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You are on X-BOX live a lot telling noobs to fuck off and die. How does your time on there affect your real-life training?

US_Navy_SEAL_152 karma

Somebody using my handle on there?

US_Navy_SEAL_87 karma

I have never been on X-BOX

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Is there any (U.S. or foreign) commando/special forces unit you feel, given equal numbers, would be a match for a SEAL team?

US_Navy_SEAL_409 karma

Perhaps the Israelis

xela1932191 karma

What was the most difficult part of your training?

US_Navy_SEAL_617 karma

Most difficult part is called "Hell Week." 5 1/2 days long, you get only 4 hours total of sleep, cover over 200 miles on your feet while carrying a boat on your head with your boat crew or a telephone pole. Freezing cold water, no wetsuit, hypothermia and hallucinations! By the last night of Hell Week I was seeing Ninja Turtles LOL.

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did you ever feel like you weren't going to make it? I've seen something about that on a show one time and figure it's way worse than it looks (and it looks pretty crazy!)

US_Navy_SEAL_310 karma

I honestly never entertained the thought of quitting. I made up my mind I would die before I quit and I had a lot of motivation to do it for my KIA mentor Scott Helvenston. I had his name written on the bill of my hat as a constant reminder and motivation.

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Who would win in a fight between you and Nicolas Cage in Con Air (he was an Army Ranger)?

US_Navy_SEAL_545 karma

This is a very important question and deserves some deeper reflection before answering.

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SEALS are stereo-typically known as the American bad ass. Was there ever a point where you were at your weakest, or challenged to the limit? What are your fears?

US_Navy_SEAL_207 karma

I guess my weakest moment would be when my best friend growing up had quit. We both really lucked out, joining the navy at the same time, got in the same BUD/s class etc. He unexpectedly quit and that really bummed me out and turned my world upside for the night of training. I was challenged to the limit during surf tortures. My fear doing something stupid that gets someone else hurt.

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Hey Chad, fellow frog here, BUD/S class 294. Just wanted to say what's up.

US_Navy_SEAL_99 karma

Proud of you. West coast?

tatdbzdm126 karma

How would you describe your daily routine while on active duty?

US_Navy_SEAL_176 karma

Every day is different...Lets put it this way...Your occupation is to continuously learn the craft of using deadly force in the most effective way via shooting, blowing things up, jumping out of planes, diving, hauling on the surface of water etc.

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Thanks for the AMA, I'm enlisting after I wrap up my degree.

Any muscle group you wish was stronger for BUD/s? I've heard neck before.

US_Navy_SEAL_161 karma

Neck and lower back and whatever you can do to avoid shin splints

US_Navy_SEAL_117 karma

Ask me anything

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I have heard that many of the seals killed in the helicopter crash in August 2011 were also involved in the takedown of Osama Bin Laden. Is that true or just a conspiracy?

US_Navy_SEAL_152 karma

A lot of those guys were on Team 6, not a conspiracy...The bad guys just got lucky and had no idea in was Frogmen on that helo

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Would you do it all again? If yes would you do anything differently?

US_Navy_SEAL_152 karma

Yes! I would have joined younger than 19 yrs old. My mentor was the youngest man ever to make through training at 17 yrs old. His name was Scott Helvenston

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Nicceee, what point did you realize "I can do this" in training and any notable missions or anything you can discuss that was funny or notable?

US_Navy_SEAL_100 karma

Making it through Hell Week pretty much gave me that "made it through the toughest part" feeling.

My last operation ended us getting set up on an ambush, nasty gunfight. We won! I discuss it in my book which I will sign for ya if you get it here:

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What firearms do you guys get trained with? Which one(s) are your fav?

US_Navy_SEAL_158 karma

Our primary rifle is an M4 (5.56), secondary is a Sig Sauer P226 (9m)

I carried the Mk-48 Belt fed Machine gun, 7.62

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Q. Could you furnish a BUD/S class number?

US_Navy_SEAL_102 karma

Class 254

Firox88 karma

When did you know that you want to be one of the seals? (If it was while being young) were you preparing for it? If yes then how?

US_Navy_SEAL_377 karma

I was failing all of my classes in Jr. College because I was ditching class, surfing and smoking pot. I realized I was turning into a loser fast so I needed to do something big. In the school parking as I was about to go into class I decided, "Forget school...I wanna be a Navy SEAL" and just like that I drove out of the parking lot and starting my first day of preparation, running, pull-ups, push-ups etc.

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US_Navy_SEAL_134 karma

The SEAL community is a bit more like one big family, more relaxed, less military bearing/robotic. Never spent anytime on ships but plenty of time under them...

TheGamerguy11082 karma

How do you feel about the Navy Seal copypasta?

US_Navy_SEAL_101 karma

I don't know what copypasta is. Elaborate?

funyordietryin82 karma

Did you have any kind of tie downs before joining the military? Like for example car payments, rent, bills etc.

US_Navy_SEAL_217 karma

haha. A girlfriend

blarghusmaximus76 karma

Scariest experience? Biggest personal fuck up?

