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As a vegan I approve of this comment.

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Porn often seems to be designed for 'supporting' solo action. Very little porn in our opinion exists that goes slowly enough to keep up if you're actually 2 people running a video while you're doing your own thing too.

Do you know why this does not exist, or are we very bad at finding this? As an example our foreplay lasts, well, at the very least longer than any foreplay scene we've ever seen in a porn, unless it's a specific dick sucking video or something.

What gives?

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One thing I find is that even 'art porn' still doesn't quite match what "I would make".

In particular, okay, sometimes (often? most times?) art porn is intended for masturbation, but when it comes to accompanying a couple, i.e. 'inspiration', even tasteful porn gets beyond 2nd base way too fast.

When can we see a porn that might have a completely (graphic) happy ending, but literally will have 30 minutes of foreplay in various locations.

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Since you've seen it all I'd love some recommendations:

The gf and me are looking for porn that really takes the foreplay slow. Most pornos I'm aware of basically have people losing all their clothes within a minute after the 'main show starts'.

Would love to see something that starts with flirting, moves into actually finding some place, then kissing, then.. etc

Source: in (our) real life it takes us a long time before clothes start to come off, seems sexy to have 'another couple' do the same speed as we do during this.