Sorry for the repost but it took a long time to verify the first time. I live in the south of China looking after a kid in the south of China.

I'm not sure of how much interest this will be but please, go ahead and ask me anything :) THIS IS NOT A PICTURE OF THE FAMILY. these are CHINESE FRIENDS.

EDIT1: more pictures of life in China for the bozo's messaging me telling me I am a troll.

Righty-ho, I just want to make this very clear. I like the Chinese very much. Everyone here for the most part has been courteous and polite and the family treat me mostly with respect. I am not a racist and whoever feels insulted needs to calm down a bit. This is not about race, it's about my experience with the growing upper middle class in mainland China.

EDIT2: Wellp, the front page and two people I used to date have recognized me. Reddit.

EDIT3: this is a really good song.

Edit4: will be deleting this is an hour due to unfortunate threats to reveal private pictures from someone I apparently upset 2 years ago but won't tell me why. Here's my admittedly crappy blog though, feel free to message me if youre thinking of doing the same

EDIT5: I am going to bed now, I've had 4 friends recognize me, 3 ex's message me and one scorned lover threaten me. Oh Reddit. I'll be back tomorrow briefly but sweet dreams!

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Triksy774 karma

Is the pay worth moving to a different country? What expenses are or are not covered?

shitjobinchina1293 karma

I get paid shit-all. I have all my food, room and pocket money given to me. I also get some treats now and then because the hostmother is a kept woman so I get some beauty treatments and things for free. I also get free Chinese lessons which is good. They pay in part for my flight there too. The experience has been very interesting but the agency has scammed me in a few ways too.

Triksy270 karma

Would you suggest this type of work for other women who are looking for a job? Sounds shitty on the agency part, any way of sorting that out, or do you just have to suck it up? How long do you plan on staying? Sorry for so many questions :)

shitjobinchina556 karma

hmmm, there are men doing the same thing I am too, but I think if you want to really experience another culture fully, being thrown in like this teaches you a lot. I wouldn't do this long term, I'm contracted to stay for another 6 months but I don't know if I can because I'm starting to go a bit nuts. The agency are a scammy bunch of cunts, they basically get paid a bomb for us and we get nothing but pocket money. They promised me health insurance but after I paid for when I got very sick they suddenly told me it only covered accidents, and really there's very little I can do about that.

AmericanHistoryekins121 karma

Why don't you not go through the agency anymore? I just found out that the agency I go through for work is taking about 4500 from me a month, so I just told them to fuck off and went at it without them.

shitjobinchina137 karma

I might try this..

Hautamaki9 karma

Gone through an agency.... what a pity.

I wouldn't be surprised if you could be making 40,000+ RMB per month doing this kind of work if you had direct contact with your clients. Even poor peasant farmer women can charge 8,000 per month minimum to help look after newborn babies. An actual educated white person should be getting 5 times that minimum. God knows there are plenty of nouveau riche around willing to pay that or more just for the face it gives them alone.

shitjobinchina12 karma

on the other hand I only do afew hours of work daily and arranging it would have been impossible. It sucks. But you're right, sort of why I don't care about leaving early..

Hautamaki16 karma

You could easily get a hustle going with them for way more money if you care to, now that you know them directly. Just tell them that you will stay or come back if they pay you a decent amount of money on the side. The agency would never have to know about that.

shitjobinchina8 karma

I'm shy ._.

richlecherousCHNman757 karma

HELLO, I very rich, drive 宾利. Have chalet in Swizerland, and villa in toscany. Need beautiful 老外 to control many children from my wife and 二奶。 Also my mother. Buts is OK, she can still go to toilet on her own, no need you have to wipe buttocks. Pay is verry good. Promise won't no harrass you in sexual manner becaus you only low position maid/nanny. Seen unhappy in current position, why you no find new job with me. 4 Kids you look after plus 93 year old mother. You keep visa, I pay alot cash. Send me message if you agree.

shitjobinchina311 karma


kilometersror587 karma


shitjobinchina881 karma

yes and it's sort of embarrassing, especially with the food. And labels, the obsession with western labels on clothes, even if the clothes don't go or look stupid.

