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Can you tell us more about the Pirate Bay's attempt to purchase Sealand in 2007? How close did they get to succeeding? Is there a connection between that bid and www.havenco.com? What are your thoughts on IPR in general?

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Use lots of spit, not lube- spit is the best lube. If you don't have enough spit, use a silicone based lube.

I wouldn't have believed this if it wasn't coming from a subject matter expert.

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If you had to fight one hundred crab-sized Sigs or one Sig-sized crab, which would you choose?

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Is there any chance that we'll see the return of pure controversy articles, like the The Vice Guide to Shagging Muslims? That was ages ago.

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Hi Barnaby, thanks for doing this. I have two questions - one general, and one personal:

  • It looks like Samba-Panza has been pretty well accepted by both the ex-Seleka and the anti-balaka types. Is there any chance that we've turned the corner on this thing, or will she turn out to be no better than Djotodia?

  • If you had to choose one experience from your time in CAR as a metaphor for the whole situation, what would it be?