Hwy Reddit, This is Vincent Smith. I played football for Michigan. If you watch football, you probably have seen "the hit" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC44nP7ClxM on ESPN

I have been planting gardens and work with communities. We started a project two years ago called "#EATING" (yeah reddit I know you like hashtags as much as yolo /s) to put in gardens as a way to help give back and feed people and create jobs.

I am here to answer questions you have about football, gardens, anything.

**edit: here is a yahoo article on what we are doing: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaaf--meet-vincent-smith--recipient-of-jadeveon-clowney-s-famous-hit-and-community-activist-041615057.html

**edit 2: http://imgur.com/94btH25 proof and yes I saw after I posted it it does say 2012 oops

**edit 3: our indiegogo is at http://teameating.com and our info is at hopeforpahokee.com

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Tractor7746 karma

No question here. I just want to say...GO BLUE!!!

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Did you get a lot of shit for "the hit" even though it wasn't your own doing?

VSMITH213 karma

Yes. A lot of people ask about, pretty much every week now. After it happened though, everyone was asking me about it all the time. I think that is expected because it was on ESPN so much.
No one has been really mean, just a lot of jokes. Or asking me, Man, how did that feel?

Shadowhawk1099 karma

I'd like to point out, as a Michigan fan (and current student) its really cool and something to look up to, how you just shrug off the negativity of that hit. You kept doing your job for the rest of that game, and made it more than just one bad play.

Go blue!

VSMITH210 karma

Thank you and go blue.

cyhawk316 karma

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the obvious "wow" but also how it was absolutely not your fault and you were just the beneficiary of a bad play by someone else.

VSMITH210 karma

That is crazy isn't it.

nuxenolith2 karma

I was absolutely stunned that you not only weren't dead after that hit, but that you just dusted yourself off and trotted off the field as if it were nothing. Even though I'm a Michigan State student, I gotta hand it to you: tons of credit for that kind of toughness.

VSMITH28 karma

Thank you

staffinfection925 karma

Man, it really irritates me that you'll be most remembered for the hit (even though it should be blamed on a missed block by the offensive line).

We'll (Michigan fans/students) remember you for being a tough player who contributed much during the dark era of Rich Rod.

Go Blue!

VSMITH210 karma

Thank you and I hope to be remembered for my off field work and one day I hope that's what people will think of when they see my name.

valueape1 karma

Mr. Smith, the work you're doing now will most definitely be celebrated. Thank you so much!!

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ronpaul0122 karma

What was it on the sideline after the play? Were you upset with the oline for missing the block or did you just move on?

VSMITH26 karma

I was upset for a couple seconds but I knew I had to move on because it wasn't the end of the game.

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We want to so bad. Flint is a lot like my hometown Pahokee. We have an indiegogo right now because we want to expand. We want to give every former student athlete a chance to put a garden in their hometown. We are looking at Flint too. I had a teammate Thomas Rawls who is from there and the sooner the better.

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VSMITH29 karma

I agree.

Br3nd4n7 karma

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to say thanks for everything you did for Michigan and I hope your garden project finds a lot of success. I also want to say that I will take the hit for both games Michigan lost in 2011 because I went to all 11 wins. My buddy got married the day of the State game which was bogus. Anyway, go Blue!

VSMITH211 karma

Lol, things like supporting good friends are the important parts of life. Go blue

craftymethod7 karma

Where is the most unusual place you have planted a garden?

VSMITH215 karma

We have started in Pahokee, Florida. It is my hometown. It might be unusual because not many people would think that we would come and plant a garden there because of the history of slavery in Florida. They might have a bad association. It is a pretty violent place and people seem receptive to it though.

ArmchairAdventurer6 karma

Hi Vincent, thanks for doing this AMA

I live outside the US so I have little knowledge of football, but I think I might have seen a garden once. /s

Why gardens as a community project?