StabStabby-From-Afar434 karma

What kind of Western food is eaten? Do they like... go to Western style restaurants to show off?

shitjobinchina909 karma

they do! the first day I arrived at the family's house they took me to a steak house which apparently is a huge deal (i was mostly veggie in england) it was surreal to be served steak and potatoes and have my favorite Chet Baker song in the background. Very weird. Fast food is also popular and before I came there was a lady gaga themed steak house.

C_B_Assington105 karma

I once heard that they put ice cubes for red wine.. True/False?

shitjobinchina330 karma

ive hardly seen any red wine here, but they do have rice wine which is basically like a glass full of death. Chinese beer is ok though. They did give me 'salad' though. It was melon, banana, tomatoes and a few leaves drowned in mayo. Yuck

TheMediumPanda233 karma

Hey chica. Let me give you the quck rundown on chugging baijiu. I still use this method, even after 6 years here, for the first couple of rounds. After that your tastebuds are burned off, and the method can be discarded. Here goes: Breathe in, take a gulp of baijiu (or as I like to call it, drain cleaner), immediately exhale through your mouth. Inhale again through the nose, and exhale from the mouth. This way you'll avoid most of the smell and taste. Try it, it really helps.

shitjobinchina470 karma

interesting. Usually I add Sprite or throw it on the floor..

CamouflageDave172 karma

that's so gangsta

shitjobinchina276 karma

yeah, we're all pimps here.

throlljaegeren462 karma

What was the worst thing to happen to you at this job? And the best?

Thanks for the AMA!

shitjobinchina1088 karma

hmmm, I kept telling the family here I was sick for about 3 months and they just laughed it off and told me to get over it. Eventually I got a fever and deep pain in my kidneys which was a kidney infection. They wouldn't drive me so I had to walk a few miles to the most vile hospital ever and get examined on a gurney in a room of chinese people with colds by them thumping me and asking me if it hurt in certain places. I had to pay a buttload and get lots of IV's. Ick. The best? The boy can be very sweet and funny and I had a great birthday party here, we went to a Chinese club and I brought twerking to the mainland.

Klumm727 karma

They wouldn't drive you to the hospital, so you had to walk? Man you need to get out.

shitjobinchina756 karma

Oh trust me, I am.

Fakesheep127 karma

I feel so sorry for you and hope you will get check up again when you back in England. I don't believe in Chinese doctor even I am a Chinese myself…

but seriously Is it possible there is a misunderstood cause by language? I can't believe the rich ass family won't even call a taxi for you, because taxi is really cheap in China….. and the last thing they need to worry about is money

shitjobinchina14 karma

I got a translator to tell them when it felt like I was pissing broken glass and no one listened, they just couldnt be bothered.

goywary426 karma

if you killed the kid, would they go to the police or have you killed w/o involving law enforcement?

shitjobinchina930 karma

hmmm, I'm not sure. brb testing to see consequences.

rekag3252 karma

Reply OP! We must know!

shitjobinchina1322 karma

She looks pissed

lula2488372 karma


shitjobinchina351 karma

cheers x

letmepostjune22276 karma

...And you're english.

shitjobinchina249 karma


JackPauli361 karma

Are you sleeping with either of the parents?

shitjobinchina821 karma


JackPauli322 karma

Damn, I always knew everyone in China was banging

shitjobinchina578 karma

HIV is also rising

rdudejr212 karma

Is this a serious answer? I've noticed you have a streak of sarcasm.

shitjobinchina450 karma

the latter part is true, ive seen her half naked a few times, the first is not. Definitely not

ftumpsch317 karma

What's their daily routine like? How do the super rich in China live?

shitjobinchina496 karma

it seems to vary family by family (I've other nanny friends) but mine seems to be the father away all the time apart from one day at the weekend, the mother ferrying her son to all his schools and activities and endless parties and lavish dinners. During the day there's very little to do because there's also a housekeeper. They shop, go the movies and watch TV.

