Hello redditors! I have some spare time to do before people start flooding my shop to get their hands on some gaming goodies so i thought id kill some time.

My shops been open for 7 weeks now so all the trials of setting up have still got fresh scars on me :P

EDIT: Sorry if im not giving replys quick enough. ive now got a few people in playing cards and using the machines so im bouncing between them shop stuff and my comp :)

Edit Im Shutting shop and heading home so i wont be answering for the next 45 mins or so. Once im home and infront of my personnal screen ill be back to answering questions :)

EDIT: and i`m back :)

EDIT: ok guys its been fun. hope i answered your questions as fully as you liked. now i`m off to bed for some precious sleep :D

EDIT: started another one

Proof: https://www.facebook.com/KnightlyGaming?ref=hl

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mattski96133 karma

Do you have battletoads?

Scottish_Shop_Man180 karma


AxelCaprio18 karma

What about Far Cry 6?

Scottish_Shop_Man34 karma

When its out. yes i will :P

pixeljacked35 karma

what the hardest part of being a indie game shop?

Scottish_Shop_Man76 karma

The amount of hours that the shop takes from your life.

I live, eat and breath the shop. Everyday im doing something for the shop. At night im thinking about what i need to do next and what needs to be worked on. in the morning im think about what i can do today to get the most tasks finished. On my one day off im sorting out restock orders, planning events etc.

but i love it :D

an_internet_denizen30 karma

Do you think all games should be dubbed in Scottish?

Scottish_Shop_Man83 karma

Ah hink mony heids woods explode if games waur sed in scots. but wud be well braw if it wahs.

Sonerous29 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA.

What do you find is the biggest perk owning a gaming store?

Secondly, what do you find is your biggest challenge for the store, in its market?

Scottish_Shop_Man89 karma

getting to play games all day!! its research honest ;)

Seriously though i get my kick from watching people enjoy themselves. to see little 12yr old timmy go from his first wargames or get his first yugioh structure deck to drumming off deck stats and getting super passionate about his space marines. Because many moons ago i was a 12yr old little timmy.

Getting people to walk through the front door has been the biggest challange. Advertisement in scotland is very poor compared to some other places and expensive so i but faith in word of mouth, Facebook and google. In my experience though once they are though the door and play one of our free games they are hooked.

elchuchu24 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man27 karma

God I miss the RTS genre. I was really looking forward to the new command & conquer till EA went and cancelled it. sad panda.

The quick answer to your last question is cause they are easy to play, provide instant gratification and can be churned out like tictacs. unfortunately this is having a bit of an impact on the industry as a whole.

cabbagelas22 karma

You should open a shop in bathgate. Our town center is Barron but our town is fairly busy. A game shop would save everyone the bus to Livingston. The real money would come in with pre orders since it's local.

Scottish_Shop_Man34 karma

When my gaming empire grows i will be looking many potential areas for brainwashing the troops. i will have world domination ;D

ALighterShadeOfPale16 karma

Have you or do you expand your business to overseas shipping? I ask because my husband is a tabletop gamer of many different games, historical to sci fi and he's always looking for places to buy figures from (we are in Canada so to find a shop similar to yours is few and far between)

Scottish_Shop_Man21 karma

We`re trying to get the Brick and Mortar side of things running smoothly and get through christmas. we have plans ready to go about opening a online shop in the near future. :)

thirstybilln12 karma

What are your gravy items? Stuff that sells well and gives you the biggest profits...?

Scottish_Shop_Man12 karma

Card games always sell well. they just do end of. Though i was surprised to which card games sell well which has been yugioh and pokemon.

As to highest profit margin thats a tie between the wargames stuff and boardgames. though they don`t sell in great numbers unless its xmas time.

CushieButterfield5 karma

What's new in the world of card and board games? Fluxx fan here.

Scottish_Shop_Man10 karma

Well for Fluxx the boardgames was release back in july but you probably already knew that. Theres a new expansion coming called wild west fluxx and i`m keeping my ear to the ground on when i can get my hands on that :P.

people are going nuts for munchkin! its off my shelves as quick as i can reorder it. :D. loving pathfinder munchkin atm as i`m a bit of a pathfinder nut.

I`d also say dominion is really good. if i go to a club and someone has dominion id happily sit and play it for hours! I also had a shot of Shadows over Camelot 2 weeks ago and that game is damn hard! but immense fun!

I`m also a big advocate for deck building games like Ascension, Trains and the new Hordes: High command. ;)

JulesBlues12 karma

Hi. Any thefts or threat of shoplifting in your shop?