VSMITH223 karma


We started with gardens because first off people in my community need food. There is no grocery store and not access to healthy fresh foods. Also my town used to be an agriculture based economy and then Big Sugar took over.

Also we wanted to give a place for people to come and hang out and see something nice looking.

Because this is reddit, I know studies and links are important so here is a link about a study on community garden benefits- http://nccommunitygarden.ncsu.edu/researchArmstrongSurveyNYHealthCommunityDevelopment.pdf

ArmchairAdventurer3 karma

This is my first AMA answer ever. Thank you!

VSMITH29 karma

You're welcome!

jeremy_rouse6 karma

What has been your favorite game to play in?

VSMITH217 karma

My favorite game was Notre Dame Under The Lights

Gumby_Hitler6 karma

Aside from football, what is the one sport you would have liked to play the most?

VSMITH212 karma

I used to play baseball and I really liked it. Our city is really focused on football so that is where I ended up. But baseball or basketball, maybe track. Baseball was though because I liked batting.

Gumby_Hitler4 karma

What position in baseball?

VSMITH216 karma

Short stop or second base.

SantiagoRamon2 karma

If you're still inclined to play team sports recreationally, you should look into playing team handball.

VSMITH25 karma

I can't see your link on my phone but I would like to think I would be good at handball

quailman711 karma

No hockey?

VSMITH210 karma

No hockey. I was born and raised in Southern Florida so skating on ice wasn't my strong area growing up.

SantaClaaaus5 karma

Should college athletes be paid?

VSMITH235 karma

This is a really complicated question. A lot of people say the academic degree is worth the field play. I personally would have liked an extra year so I could have had more time to focus on my studies and take more time consuming classes. In my case, and thanks to a lot of my peers, I was able to complete this project.

In my opinion, yes we should get paid. Or at the very least, our communities should be taken care of and I would really like extended health care. This might be a shameless plug, but our gardens have tshirts associated with them. Big corporations just make profits and have been accused of poor ethics. The money from our project goes back to helping communities (and they are USA cotton and eco friendly ink) and is nothing like the pink awareness campaign.

I have seen people get injured and not be able to finish their degrees and I wish it was different. I think football has given me great opportunities as you can see, and I think that not everyone ends up as fortunate as I am.

I think that there can be a way that benefits the school and all the athletes long term.

Ramaaaa5 karma

have you ever considered rugby? you have the athleticism to make the USA team for the next olympics. Ahman Green is training now at the Olympic Training Center.

VSMITH28 karma

I might consider that and I had a couple scouts get in contact with me about that opportunity.

Ramaaaa3 karma

I really think you should look into it. With the World Series circuit you could travel the world and represent your country.

Would you want to talk more in depth about this?

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stumblecow4 karma

I'm a Gamecock but I just want to say kudos for doing what you're doing!

Realistically, what is the food output of a community garden?

VSMITH26 karma

Thank you.

The community garden part is more about having a place for the community and also bringing everyone together. The actual garden doesn't feed everyone for every meal, but its a start.

It will inspire people and also we are expanding to have working farms too.

Thank you for your question.

AbortedFetusAMA1 karma

Im also a gamecock and i want to thank you for getting me so pumped for this football season

VSMITH23 karma

You are welcome

G-Aardvark4 karma

Hey Vincent, love hearing all the Hope for Pahokee updates on MGoBlog. Are you and Brandin coming up to Ann Arbor again any time soon? Keep up the awesome work, and go blue!

VSMITH29 karma

We are in and out of Ann Arbor. I go to the home games and tailgate, play ring Ross and hang out andlet people know about the gardens. Inbox me if you want to stop by.

Talpostal3 karma

Have you had the opportunity to do a football saturday as a spectator and not a player? I've always believed that Saturday morning is the best night of the week and I feel bad that you guys don't get to experience it like we do.