Daanonymous285 karma

What is shitty about your job?

shitjobinchina559 karma

many things, not being able to fully discipline the kid sometimes, the lack of freedom as a previously quite independent person and actually China is very dirty and polluted, so I feel quite guilty I get to leave and they just have to deal.

Perripotamus331 karma

not being able to fully discipline the kid sometimes

Argh, I know this feeling. I worked as a nanny for a wealthy family in Italy a few years ago. When the kids would act like little brats and order me around I told them that I would not do things for them, but I would do it with them, such as bringing toys from one room to the next. They would run to their mum who would be forced to give up precious time talking into her phone (it was almost attached to her face) and complain, and then she would ask me to do the task. I felt like a dog, and the kids could sense my place amongst the family.

Lady, I am trying to teach your kids to not be little shits!

What will happen if you leave your contract early? I've known nannies who quit when they were incredibly unhappy. It's not the end of the world. No one is going to call that family up for a job reference when you include your nannying on your resume when you return home.

shitjobinchina301 karma

Yes exactly, mine isn't as bad as what you described but for example today he came home from the hospital after being in for some kind of very bad cold (when the worlds antibiotics become completely ineffective we will know exactly which country to blame) in his mask and the first thing he did when i knelt down to say hello was wipe his phlegmy coughy mask round my face O_O

Perripotamus114 karma

Damn, irresponsible antibiotics is dangerous.

I had three months left with the family (and that was with no contract, just a verbal agreement after I had a week trial with them) and an agency which they had previously paid thousands to let the family know that another girl was interested in coming in two weeks, and that she wanted to work for a year. The family politely fired me (so fucking happy and relieved, but I was trying not to show it) because they wanted to secure the nanny who would stick around for longer. There was no bad blood between us.

I was really unhappy and disatisifed when I was at work during this time, and I believe that I would have completed the last three months despite hating it and feeling like a sack of shit. When you are working with a family and their children, the boundaries of what you would normally put up with really tends to blur. If I were in an office today and I had a lazy coworker demand things of me which weren't my duties which I then refused, and then the boss and the coworker pressured me into doing it I would recognise that as a horrible, toxic work environment and look for a new job without looking back. When you are working as a nanny you are forced to negotiate for yourself, and you are really at the bottom of the pack in terms os disposability.

Do you feel guilty when you think of leaving? Do you feel like you will inconvenience them too much as they struggle to replace you? Those are the things which held me back from leaving.

Don't worry about them. They are rich as fuck. If you leave the worst that will happen is that his parents might have to do a bit of fucking parenting.

Have you considered finding a job independently? There are nanny websites all over the world. You can continue to explore china but with a different family

shitjobinchina87 karma


Perripotamus45 karma

I met some nannies who were blissfully happy with their family, it really doesn't have to be horrible. Keep looking. You haven't failed, you just found what sounds like a fairly rude family and the pay isn't good enough to compensate it.

This is what I found after one minute of searching - You are an English speaking nanny and you lend a massive ammount of status to any family that hires you, you will be snapped up so fast if you make a profile. And you can negotiate what you want too.

Use a few hours in your week off to meet up with some families. Go to a cleaner part of China. Keep on learning the language and then show your mum a great time when she comes to visit you. You can even organise to only work with a new family for as many months as you want so that you can give yourself more time to travel with your mum. You will be fine if you start organising it now, and can then scope out the familes to make sure they are not people smugglers or theives, etc.

shitjobinchina60 karma

The family are lovely and my job is for the most part ok, but part of it is China itself and my struggles with one or two aspects, I feel a bit handicapped by my limited language also and I miss my bf, family and things. I am actually in Hangzhou which is one of the nicest parts of China. I can't say I hate it, I really like some aspects but I miss my independence.

thousandkneejerks263 karma

Do they recycle their trash? What's their stance on the environment, climate change, carbon footprint?

shitjobinchina570 karma

if by recycle you mean go to idylic spots and ruin them with chewing gum, drinking bottles and bodily fluids, then yes. They don;t give a fuck, either that or thye are very uneducated on how terrible it is. Most have never known different.