Scottish_Shop_Man30 karma

There is always the threat of theft and shoplifting with any shop. Thankfully my floor design lets me keep an eye on people browsing and i can flag any shady characters.

Plus i have a loud beeper everytime the front door opens and a friendly hello tends to scare those typos away.

DeSanti11 karma

Do you think Scottish independence would be good for game shop economy?

Scottish_Shop_Man20 karma

It probably wouldn`t effect us directly. But if people have less money to spend....

AlanShanagher10 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man14 karma

We currently don`t do trade ins or sell video games stuff atm. mainly due to some technical stuff with licensing etc but we will at some point.

as to seeing people leave there hobby. i was one. I didn`t play video games or boardgames etc for a while. then when i found friends who played them i started playing them.

A hobby isn`t fun unless you have people to share it with and thats what i aim to provide. a place to share. :)

jaaykidd9 karma

I've been looking for somewhere to have some group sessions for DnD. I'm half an hour away. I may come visit!

Scottish_Shop_Man12 karma

Awesome. We have a dedicated RPG night on Mondays :D

largebrandon9 karma

Do you hold any magic the gathering tournaments?

Scottish_Shop_Man12 karma

We don`t hold MTG tournys........ yet ;)

having some problems with the WPL but once thats sorted its full steam ahead on FNM.

redglassbowl7 karma

Upvote and additional: "how popular is MTG in Scotland?"

Scottish_Shop_Man11 karma

MTG is very poplular in Scotland. Also yugioh, pokemen and Carfight! Vanguard are going strong :)

indeeds9 karma

If Robin ever contracted AIDs, who would have been most likely to infect him and why?

Scottish_Shop_Man11 karma

Now which robin are we talking about? cause the details are important!

indeeds2 karma

Tim Drake

Scottish_Shop_Man15 karma

I think the most likely scenario would be tamara giving him the herp after the whole pretending the be engaged scenario with vicki.

but then that does sound a bit rom-comi dosnt it :P

dangerdark5 karma

Wrong. It was Dick that gave Tim AIDS.

Scottish_Shop_Man4 karma

wouldn`t surprise me. starfire does get around

Fuk_da_rayray8 karma

If I give you 30 ps2 games, 16 wii games, and a GameCube, will you give me more than 50$ in return?

Scottish_Shop_Man12 karma

if we excepted trade ins id probably give you about $80

too bad we don`t atm :(

REDC0BRA7 karma

Serious question: What's your opinion on Warmachine? How would you compare it to Warhammer (40k)? (I've been thinking about trying Warmachine)

Less-serious question: What has been your worst customer/player interaction? ( Someone who couldn't take losing , Elitist , etc)

Scottish_Shop_Man7 karma

Warmachine is alot more "agressive" in its play style than 40k. page 5 of the rule book makes me smile everytime. :)

models wise the warmachine stuff is alot harder to convert but you get everything you need to make the model WYSIWYG

B1186 karma

Was there any reason you chose Lanark as your business location? I only ask as I would have thought Hamilton would get you more footfall, but not sure on the difference in rent rates.

Scottish_Shop_Man10 karma

You`d be surprised at the amount of foot fall in Lanark and yes rates were definitely a factor in where i was going to open up.

The rates in Hamilton are high but you expect that with a high population town. Plus there wasn`t what i would class as "suitable" places for this type of shop in the price range i could afford. Unless i wanted to open in a dark back alley and cram people into a small space.

Sabawab6 karma

Re consoles, how do you set up a wholesale account? My understanding is most distributors will not talk to you unless you have 100 stores etc...

Scottish_Shop_Man6 karma

most dvd distros also do video games but their selection is alot less extensive. Usually limited to the newest releases. There are even retro games distros out there.

McPwnage996 karma

How hard was is to set up a building?

Scottish_Shop_Man4 karma

Not that hard tbh. About just as hard as moving house. :)

tomcmustang6 karma

How do you decide how much of your shop goes to wargaming tables and how much goes to merchandise? Most of the shops where I live seem to divide about 50/50 but there tends to be a wait list for tables. Is that something you have actively thought about at this point?

Scottish_Shop_Man7 karma

floor space is always an issue here in Scotland. Glasgow and Edinburgh for instance have the highest rent value per sqr/inch in europe.

I got lucky with the place i`m in, its spacious and the merchandise moulds around the gaming tables. I would say is more a 70/30 split for gaming space/merchandise for me. plus my gaming space is made up of foldable chairs and tables so i can configure it to whats needed. be it space for 26 people in a yugioh tourny or 4 6x4 gaming tables for wargames.

tomcmustang2 karma

Seems like a clever solution!

