My short bio: I am ''PornWizard'' and I have been working in the adult industry for the past 5 years. I work now for a popular porn site and also manage my own sites. I have checked over 200000 porn videos and seen everything possible in the past years :). I also have a huge amount of pornstars memorized in my head and can easily identify them. If you have any questions regarding porn, video editing, video tagging or pornstars I am here to answer them. My Proof: More proof : My personal adult site :

EDIT: I am now at home. I can answer questions another 3-4 hours. Keep 'em cumming.

EDIT2: Ok guys, it was blast but I need to go now. Unfortunately some good question remained unanswered and got buried. I might do 2nd part AMA if I find some time in the next days. I applied to mod /r/porn so stay around and add me as friend or follow me on twitter. I want to bring some quality porn to reddit if possible :)

Here are some tools that might help you find more info about pornstars:

A list of popular adult sites:

I will be back !

Yours truly, Porn Wizard

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minusidea192 karma

PLEASE tell me who this is... Cause I'm pretty sure it's someone I know... and if it is I'm getting a t-shirt made of it.

Also I ran across that in a compilation and she only popped up for like 2 seconds. That was the best image I could get really.

EDIT: Source -

pornwiz158 karma

linkfest50 karma

After reading more and more of pornwiz's comments, I'm realizing more and more this guy has the mindset of a 13 year old boy... Lame ass middle school jokes...

pornwiz93 karma

English is not my primary language. Lame ass middle school jokes is the best type of jokes I can do at this time. If you come up with a great question I might be able to surprise you with an enlightening answer.

12GAUGE_BUKKAKE112 karma

Why is Japan so weird?

pornwiz766 karma

Dunno, probably because they got bombed twice.

kurtisebear105 karma

Has free streaming killed the porn industry? Do you see more people struggling today?

pornwiz133 karma

Not really. If you have quality unique content you still can make good cash.

louielouayyyyy88 karma

Many tube sites are owned by the original content creators, so they get traffic, brand exposure, and ad revenue anyways. Death of profits is a myth

pornwiz83 karma


ThaOneNOnly100 karma

Why do I feel so much shame after?

pornwiz255 karma

It's because you don't watch often enough.

Shermzilla79 karma

About how much footage is shot for the average sex scene compared to how much is actually used and edited for the final cut?

pornwiz89 karma

If a sex scene is let's say 30 mins then then whole shot footage should be around 2-3 hours but that depends what type of scene it is.

febofebo72 karma

What are your thoughts on porn addiction and the problems it can cause such as ED and intimacy problems?

pornwiz89 karma

Porn addiction is just like every other addiction. Smoking, drinking, etc. Every addiction has its own negative points. The key is self control. Responsible wanking.

Dragonpunch8463 karma

So what's the funniest porn outtake you've ever seen?

pornwiz164 karma

I laugh every time I see this ...and cringe.

Muntanian56 karma

Are you so desensitized to porn now that it no longer turns you on and you find yourself getting off to more "vanilla" stuff these days?

pornwiz70 karma

Nope. No problem here :)

NekoQT45 karma

Arent we all porn experts??

pornwiz39 karma

Try me !

kiliman_cafe47 karma

Okay: what's the best BDSM redhead scene in which more than 50ml of semen is shot onto a third person not engaged in the main act

pornwiz76 karma

I don't know if you are prepared for this combination :) We are going here in cuckold/femdom direction. You can find plenty of cuckold videos with redheads where the so called husband watches his wife getting screwed by another guy and at the end he is forced to lick and probably swallow the other's guy jizz from the girls vagina. Satisfied now ?

fuckswithducks31 karma


pornwiz55 karma

Your own personal spycam footage of your mom ? :)

Psilo70726 karma

Does DVDA exist and if it does, can you prove it? I've been looking for it for years in every part of the internet and I just can't find solid proof. I've only heard rumors through the grapevine.

pornwiz10 karma

I think that might be possible if the girl is a double amputee.

11Knightmare24 karma

Ok, I'm the guy who speaks about penises.... Are they really that big?? Can you name some pornstars with an average size ? Who are around 6-7 in the porn industry?

pornwiz51 karma

I think James Deen has between 6 and 7 inches. Not all are that big how they say, the camera also adds a bit.

ArmoredLunchbox24 karma

Is this your dream job?

pornwiz104 karma

It's a good job. My dream job would be to race in Formula 1 :)

Just_A_Twat22 karma

Have you had sex with a porn star?

pornwiz37 karma


rangey720 karma

What up and coming actress can you see being the next Lisa Ann

pornwiz30 karma

That's a hard question. There are many new young pornstars who are good. Maybe Jesse Rogers. Although I had big hopes for Sasha Grey before ...she is a strong name, too bad she quit porn.

