karma

Do you think tattoos are becoming a fad or something that helped draw people to your videos? and do you think we will be seeing more porn stars with tattoos in the years to come?

thebonnierotten11 karma

looking that way :)

SpenceMasta12 karma

What is your go to meal when you are eating at a diner?

thebonnierotten27 karma


KeepClean110512 karma

Has your tattoos been any hindering in your job? Edit: What are your hobbies? :)

thebonnierotten21 karma

I can't be cast for some parts but it hasn't hindered me at all I don't think. I think it has if anything set me apart and created a special image and brand for myself embracing them :)

edjca11 karma

Do you like tea? If so which is your favorite?

thebonnierotten13 karma

coffee bean passion tea latte

nrandall1311 karma

What's your idea of a perfect date?

thebonnierotten58 karma

The office, an 8th of weed and a pizza lol

Sir_Korupt10 karma

Love your work. Thank you for this AMA.

What kind of videos can we expect from Mental Beauty, Inc?

thebonnierotten13 karma

Kink fetish, BG, and gg!

cbruth10 karma

what AVN Award would you most like to win during your career?

thebonnierotten35 karma

ANAL! i love anal. it only makes sense.

MrMonotone6910 karma

Who's your favorite male to work with? I like Nick Manning "Droppin' Fuckin' Loads!!"

thebonnierotten9 karma

Toni, Manuel, Ramon

bfeliciano9 karma

What's your favorite part about your job? Least favorite? Most interesting/crazy story?

thebonnierotten38 karma

my favorite part about my job is playing for the camera. I am such a horny pervert and once that camera comes out I just strive to make it happy, I love anal sex so much... I am glad I have a reason to do it all the time loll.

least favorite: the cattiness of everything. It is hard to have friendships in this business..... i JUST WANT EVERYONE TO LOVE EACHOTHERS HOLES!

A_Rivers8 karma

Hello, thank you for doing this AMA!

I would like to know if you, as a pornstar, are confortable enough to tell people outside the adult industry what your real profession is?

If so, what are the general reactions, or the most funny reaction you got so far?

thebonnierotten14 karma

I am. I don't typically go shouting it or outing myself if I don't need to lol.

The general reaction is typically people asking questions. This is a very intriguing business! so they take advantage of that time and ask as much as possible. can be annoying when your on an airplane lol

rkellysdoodoobutter6 karma

What's been the most surprising thing about being in the industry?

What's the most fun you've ever had on set?

thebonnierotten9 karma

MAASSIVE FACIALS 6!!!!!! This is a woman's world too. It was nice to see that.. People have the misconception that Its a mans world... To an extent. But companies have really been catering to couples and women more.

SoEntrepreneurial6 karma

Did the disparity between earnings in different levels of the industry ever bother you?

IMO the porn industry is unique in that the promotion guys, the billing guys, etc. make the amazing money while the actresses, in my opinion, aren't compensated well enough.

I'm an internet marketer and did a lot of work in the adult industry. I was pulling thousands per day on the promotion end, working from home - a couple of hours a day maximum, and looked into getting into the business of actually running my own sites / production (or possibly getting into billing, but that's such a hugely dominated market already)... One thing I learned is that unknown talent is paid goddamn near nothing for their time, and even the big names aren't compensated near what they should be in relation to the revenue they generate.

Personally, I could see that being an issue for myself, were I in your shoes.

thebonnierotten10 karma

its apart of the territory. Thats why you learn and do other things than just perform

ClickStart56 karma

Has anyone you know... parents, siblings, cousins etc watched any of your work? Their thoughts? Is it strange knowing they've seen you "work?"

thebonnierotten14 karma

hopefully they haven't. lol

DomVictor6 karma

Congrats on the nominations and good luck. When should we expect to see Mental Beauty Inc launch? Can you reveal any more info about what we can expect?

thebonnierotten11 karma

release in APRIL :)

AThrowaway4546 karma

How do you feel about foreskin?

thebonnierotten17 karma

i like!

mjh845 karma

This has always bothered me...why do you guys consider yourself pornstars? Not every actor out there is a movie star.

thebonnierotten13 karma

i agree with this statement. not every actress is a porn star takes a level of performance, attitude, and presence in the industry to be deemed a star. Not just being in a movie.

hulkrules220855 karma


thebonnierotten17 karma

I don't plan on putting 4 dicks in one hole. Thats for sure.

thepornclerk5 karma

You've shot with a who's who of adult companies including Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Diabolic, Digital Playground, Wicked, and many more. Who has been your favorite company to work with so far? What company/companies do you look forward to working with in the future?

thebonnierotten8 karma

I love them all! I shoot for evil the most

thepornclerk4 karma

You started shooting a few months before turning 19, was adult entertainment something you knew you wanted to do as you were approaching adulthood, or was it something that came up after you started modeling?

thebonnierotten13 karma

I was always a sexual person. I started stripping 5 days after my 18th bday I didn't exactly know this was the path. But I couldn't be happier :-)

Theawesome1234434 karma

Is 2014 the year we finally see you use a strapon on a guy(Hopefully!)??

thebonnierotten8 karma


cestlhalloween3 karma

Have you had to deal with any stalkers?

thebonnierotten6 karma

EH slightly. its whatever

allofmyinternetz3 karma

A lot of the tats are very cool (cudos on the spider web boobs, really cool)

What's the story with the little rectangular smiley face on your right leg?

thebonnierotten17 karma

a mooninite from athf

Heckler62 karma

What are your favorite bands/music?

thebonnierotten5 karma


[deleted]1 karma


thebonnierotten9 karma

massive facials 6