Edit: Not sure if you could answer this but are UK based wargames like Warhammer more popular in Europe? I would think they are because of it being based there but Pabst is super popular in China so lord knows.

Scottish_Shop_Man10 karma

As a former GW employ i can tell it is dosn`t do too well in places like china and japan.

Briton is the country of wargames. We produce the most but not necessarily the best. If you go to nottingham you`d be hard pressed to not bump into a studio scultper/painter of some wargames company or shop.

But no one beats sheer enthusiasm like the Americans. holy cow do they take it to the next level. They always do the biggest events. Big armies. big army deals in their shops.

I`d love to open a gaming centre in america at some point. Space is so cheap over there! i could have a massive 5000 sqr/ft mecha of all things gaming! :'D

MysticalTurban4 karma

Have you played AC4 yet? I'm debating whether to get it or wait for something like Watchdogs, I don't have a lot of money atm

Scottish_Shop_Man8 karma

Sadly not played AC4 yet :( i love me some pirates though.

atm, i`m playing the everylove crap out of arkham origins :D. got it free in a prize draw :P

boonimajneB4 karma

• Do you enjoy working as a Gaming Shop Owner?

• If you get bored, do you sit down, relax and play the Gameboy?

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

I love it. its amazing! :D

if i get bored yes i do sit and play games. with rock music blaring so people notice me on the street :D

boonimajneB4 karma

Friendly suggestion: You might like to put a tabletop or two outside your shop to let card players set up a fun little game. It's attracting to me. I would totally sit outside a game shop with a Chess board waiting for a fellow player to come along.

Why don't game shops typically do this??

Scottish_Shop_Man4 karma

I would but my shop is situated at a busy junction between a chip shop and a supermarket :S. plus my insurance only covers inside the shop.

Eridian224 karma

Do you carry MTG?

Scottish_Shop_Man6 karma

yes we do. Currently have M14 core, Gatecrash, Dragonsmaze and Theros boosters as well as event intro decks and a few singles.

Storjie4 karma

What is your view on Craig Ferguson? have you read any of his books?

Scottish_Shop_Man11 karma

not actually herd of him till now :S

superhys3 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man8 karma

I have fingers in many pies. Wargames like 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars. Boardgames galor, RPG`s, Card games and even some anime stuff. :D

I want my shop to be a "geek haven" where people can come and chat about what they`re pationate about. play games and have a good time :)

tryhardLGSowner3 karma

As the username says I'm in the same business here across the pond. Been doing my best for 8 months now.

What would you say is the best window item to increase foot traffic walk in's? We have our monthly MtG and YuGiOh posters up as well as our window displays, but there has to be something that you've noticed makes people walking by turn around and come back asking what it is.

Upvoted for mixing your nerdly passions with your life goals.

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

clear windows. let people see inside. the odd poster advertising new card set or games is great but people are naturally curious. The biggest crowd puller is another crowd, being loud and having fun.

Thumbs up from a fellow geek entrepreneur :D

coga173 karma

How early do you receive new games and are you a allowed to play them in advance?

Scottish_Shop_Man1 karma

scroll a little. i`ve already answered :)

yodapwnsall693 karma

what do you prefer, privateer press or games workshop?

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

I like PP mainly cause it dosn`t hurt my wallet as much as GW.

Saying that i love the GW stuff. they make amazing models, hands down. just not at amazing prices.

whyisjake3 karma

Will I ever fully learn the rules of Warmachine? Also, I hear Android Netrunner is fun. Any other games to try out?

Scottish_Shop_Man7 karma

the basic Rules. yes. though don`t expect to learn every armies special rules. The best tool you have is asking to see that units/solos/warmachines card.

RGLPGaming3 karma

Where is it?

Scottish_Shop_Man4 karma

In the town of Lanark, Scotland :)

RGLPGaming3 karma

Brilliant! Anywhere in particualr because I'm a 30 mins drive away

Scottish_Shop_Man9 karma

If you know where Valerio`s is. we are directly across the road. used to be an old baby shoe shop.

rail163 karma

Do you have a real website or only Facebook?

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

Atm only facebook. my starting budget couldnt cover a website so im having to make one myself but with shop tasks taking up my time its proving a bit difficult.

SilverWing1133 karma

As a person who is seriously considering opening up their own gaming shop, are there any things I should know/any tips you could give?

Scottish_Shop_Man6 karma

don`t focus on a few to get lots of those things. focus on little bits of many. Dip your toe in as many types of games as possible and "grow" into what sells and is popular.

when you sign your lease. find out your suppliers current for gas/electric/water and let them now the property is now occupied. theres a few dodgy companies that prey on small businesses that havnt sorted thos straight away and they are very convincing into making you sign stuff you dont need.