US_Navy_SEAL_121 karma

Rolling into a premeditated ambush. We won.

Forgetting to throw my boots, eye and ear pro in my bag was pretty bad but I lucked out and found all the stuff I needed as soon as I arrived at where I was going.

job1n72 karma

What is your experience with the Rangers and how do other units view them?

US_Navy_SEAL_94 karma

Great group of guys, I have a lot of Ranger buddies, have worked with them and I mutually appreciate all that they do.

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Hello, I read a couple of reviews of your book on Amazon and they are the only two that are critical of you. Two claim to be your brothers and also claim that you were not given a hard time because of your faith but because you didn't work hard and messed up both in training and during deployment. They also claimed that you are using the trident and your faith to make a living. With all honesty, how do you respond since I didn't see you reply to them on Amazon?

US_Navy_SEAL_106 karma

Checked out the comments on Amazon. 100% bogus, trolls.

polishprince7665 karma

How much ya bench?

What's your opinion of the movie G.I. Jane? Do you think women should be allowed to try out for the seals?

US_Navy_SEAL_109 karma

LOL...Bench now or while active duty?

Its been a while since I watched G.I. Jane. Its a mix of reality and Hollywood like most movies.

My mentor Scott Helvenston trained Demi Moore for the movie, he told me she was the real deal, tough girl and could possibly make it for real.

Cornflip51 karma

What is your opinion on the increasing use of drones by the military and intelligence services in lieu of other options, such as a SEAL team? Do you feel that they're better/worse/about the same as other options?

I've been studying/discussing this in a college course I'm taking and am curious as to what you think about it.

US_Navy_SEAL_59 karma

It's not either/or

There will always be both. Going after the Al Shabaab leading in Somalia is a good example were a drone could be useful in recon but not in terms of taking someone out when you really want them alive. You gotta lay hands on them.

blazeking42040 karma

Is former drug use a normal thing for SEALS? I always thought there was intensive screening to make sure you haven't ever used drugs

US_Navy_SEAL_69 karma

Probably not so common. I was a common young surfer dude that one day got the uncommon desire to go be a SEAL.

I stopped the moment I decided to become a SEAL and never went back.

mwc235 karma

What is the relationship between Navy SEALs and the other special forces (Army Rangers, Air Force Pararescue, etc.)?

US_Navy_SEAL_44 karma

We work together overseas and do some cross training.

Tyrannist31 karma

Air Force SERE instructor here.

A lot of people give up because physically and mentally it's too much. What is the key mentality they you need to keep in order to succeed in the training? How mental is it really? A lot of what I hear is as long as you don't give up and try your hardest you can pass. What if your body completely breaks down and you can no longer carry a log or boat but mentally you keep trying?

US_Navy_SEAL_32 karma

If you can physically make it through the first couple weeks of BUD/s then you have what it takes physically speaking to make it. The question is whether or not you have the mental strength to push your body to do what you might "think" it can't do.

The motivating factor is going to be different for everyone...Bottom line is you have to be willing to die for whatever you put on the line in your mind. i.e. I am gonna do this for my family, friend (Scott) etc.

EMRaunikar26 karma

Navy SEALs are known for their repertoire of combat environments that they are trained to fight in. Which would you say is the most unusual?

US_Navy_SEAL_72 karma

Outer space


dfjknrnv26 karma

What movie/tv show do you think has the most accurate portrayal of a navy SEAL?

US_Navy_SEAL_53 karma

Charlie Sheen, Navy SEALs

Luxy9226 karma


US_Navy_SEAL_118 karma

I teared up a bit looking my first child in the eyes for the first time. THAT IS A GAME CHANGER!

fcburdman20 karma

If you could recommend a single piece of important advice for someone going into any branch of the armed forces, what would it be?

US_Navy_SEAL_54 karma

Make certain that it is your calling in life and not just some personal fixation.

PrisonSoap9 karma

I have considered and desired going into the SEALs for a couple of years now, I know you mentioned your mentor was a driving factor in your motivation, but during your personal training prior to (and during) BUD/s how did you stay motivated to keep pushing your body?

US_Navy_SEAL_38 karma

I pretended in my mind that quitting literally was never even in the pool of options. I treated things sometimes as though I had been taken captive by these instructors (like a POW) and what I needed to be was a survivor...There is no "bell" that could get me out of the situation. To give up would be to give up on life.

Texanbass9 karma

What brought you to Christ?

US_Navy_SEAL_23 karma

As a soldier I had a pretty good appreciation for the saying, "Freedom isn't free." I knew freedom was paid for through the sacrifice and blood of men on the battlefield. I have a huge appreciation for those who have gone before us and laid down their lives on our behalf. One night I got a clear understanding of the eternal freedom that was purchased on our behalf with the sacrifice/blood of Jesus of Nazareth. He went before us and laid down His life on our behalf. It is the greatest act of love (John 15:13) and I gladly forsake all things contrary to Him, to be a follower of the One that laid it all down for me at the Cross. We will meet face to face one day, and in the meantime it is an honor to live a life that brings honor an glory to Him.

