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Did the disparity between earnings in different levels of the industry ever bother you?

IMO the porn industry is unique in that the promotion guys, the billing guys, etc. make the amazing money while the actresses, in my opinion, aren't compensated well enough.

I'm an internet marketer and did a lot of work in the adult industry. I was pulling thousands per day on the promotion end, working from home - a couple of hours a day maximum, and looked into getting into the business of actually running my own sites / production (or possibly getting into billing, but that's such a hugely dominated market already)... One thing I learned is that unknown talent is paid goddamn near nothing for their time, and even the big names aren't compensated near what they should be in relation to the revenue they generate.

Personally, I could see that being an issue for myself, were I in your shoes.

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Glad to hear you were one of the ones who figured that out :) Too many get shafted, it seems.

Can you elaborate a bit on the 'other things'? Did you ever (before this latest venture of yours) get into the business end of it, or even think of doing so?

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What is the extent of mafia influence and dealings today? I'd assume it is still all going on, just in a more 'behind-the-scenes' and businesslike fashion.

Is it still nationwide for the most part? Is the familial structure and competition what it used to be, or is there a main player?

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haha glad someone caught that unintentional innuendo there