And for the love of god buy air freshners!

crimiusXIII3 karma

What is/are you expecting to be your highest revenue generating item/brand?

Scottish_Shop_Man8 karma

I don`t expect. Ever.

I keep my ear to the ground and listen to local clubs and groups about what everyone plays and buy some little bits for what they like. if i sell enough i buy more bits and grow my stock till i have a selection of the brand/game people are playing that im not getting on credit from my distros cause if it dosnt sell i cant send it back.

its alot easier to start small and grow than go big and fall on your face.

--Topher--3 karma

How much capital did u need to start? How long did it take to break even?

Scottish_Shop_Man6 karma

your looking at the region of 25-40k or in dollars thats around $35-60k.

We`ve been breaqing even from day 1. I put this down to luck, lots of hard work and the amazing support of my friends and family.

pyreflies3 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

nope i`m not jo but i know a jo :D

AmP7652 karma

Do you get to play New video games early (before release) yourself. Open the COD,BF, GTA, etc when you get it shipped,

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

if it has a single player yes i do. i usually make sure my console/pc is disconnected from the interwebs when i play it though. too many games send feedback to their developers for me. ;)

AmP7651 karma

That's pretty cool actually, how early do you get them.

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

Normally 1-2 days before release.

AmP7651 karma

Oh wow not as early as I thought.

Scottish_Shop_Man3 karma

Unless your a major retailer like Game or HMV you can`t get directly from source and need to go through distros who need to make up orders and ship them out to smaller shops.

Hence why Preorders are really important to small shops.

Skrapf2 karma

Note: I don't live anywhere near Scotland, much less the store itself, so I'm not looking for any favors here.
Out of curiosity, to you sell games before the release date if you have the shipments, presumably for a higher price, like some independent game shops do? If not, do you condone this practice?

Scottish_Shop_Man4 karma

Usually we get New releases 1-2 days before they go on sale. If its a really popular release i`ll hold a midnight event. If word ever got to the distros that we sell something before the release date we get hit with a tonne of penalties on our orders, loose our credit etc. so i dont risk it.

if others do it, thats their decision. if they feel they can risk it good for them. :)

kyak122 karma

Can I have a job?

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

Can you work for free? :P

Thorleone2 karma

Have you ever tried Infinity, the table-top game from Spain? Relatively cheap, great system (ARO is brilliant!), superb community and incredibly detailed figures. It's a big hit in my town where there's nothing but 40k, Warmachines or FoW.

Scottish_Shop_Man3 karma

It a great Game! :D I stock it too!

lilmissy912 karma

Do you like Arab strap?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

I met Aidan once. Solid guy and their musics cool :)

BreakFarst2 karma

Has Buckfast legitimately affected your business in anyway? Be it customers, staff or even yourself?

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

Buckfast? not at all. Everyone who steps through my front door is sober :)

BreakFarst1 karma

So would you say you're behind the proposed banning of the sweet elixir?

Scottish_Shop_Man1 karma

I`m honestly not too fussed personally.

juicyfresh2 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man3 karma

Its an amazingly addictive game! I love it! As long as its in small doses.

Like almost any competitive game ever it suffers from the bad eggs with loud voices that try to tell you how to play, what do do, when to do it etc .

mastapprentice2 karma

Seing as you are a Gaming Shop Owner, I suppose you have some form of consideration for games in general. My question is, what is your least favorite type of person to buy a game you enjoy playing yourself?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

The person buying a game for a child who you know isnt old enough to pay it but the parent is sure that they are.

but i`ve only ever had one of those.

Geo12452 karma

How long did it take you to start up the shop. From idea until opening day?

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

I`ve had the idea to open one for 3 years before i had the chance to do so. I originally worked for GW in their Livingston Shop essentially from when it first opened to near its closing. Working for GW made me think "yeah i totally want to run my own shop" so i tried hard to get on their management program. Unfortunatly life got in the way.

years later i now own my little slice of geekdom :D

Reilly9681 karma

Seeing Hamilton, Lanark and Bathgate all on a Reddit thread somehow makes me feel so much more Scottish. World domination, oh and GTA V, you're welcome world.

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

Its rather refreshing knowing their are redditors in scotland :P

i_think_imightb_EVIL1 karma

Were you born in Scotland or did you move there to set up shop

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

I was Born in Lanark :) got fed up of having to spend most of my money getting into glasgow to spend more money getting the stuff i liked.