ThirdSideoftheCoin8 karma

Who is your favorite theologically-oriented writer outside of the Bible?

If I could press you, could you give one modern and one non-modern theologically-oriented writer that you have benefited from?

Do you have any formal ministry training (seminary, ordination, etc.)?

Thank you for your service for God and country!

US_Navy_SEAL_10 karma

C.S. Lewis/Norman Geisler

Took a couple online classes on the Matthew, Romans and Apologetics through Calvary Chapel right after I got saved back in 2007. I do better doing my own studying

reverv7 karma

Can you be an atheist and be a SEAL?

US_Navy_SEAL_48 karma

Yes, I served with them and love those guys all the more.

Asilus4 karma

Hi, thanks for the AMA. Would you and or your colleagues shoot US citizens (on US soil) if ordered to do so? Or do you think that if civil strife comes to that point you guys would step back and re-evaluate who it is you serve? Thanks!

US_Navy_SEAL_32 karma

If they were zombies I would have no problem doing that.

US_Navy_SEAL_27 karma

On a serious note... I would not do such a thing...I cannot actualize in my mind the scenario where such a thing really happens.

AuJaDe3 karma

What is your opinion of the Pararescue?

US_Navy_SEAL_3 karma

Looks like a very rewarding occupation.

Lostmav7293 karma

First and foremost thank you. How nervous were you going into a mission?

US_Navy_SEAL_10 karma

Not really...More exciting than anything else.

Isolder3 karma

Are SEALs ex football jocks that picked on nerds or are they mostly nice people?

US_Navy_SEAL_9 karma

Its a very mixed bunch. Common men with an uncommon desire to succeed is part of the creed.

oldspice753 karma

What was your experience in Iraq like? How long was your tour there? What do you think about the decision to invade Iraq now? Do you feel, in any sense, betrayed by the government as a result of that? Thanks for your service.

US_Navy_SEAL_15 karma

Hunting evil men that killed people for personal gain and ideology. They would probably kill you given the opportunity. There is a lot of legitimate evil out there buddy...Don't be ignorant of it. I don't feel betrayed in any way. Thank you for the kind words, it was an honor an privilege.


Have you ever worked with any MARSOC Marines or Force Recon? What were they like?

US_Navy_SEAL_6 karma

Fine bunch of guys.

PatternWolf2 karma

What are the coolest perk to being a Navy Seal?

US_Navy_SEAL_11 karma

Get paid pretty good to shoot guns all day, blow things up, jump out of airplanes and hunt the most evil human beings on the planet.

guitarnoir2 karma

I'm confused about the whole, Navy Seals/Army Rangers/Green Berets/Air Force Commando vs. "The Special Forces" designations. Does "Special Forces" draw from those other elite organizations, and when you're a member of the Special Forces, which branch do you work for?

US_Navy_SEAL_2 karma

Generally speaking "Special Forces" is the umbrella that all those forces fall under. However in the community when people talk about SF they most commonly mean Delta

geniuswaffles2 karma

How do you feel when people claim Delta, SF, and Rangers are quieter and more professional than SEALs?

Also, thank you for your service. I wish I had the balls to do what you did.

US_Navy_SEAL_6 karma

I honestly haven't ever heard it put that way.

I would disagree...but it wouldn't bug me.

Yrrem1 karma

Have you ever worked with swcc or any other navy special forces unit?

Had you not become a seal, what would you have done?

US_Navy_SEAL_6 karma

I have worked with SWCC a lot. They drive us around on the boats, do drop offs, pick-ups, fire support etc.

For me personally, it was being a SEAL or nothing.

peanutbuttertaco1 karma

I've always wandered what type of gear do you use for an average assualt mission. Please go into as much detail as you can. Also what knife do you carry or were you issued? (I like knives and have always been curious what SEALs carry)

US_Navy_SEAL_5 karma

I don't want to get into the details of gear brought on an operation for the sake of my active brothers safety.

Just the knife will be fine...Benchmade is the most common...And for the record SEALs don't wear the "Navy SEAL" wrist watch that is mass marketed. 99% of us wear a G-shock

TrapCheddar1 karma

If you hadn't written a book, what would you have done when you got out of the forces? How much/long did you train before you enlisted? If I were to enlist today to be a SEAL, what would your biggest suggestion be?

US_Navy_SEAL_2 karma


About a year.

You either have the grit or you don't. Die b4 you quit

CuriousGeorge9091 karma

Chad, It appears that Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have reached a deal with Iran when Iran demanded that they would only make a deal if they were allowed to continue to enrich Uranium and Plutonium. Breaking news at this moment.

Thoughts? Do you think that the foreign policy direction is comfortable to you as a SEAL or does it make you feel that we are dealing from a weakened position because of our weak foreign policy? Or do you feel we have a strong foreign policy?

US_Navy_SEAL_3 karma

I really don't like any of it.

possiblyoptimistic1 karma

Accuracy of movies?

US_Navy_SEAL_5 karma

Huge Hollywood factor