LaoBa284 karma

or they are very uneducated on how terrible it is

I was shocked when picnicking with Beijing university students and professors to see they just thew all their garbage in the bushes.

shitjobinchina236 karma

yes, people can call racism all they want but I dont care. Its a really bad habit

thousandkneejerks95 karma


Loco_Mosquito155 karma

Wait wat? Is he copping a squat on the subway?

shitjobinchina197 karma


Loco_Mosquito80 karma

...What happens after he's curled one out? Does he just leave it there?

Jumbo_Janxbot237 karma

How often do Chinese guys try to hit on you?
Edit for spelling.

shitjobinchina354 karma

All the time, but not in a very sleazy way. If I go out they send drinks to my table which I actually don't like and I get people coming up to me in the street but it's not intimidating or anything.

A_Stinky_Wicket174 karma

Do random people approach you on the street to take your picture? Just because you're a different skin tone from them? When I was there this happened at least half a dozen times just because I'm white. Took a while to realize they weren't handing me their cameras to take a pic of them and their friends, they were each wanting a photo with me. So odd

shitjobinchina203 karma

So. much.

soulruler224 karma

Are people still constantly spitting in the street? To some this may sound like a dumb question but when I went to China, regardless of where you were, people spit CONSTANTLY in public. I read that China was trying to get people to stop that, but I was wondering if any actual improvement had happened.

shitjobinchina322 karma

I wake up every day to that sound and hear it all day. People spit everywhere non stop and it is vile. It hasn't stopped one bit.

FishInhaleTheirPee210 karma

how does it feel to be treated like a second or third class human?

shitjobinchina401 karma

not as bad as you think. I get to leave and go back to England which is great.

AtLeastRob205 karma

Would you feel differently if you couldn't escape the country?

shitjobinchina932 karma

I would kill myself

TheColorWolf175 karma

What ridiculous rules and tasks do they have for you?

What's your race?

How good is your Chinese, or are you expected to teach the little prince in English?

How rich is the family?

How much "pull" do the family have?

Have you ever stolen anything from them?

shitjobinchina321 karma

I am half black, half middle eastern, I'll upload a picture of me. Rules are weird, I have to be in my room by 8 and then I can't really do anything else apart from computer things. They've made me take him to school when I've been very sick before, I was very pissed about that. My Chinese is not the best, but I am getting there :) but yes, I give him nglish lessons, that's why they hired me.

The family have a very nice apartment and 5 Porsche's which is just silly.

I'm not sure but wherever we go we seem to just jump lines so.....

No, I've not stolen, I'm a very guilty person

jabbaciv166 karma

It's surprising that anybody considers China a "communist" country when somebody can have 5 Porsches.

shitjobinchina150 karma

I know, it's staggering

DontTrustTheMice163 karma

You have to be in your room by 8??? Every day??? Sorry, I spent six months in China and the best part was going out in the evenings. Also, super interesting AMA- thanks so much :)

shitjobinchina193 karma

I have weekends free so it's not so bad, but yes that part is annoying! Thank you very much :D

cheeza51percent62 karma

Have you experienced any prejudice in China or has the family treated you differently from other Westerners because of your ethnic background?

Being in Southern China, are you learning a local dialect in addition to Mandarin?

shitjobinchina147 karma

I'm very pale and the only giveaway is my hair which is left to dry naturally is an afro so I get told my hair is dry or I should style it better. They don't get how being mixed race works. They seem fine with me not eating pork though.

I am learning a few different pronunciations which is interesting.

holycoyote8 karma

wherever we go we seem to just jump lines so.....