7th_son_of_7th_son10 karma

Who is this? Been looking for her name for weeks. And nice job you have, do you have/had a girlfriend and what did she think about your job?

pornwiz11 karma

Rachel Love

Not_an_NSA_Analyst10 karma


pornwiz20 karma

With tools like Oculus Rift, VR it's going to be the future.

fromrussiawithwow10 karma

What' s your personal favourite porno movie/clip?

pornwiz19 karma

I find this clip from Love of the damned hilarious Faust

ace4254 karma

How did you get into this industry? How involved is running a porn site? Is it something a single person can do (in regards to making the content and managing the site) or is it something that typically requires the efforts of multiple people?

pornwiz7 karma

I managed my small websites before my workplace but it was nothing promising. I saw an ad for an adult video editor job and I went for it because I was in college and needed my own money. With the time the work became passion and the experience gained at work helped me improve my own sites. Of course it's hard for a single person to manage a site and produce content. The easiest way would be to buy a decent camera and start doing POV movies. But still you have to take care of the proper documents, paying the models, administrating the site etc. Nowadays you can just buy a domain and use other sites content and form your own free tube site. That would still generate some decent income if you are able to make it popular.


What's your favorite video you've worked on?

pornwiz15 karma

Well after so many videos I honestly can't say a specific one. I like videos with Alexis Texas, Phoenix Marie, Audrey Bitoni.

Digi-log16 karma

So what you're saying is... you like big butts and you cannot lie?

pornwiz22 karma

Those medium sized butts for me :) If you wanna go big I'll choose Olivia O'lovely, Caroline Pierce, and this new Colombian girl Sandra from Bangbros....that ASS is amazing.

Evillust4 karma

What kind of video editing softwares do u guys use

pornwiz5 karma

Anything from Avidemux to Adobe

madjack923 karma

Whyyyyyy do so many people form the porn industry do AMA's? Can't we have an astronaut or something?

Anything. Please.

pornwiz7 karma

I actually applied to go to space through AXE Space Academy. Got into the final round but no luck there. I am also interested in astronomy.

Sophie_Boogalo2 karma

Is there any work available for freelance photo editors? I have stellar photo editing skills and I wouldn't mind retouching porn.

pornwiz1 karma

The best place for finding adult related jobs is

EristanaeChed2 karma

Enumerate male pornstars and their addresses

pornwiz8 karma

I can't tell you their real addresses because that would be a privacy breach. You can google them yourself. I have to recognize that my work has offered me the possibility to know pornstars real name and their adresss which is pretty cool I would say. No creep. Here are some names of popular male pornstars : Nick Manning, Lee Stone, Evan Stone, Peter North, Rocco Siffredi, James Deen, Scott Nails, Nacho Vidal, and of course Ron Jeremy.

captain_sourpuss1 karma

Since you've seen it all I'd love some recommendations:

The gf and me are looking for porn that really takes the foreplay slow. Most pornos I'm aware of basically have people losing all their clothes within a minute after the 'main show starts'.

Would love to see something that starts with flirting, moves into actually finding some place, then kissing, then.. etc

Source: in (our) real life it takes us a long time before clothes start to come off, seems sexy to have 'another couple' do the same speed as we do during this.

pornwiz1 karma

Try x-art. They make glamour/romatic movies.

DISACC1 karma

What shot technique you find to be most liked in videos? Like a close up, extreme close up, wide shot, medium shot, pan, over the shoulder, POV, etc.

pornwiz2 karma

POV as a personal preference.

leahdawg1 karma

My boyfriend and I wanna make our own videos and sell them. Is that possible or should we stick to camming?

pornwiz1 karma

Or clip4sale

brownboy130 karma

Is this a job? Because that twitter could be anybody. Got any solid proof?

pornwiz2 karma

Yes it's a job. I think my popular twitter account is a pretty solid proof.

therockafellerskank-3 karma

Do you ever have the feeling that this industry is using people, and is having a negative effect with our society's views towards women and men sexually? Because it certainly is, people viewing so much media can be effected easily. Also how do you feel about the hardcore scenes that put the women in positions and situations that are uncomfortable and hardly ever for her satisfaction? Do you have moments that you start to think this industry is messed up and a little unnecessary. I'm genuinely curious because it's difficult for me to understand when people don't notice these issues. How do you feel about the behind the scenes crap that actually goes on?

pornwiz8 karma

It's hard to answer these questions. There are many things that have a negative effect on our society. Internet is free, knowledge is free, porn is free. You have to choose your path and have some self control.