VSMITH210 karma

You know what, I have been tailgating at almost every home game this season. I think it is a great experience and I had no idea that it was so big. Last weekend I got to eat the best French Toast I have ever had in my life!! I like playing ringtoss and just meeting with all the different people and walking around. I think our community is so great and welcoming.

noshore4me3 karma

What's your favorite book?

VSMITH220 karma

My favorite book is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Hurston. I also like Harry Potter.

zrus2 karma

What's your favorite Ann Arbor restaurant?

VSMITH25 karma

TK WU it is on Liberty. It is chinese and their food is great.

Bachman_charles5172 karma

First, Are you okay no long term things going to happen to You? Also, how did it feel being recruited to Michigan, one of the best NCCAF programs in the nation?

VSMITH210 karma

First, I hope I will be okay in the long term. I don't know what the future holds and I have read some studies about head injuries and to be honest it worries me. I don't get long term insurance or workmans comp but I am holding up pretty well right now.

Second, it felt really really good, great to be able to come to a major university and to have the opportunity to play in the midst of 110,000 every saturday at a home game. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole world.

Cyfa2 karma

I don't have a question I just wanted to say that you are cool as hell dude.

VSMITH23 karma

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Tractor772 karma

Wasn't Brandin H. involved in this project as well? Also, talking football, what do you think Michigan's biggest problem is right now and how can they fix it?

VSMITH26 karma

It has been Martavious Odoms, Brandin and I. Brandin is actually probably over in the garden right now.

I have seen a lot of people arguing on mgoblog over Michigan Football. I think there are always many factors in to all decisions a team makes. I think the biggest problem right now would be our offensive line is young and inexperienced and I think with time and if they work together they can fix that. Over time the team will come together and gel.

A lot of people point fingers at players and sometimes it takes time to learn a new role when stepping into someone else shoes.

There have been a lot of controversial plays and I don't feel comfortable really commenting on specifics because I don't want my words taken out of context.

nuxenolith2 karma

Brace yourself; the /r/CFB ers are coming! Thanks for doing this AMA, Vincent...can't wait for Nov. 2!

Go Green!

VSMITH23 karma

Me either, that should be a great game.

punkn00dlez2 karma

Would you describe how you felt playing in The Game for the first time?

VSMITH23 karma

I felt excited and overwhelmed at the same time with so many fans and Alums watching me play a great game of football every Saturday.

AK6132 karma

If you could have worn any retired U of M number (a la Gardner 98), which number would you have chosen? Or would you stick with 2?

VSMITH29 karma

I stick with #2 because before I came before I knew Charles Woodson had that jersey and I admired him.

[deleted]2 karma


VSMITH211 karma

My very best life advice is the same as always: If you get knocked down, get back up and hold your head high.

It is important to believe in yourself and if you find yourself in a negative situation, find a way to make a positive out of it.

xHaidesYT1 karma

I went to Michigan's spring practice my senior year of high school with my football coach and teammate and remember watching you practice punt receiving and kept thinking, man that dude is ripped. Lol anyway it's great what you are doing keep it up. Go Blue.

VSMITH23 karma

Go blue!

sreiter9201 karma

Hi, Vincent! I've always been a michigan fan, but my question is ( not sure if it has been answered ), why did you decide to pursue doing these community gardens and not a future in the NFL?

VSMITH22 karma

I think the most important thing right now is helping build our communities. I would still do the gardens even if I was playing ball and it would probably be easier having more money to do things faster if I was in the NFL. I hope my actions impact others. Plus I wanted to create something for all former athletes to share in.

devereaux1 karma

Hi Vincent,

As a urban planner, I am wondering if you're familiar with the work that Will Allen and his "Growing Power" organization have done with respect to urban farming and tackling food deserts in Milwaukee/Chicago, and whether they have influenced your work thus far?