This is standard behavior in China and has nothing to do with financial status.

shitjobinchina20 karma

no, he gives them a fistful of money in restaurants. You misunderstand

stuli1989173 karma

What is the weirdest things you have seen the kids do and then get away with?

shitjobinchina435 karma

pick his nose and wipe it on me? Wave his bare ass at me? Oh and a friend who works an hour or so away has seen the kids be allowed to just piss on the living room floor so they don;t have to move from the television. Occasionally they'll bring him a bucket.

stuli1989280 karma

Piss on the floor? That takes the cake for me

shitjobinchina205 karma

I know.

jesus-crust163 karma

What does the father do for a living?

shitjobinchina315 karma

I think he owns a real estate company and some factories.

iwazaruu132 karma

yeah, it goes without saying, anyone with that kind of money in china isn't legit. dude's got connections out the wazoo.

i swear to god i've seen more BMWs and Bentleys in China than i ever saw back home in america.

shitjobinchina135 karma

oh absolutely.

iwazaruu57 karma

hey, what province are you in? you said south, so i'm guessing guangdong. i live up north in hebei and love to travel, unfortunately the furthest south i've ever been was nanjing. you rode the train to any places interesting? i really wanna go to the dazu rock carvings in chongqing but it's too far...

also, haha, what are your plans for spring festival? i'm getting the fuck out of here to vietnam for a week. you know, thailand's nice this time of year and you don't need a visa - just an idea.

shitjobinchina102 karma

Zhejang is where I am, I will be here for part of spring festival. If you want to come down it'd be nice to spend some time with an English speaker. PM me

donttazemeBRA27 karma

Same! Where abouts? I am in Zhuji, about 40 minutes outside of Hangzhou.

I am in a similiar situation as you, but I came to China to teach english at a middle school. Also got screwed by the agency. You mind if I ask what agency you used?

shitjobinchina28 karma

PM me!

stuli1989146 karma

Does the wife treat you like someone to befriend or just like a servant to shoo away and just get work done out of? From what I here the Au Pair program is supposed to let you have like a second family almost

shitjobinchina263 karma

oh she's generally sweet to me, really. They are very nice, especially the ayi (grandmother) so I've been relatively lucky. However some things remind me of my status sometimes, like not being taken for medical care etc.

5StarBoobs143 karma

What's the average boob size of Chinese women? How do they compare with the US&A or European women?

shitjobinchina334 karma

actually the reason why I verified privately was because I post in gw occasionally and have maybe slightly above average sized breasts. The women of the family are overtly interested in them and having seen how padded their bras are I'd say about A/B. Pretty small

Ieatfireworks49 karma

Living here long enough as a foreigner sucks, because there is almost nowhere that sells above C cupped bras.

My Asian classmates are constantly asking to touch my boobs. It's hilarious but yeah, a bit unnerving.

shitjobinchina64 karma

Yeah my boobs and ass are grabbed by women here, it's funny but as you said unnerving. I can't buy any bras here at all.

Xenokaos11 karma

Link to gw post?

shitjobinchina16 karma


justaskin13 karma

do the titles of your post reference babysitting?? you know, could you say it and mean it

shitjobinchina6 karma

ahahaha, gosh no.

Vomix125 karma

Hi! I'm an American, currently living in Japan. The news we get here in Japan about China is not so much censored as it is...selecively emphasized/ignored by the major media outlets, depending on the kind of news. Then, when I go back home and see the news or check on the internet to see what the rest of the story is, I sometimes find the "real" story to be rather different than what the Japanese news says.

Do you have similar experiences with the Chinese news/media? Do you not watch/read Chinese news?

Also, how would you characterize the "tone" of chinese media toward foreign powers like Japan, The US, England, etc?

If the answer is boring, skip my questions :)

shitjobinchina179 karma

The TV isn't allowed on in this house much, because the kid is always studying in the living room, however from the news I HAVE seen, you are right, it seems meant to placate the people rather than to actually inform. Even the western news channels here have played down certain terrible things, i.e. the state of the environment and it's cost for agriculture. To avoid this I just stick to my lovely VPN and get my news from a range of sources.