DaRaceCardShark1 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

we have specially design generators for our machines to run on the fabled Haggis power.

dangerdark1 karma

What kinds of Whisky do you serve?

Scottish_Shop_Man1 karma

Sadly we do not serve the firey necter of manhood

RooftopBBQ1 karma

My friends and I regularly enjoy the Game of Thrones boardgame (v2) and Battlestar Galactica (without the pegasus expansion, so far). Would you have any boardgames you could recommend to us, based on that? Also, I was thinking of getting Eclipse - should I?

Scottish_Shop_Man1 karma

Shadows over camelot is a brilliant game. more players the better as theres more chance someone is a traitor. ;)

Chaos of the Old World is also a really nice (and pretty) game. sort of Risk but in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe.

Doctor-Propane1 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man8 karma

Did i decide to do this AmA for pure advertisement? no. Its sunday, the shop is quiet and i`m waiting for WoW to install.

If i make more money out of it. yay more money ;D. Though i know this essentially broadcasts me world wide rather than locally.

What i would like to do it help people who are thinking to open their own shop. be it in california or cuba. Shop owners in the niche market will face the same challanges and the more advice and stories of experience the better people will be equipped when they dive into the shark pool of business. :)

good_cunt1 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man3 karma

nope :)

Bethesda_1 karma

Do people play MTG there?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

They definitely do :)

DWB841 karma

As a slave a to the retail big corporation I really admire you for going out there and achieving your goal. I too would like to have my own business like yours one day so thanks for all the info and advice. Just wondering if as an independent you have any difficulty in getting the popular new release? e.g. How many PS4/Ones will you have to sell on release day?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

its really down to how much money your willing to invest in a new release. hence why Preorder are such big things for small shops. you don`t want to get £1000+ worth of stock for a release and have no one buy it.

but then again if you don`t order enough it might be hard to get a very popular brand because all your suppliers are sold out and ypu have to wait for the next run.

Retail is one big juggling act :)

ClassyLink1 karma

what's the most expensive ting you sell? sorry, I just have this question about every store.

Edit: Thing.

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

tings? tings?! i dont sell tings! you think im some back alley sweatshop with ting prozzies on the side!?

ClassyLink1 karma

hahahahha damnit XD

what's the most expensive THING you sell?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

The Warhammer 40k: Horus Heresy Boardgame :)

dangerdark4 karma

Where in the store is it located? Do you have it locked up? What time do you go to lunch? Do you arm the alarm ALL the time?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

you...... i like you

KdF-wagen1 karma

do people still play the starwars card game?

Scottish_Shop_Man1 karma

yes they do :)

OfficialGarwood1 karma

What type of vacuum do you use?

Scottish_Shop_Man1 karma

A Truvax International but i can`t find the model number on it :S

frumundacheeze1 karma

I'm surprised I haven't found a comment about Dota 2 in here. Is it popular in Scotland?

Scottish_Shop_Man3 karma

what? where?

yes it is but not as popular as league. I remember playing the original Dota map on warcraft 3..... simpler times

JesusSlaves1 karma

Do you have a snack bar? Does it serve beer and haggis?

Scottish_Shop_Man3 karma

its serves fudge, marsbar (not deep fried), harribo and space raiders. I also have chilled cans of coke irnbru monster and powerade. :)

the haggis are used exclusively to power my machines ;)

Stinkfist931 karma

How much heroin do you do on a daily basis?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

I prefer plastic crack. nothing sets your mind at ease like the long wiff of freshly moulded plastic out the box.

dukenukum981 karma

Are there any games that are weirdly popular that you didn't think would sell as well as they did?

And what's the best part of running your shop?

Scottish_Shop_Man5 karma

Lava lamps. I thought id get a few non gamer stuff to keep the mums/small children occupied. i never thought id sell so many :D

Its hard to describe but ill try. every morning I unlock the door and step in. After i reset the alarm etc i take a moment to just look around and think "this is mine" and i feel satisfied. Like my actions have real meaning behind them.

I know its probably stupid and sentimental but i take immense pride in my shop as its a far cry to what i was doing only a few weeks before opening.

[deleted]0 karma


Scottish_Shop_Man1 karma

you can come and play it if you want :D

Gamer91310 karma

I'm from Scotland. Guess my name...

Scottish_Shop_Man8 karma

Iain.... we have far too many Iains :P

guitarMASTAH0 karma

What is the most sold game in Scotland at your store?

Scottish_Shop_Man2 karma

Munchklin, Netrunner, Star Wars: X-wing and pathfinder RPG are all immensly popular off the top of my head.

Alot of the teens like Warhammer 40k as well though the older guys like FoW and Warma/hordes