Also, I'd like to mention that several cities, particularly those in the northern Rust Belt, have large inventories of inner-city vacant lots and have embraced the use of community gardening/pocket parks to reduce neighborhood blight, strengthen community bonds (particularly intergenerational bonds), and provide job skills to many in need of work. In the communities in which you work, do you find much municipal support for addressing vacant lots with gardening or are they more ambivalent?

The City of Milwaukee has a great program called "HOME GR/OWN" that you might be interested in looking into:


Thanks for your commitment to something that helps so many! On Wisconsin

VSMITH23 karma

Thanks for your question. I have seen alot of documentaries and I can't say in specific that I recognize that name. I will google it later because it sounds helpful.

The city of Pahokee has been very supportive and even helped us clear our lot.

I really was influenced and inspired recently by a TED talk about urban gardening. I can't remember his name right now.

devereaux1 karma

Thanks for your reply!

As you move forward with this great project, keep in mind that you can find many allies and resources for your work in Pahokee by connecting to the Urban Planning, Social Work, Public Administration, and Public Health departments at universities throughout South Florida. They are close by and will have a real interest in helping you out.

Also, if you have any questions about urban planning and community gardens, you can also always ask people in the /r/urbanplanning section of Reddit. There are community planners and people involved in communities all over in there and can give helpful advice.

Best of luck!

VSMITH21 karma

Thank you. I will really use this as a resource on continuing my projects.

onepurch1 karma

How has this project affected your own eating habits? Also, would you want your own son to play football?

VSMITH23 karma

I eat a lot healthier and that's a big change for me. When I have a kid, I would let my child chose and I would be upfront about the risks.

ramseyyyy1 karma

Coming from a high school football team to a college team, how nervous were you your first game in college playing in front of thousands?

I've always wondered how long it takes people to get used to playing in front of so many people.

VSMITH22 karma

I wasn't as nervous as you would think but I was still nervous. I love the crowds and performing on big stages. I really blocked out all of the people and had tunnel vision when I was in action.

ramseyyyy1 karma

Thanks for the reply. First time I've ever had a response on the official ama subreddit.

Most athletes and performers say that same thing, that they forget about it while their playing. But when your on the sidelines, do you ever just look around and think, "their is a shitload of people watching me right now."?

VSMITH21 karma

Yes at times.

otwp121 karma

I thought it was pretty cool that you stuck around during the coaching change, even though Hoke was known as a pro style type of coach. I was also wondering if there is anywhere that I could make a donation?

VSMITH23 karma

Thank you. It was a good learning experience for me and it gave me the opportunity to show I can play on either offense no matter how big I was.

Our indiegogo is at teameating.com

Thanks for your !

quailman711 karma

Kudos to your and your post college endeviors. Speaks volumes and really says alot about someone. A few questions.

What other projects and activities other then the gardens you have been developing do you wish to enter in the future? Any step or additional work you are passionate about to spark change in the community?

Football, I read your responces about safety in football. I agree, as concussions and other issues are a problem (one goalie that played with me can never play again right after we started college together, and I opted to not play after freshman year from a sustained lumbar injury, do you feel the games should be altered in any way, in your case with football with discussions of removing kick returns from the game, or just other precautions.

Also in responce to saying no hockey to a earlier post, you should try it sometime haha.

VSMITH22 karma

Thank you.

I have also started an art class project to bring arts to my city as well. I am going to focus more on that in January. I think that developing jobs and creating afterschool programs is a high priority for me. http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/sports/college-football/pahokee-high-grads-vincent-smith-martavious-odom-b/nXY24/

I think that safer equipment would help and sorry to hear about your injury. I think kick returns give small guys like me a chance to be a part of the game which gives some guys a job and income. So if you are not a starter, special teams like that will help out.

When I learn how to skate on ice, I will give it a try.

SpartaWillBurn1 karma

Do you get to keep your helmet or any jerseys?

VSMITH23 karma

No we do not get to keep helmets but we do get jersey sometimes after a successful season.

bladerunner9101 karma

Hey Vincent! Thank you so much for doing this AMA!