TreasonousTeacher101 karma

Why aren't you teaching English? The money is better, and there is much more freedom to travel.

shitjobinchina143 karma

I know ._. stupid me

KirkBriard99 karma

What is the difference in wealth of this family compared to the surrounding families and how does the kid get treated compared to other kids?

shitjobinchina212 karma

this is a very rich neighborhood, but having been in some other apartments and things they seem slightly richer in comparison. This kid seems more pushed than the other kids, 6 days of school a week and 4 music lessons in the evenings too.

skarr_daoc94 karma

when you say super-rich, how rich are we talking ?

shitjobinchina177 karma

own many nice cars, luxurious apartment and second home, one kid in boarding school, other privately educated.

mcalce1373 karma

Do they have any weird secrets that you've accidently uncovered? Rich people always do weird shit

shitjobinchina120 karma

not me personally but my two friends here both have husbands who have had affairs, one who is a university lecturer who boned his student.

djgump3568 karma

I couldn't think of a question, but now I have one after reading:

Now that you are familiar with the wealthy family, and considering that they are wealthy. Assuming you are doing a decent enough job, and going with what you said about the agency you work for being shitty:

What is to stop you from negotiating better pay with the family you work for, vacations, benefits and all?

shitjobinchina107 karma

I've already signed a fixed contract, though, thats the thing. And I'm not legally allowed to be paid more because of my visa. The reason it's so easy to come here is because what I do comes into 'cultural exchange' so I don't receive a salary.

nunchuckmikey63 karma

Are there many male nannies? Would that be considered weird?

shitjobinchina223 karma

I have met one the first day I arrived in Shanghai on the way to where I am now and he was one of the worst people I've ever met. He'd come become he wanted to have sex with Asian women because 'they'll do anything'. He also didn't believe in abortion and thought Guantanamo was justified. But I've heard of other ones and they seem nice.

dMoniKerr31 karma

What do you mean by "didn't believe in abortion"?

shitjobinchina88 karma

said it should only be used for the disabled because they were of no use to society.

Captain_English78 karma

What a chap. The best kind of pro lifer.

shitjobinchina68 karma

pro life/ eugenicist it's all good, baby

Teru-Sama59 karma

Ever thought about quitting your job? And if you did, for what reason?

Thanks for your AMA!

shitjobinchina154 karma

Oh yeah, daily I think of just bailing to the airport. The reasons are because since I was sick here I've actually lost money and I have a boyfriend in America at the moment who I miss terribly! Also this agency are a bunch of lying dicks, and I miss being able to work out outdoors without being afraid for my lungs. It sounds silly too, but most of the men here are very slight and metrosexual. I miss a masculine presence and my friends.

c3vzn160 karma

So you're an Englishwoman working in China with a boyfriend in America?

shitjobinchina41 karma

yes indeed.

bru_skee55 karma

I felt the need to comment, as I am an english teacher/manny for a child in China as well. haha great AMA!

shitjobinchina53 karma

which part??

bazingawaitwhat41 karma

A few questions:

Does the family live in a gated community? Had you studied the Chinese language before you left or did you pick it up as you went along? How long have you been there, and how long do you think you'll stay before you move on? And where to next? Does the family use reddit?

shitjobinchina69 karma

yes they do, in a rich gated neighborhood. I knew bits on pinyin before but I learned characters and everything when I came here. I will probably stay a month or two more before I really have to leave and I will probably go to the west coast of America. I sure hope they don't use reddit...

bazingawaitwhat15 karma

That must have been quite a leap of faith, then, going without the language. Very impressive. Why America next?

shitjobinchina66 karma

boyfriend and also it's the west coast. So burritos.

lecrappe29 karma

Tell me about the good exeriences you've had. Positive things that have changed your view on the world?

shitjobinchina64 karma

Meeting young chinese people and having so much in common with them, even when language was a problem we have had so much fun learning about each others cultures and helping each other out. I've made amazing friends. How sweet the Chinese are to their kids, watching the grandparents sit by the lake with the young kids is heartwarming. Bonding with a kid who isn't mine and having him give me a kiss goodnight. Lots of good things.

