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I think I can clarify /u/shitty_formatting's second part. MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) are a type of food packet often used by the military to have a kind of hot meal on the go. Basically, you add water to the MRE packet, and a chemical reaction between the water and something in the packet's lining (magnesium iirc) heats up the food inside. However, if you don't know how this works and there aren't instructions on how to use them that you can understand, there's the chance of injury or being unable to eat the food.

Basically, he's wondering if the people receiving the food in the air drops know how to safely prepare/eat it.

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What is your opinion on the increasing use of drones by the military and intelligence services in lieu of other options, such as a SEAL team? Do you feel that they're better/worse/about the same as other options?

I've been studying/discussing this in a college course I'm taking and am curious as to what you think about it.

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Just read up a bit on pruno (as I was unaware of it being the formal name for prison wine) - Why exactly were you making pruno? Considering the Iranian government's position on ordinary citizens having alcohol, what made you think that was a remotely good idea?

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Swedish band The Knife, on their album Shaking the Habitual, have 2 songs named "Oryx" and "Crake", respectively. Have you heard these songs (or the album in whole), and how do you feel about becoming part of cultural lexicon through tributes like this?

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What is your opinion on current US-Iranian relations? Do you think they've been moving in a good direction recently, even with some setbacks?