JustinTurtle24 karma

What made you decide to be a nanny?

shitjobinchina46 karma

I like kids a lot and I like traveling

Sable_Hound22 karma

Does your kid have those pants with the ass cut out of them so he can just go where he drops? Can't imagine having to deal with that.

shitjobinchina24 karma

he's 7!

PanaraLo17 karma

Would you consider living in China if it was to work in something you're good at or really enjoy?

Thanks for the AMA!

shitjobinchina38 karma

hmmmm. Possibly, the environment wears me down considerably, though.

SamuraiJakkass8615 karma

Knowing that you are working for a rich family with a patriarch who possibly deals in shady/dodgy business, and that you not only post in GW, but also talk about them in "less than favorable tones" on the Internet in the most heavily monitored network in the world - do you feel that you might be putting your neck out a bit too much doing this AMA?

shitjobinchina24 karma

yeah it just occurred. I'm screwed

marchmay14 karma

What's it like being non-white over there? Any racism?

shitjobinchina29 karma

I'm paler than the Chinese so I can't comment on what it must be like being black here.

usesdirectquotes14 karma

What's the best part of your current situation?

shitjobinchina39 karma

free room, lots of free time to work on other stuff I like and learning a lot about myself and other people. Pretty much priceless.

kwokjoel6 karma

My only question is...


shitjobinchina9 karma


I do like parts :) the lunches are delicious and noodle soups, tomato and egg dishes etc are great. However evening meals are a hit and miss... the meat leaves a lot to be desired and I do rather miss cheese...

Cerxa3 karma

the person in the middle of your picture looks like franka potente

shitjobinchina9 karma

that would be me! Thanks, I hope

shitjobinchina5 karma

ahhh is she from run lola run? I get that a lot :)

Chavran2 karma

Have you ever been in an awkward situation where the family has brought a dog home and you misunderstood what it was for and prepared it for dinner?

shitjobinchina29 karma

no but they have bought home weird shit. There is a carcass of a chicken with its head still attached hanging in the kitchen window. It's been there 3 weeks.

milkncereaI2 karma

Sorry I have lots if questions. How much do you get paid? I'm interested in doing this after college. What is the name of the company that hired you? so I can be wary of them. Where can I apply to this shitty job?

shitjobinchina3 karma

fuck all, make sure you come with a plan to work illegally or with a lot of savings. 1000 yuan a month. I would say maybe come as a teacher, at least then you can earn and have some independence and you can be friends with the other teachers

2pints2 karma

1000 a month? You got done. No wonder your experience in China is so shit. An average English teacher makes that in a couple of days. Can you not quit and go home/become an English teacher?

shitjobinchina2 karma

I think I'm just going to leave early, honestly.

G4M3R_1172 karma

I'm not sure if you have ever read the book but your situation reminded me of Chinese Cinderella... Anyway, I was going to ask how the kids all treat each other, do you notice it to be distinctly different than western countries, or do the kids act almost the same? I read about that kid wiping his flemmy mask around you... Thats completely fucked, sorry you have to go through that kind of crap for another family.

shitjobinchina2 karma

I did indeed read it when I was 12 or 13 :D I also read Wild Swans, which is brilliant. I am mostly reasonably happy here and I have lots of free time, but some things are hard. The kids here are very very loud, used to being alone because of the one child rule, they expect immediate attention. Western kids are a little more patient. I feel bad im here when there are so many poor children here who need teaching too. Makes me feel guilty.

CalculatorBoss1 karma

Do you have a TV in your room? Can you watch Dvd's etc in your own time

shitjobinchina3 karma

I have my computer which without I would have gone nuts. No TV in here but the only tv in English here is Sports and News.

JuxtaTerrestrial1 karma

What's your favorite color?

shitjobinchina2 karma

a nice bluey green. like the sea