Just a few questions:

  1. Is your project looking to partner with other non-profits in the state of Michigan?
  2. What were your favorite classes at U of M?
  3. Could you possibly give a shout-out to my best friend, Brendan? He is the biggest Michigan fan that I know and he would absolutely love to see this!

Thank you, and Go Blue!

VSMITH25 karma

  1. Yes we are looking to partner with other non-profits because there is strengths in numbers.

  2. My favorite classes were psychology and history classes. I liked my social work classes too and one of my favorites that I liked was my painting class. Also I had a film class that I liked. All of them were great and I learned a lot and had fun in them all.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1N8n3m0DmU

bladerunner9101 karma

Thank you so much, Vincent Smith!!! You are the man! If you ever need help getting in touch with non-profits on the West side of the state, let me know! I would love to work with you!

VSMITH21 karma

Thank you and in the near future if I make it to your area I would be glad to work with you as well.

VSMITH21 karma

Hit me up in my inbox so we can keep in touch too.

toula_from_fat_pizza1 karma

There are so many awesome college athletes that don't make it into the NFL. Do any of you consider moving into rugby union or rugby league?

VSMITH21 karma

I had a few rugby scouts contact me and I have considered it.

iredditinla1 karma

Hi Vincent - I'm an alum and while I don't really have a question at the moment, I just wanted to let you know that we in the alumni community are really proud of you and Mr. Odoms. I've donated a bit to your cause in the past and intend to do so again.

VSMITH21 karma

Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it and its great to be part of such a great University and have such great fans and peers.

maize_gear1 karma

Hey Vincent, Did anyone at Michigan ever sit the revenue sports players down, show them a chart of the average salary rate per major, and discuss potential backup career plans? You know, something like 'Hey Mike, if you study Engineering or pre-med, you probably will have a better financial future than going into Philosophy'

I can't help wonder if schools are more interested in keeping their players eligible rather than teaching them some real life marketable skills.

VSMITH21 karma

We had classes on that, like little small career classes on that but never in depth. It wasn't that important at the time as it should have been. Hopefully in the future one day, it will get to that point where it will be important.

maize_gear1 karma

Thanks Vincent. I guess you would be pretty cool if Michigan were to offer student-athletes free tuition for at least 2 years after their eligibility is done? I don't think someone who has to train 40+ hours a week has any time at all to realistically choose and study a more difficult, marketable major. Not to mention have anyone steer them towards that.

The school would be doing what they do best, and student athletes could pick a difficult area of study, and take it easy, knowing they have more time to prepare. Or even, like a lot of other non student-athletes, realize how important a major is AFTER a few years in college, and switch to something else.

VSMITH21 karma

Yes I agree.

galacticdude71 karma

Hey, Vincent, I'm a current student at Michigan and a lifelong fan of Michigan football, and I have enjoyed watching you play on Saturdays. What was your favorite moment playing at Michigan? Also, good luck with your project in Pahokee.

VSMITH22 karma

Thank you. My favorite moment in Michigan was in the big house where I set the record in one game with a rushing touchdown, a passing touchdown, and a throwing a touch down pass against Minnesota.

SlaunchaMan1 karma

Here's what's always bothered me about The Hit.

At the beginning of that season everyone made a big deal about the new rules for helmets coming off. Plain and simple: the instant someone's helmet comes off, the play is whistled dead and the ball is spotted where it is.

So why the hell were they able to pounce on the ball after the hit? As soon as it happened, the play should have been whistled dead and Michigan should have kept the ball, albeit having lost yardage.

VSMITH21 karma

It was ruled a fumble during the play while my helmet was on. It was a turn over. That is a good question.

chaseman4211 karma

Just wanted to thank you for what you have done for A2. I loved growing up and watching you play. I'll always remembers the guns too. My question is, have you received any interest from NFL teams? I feel like you'd be a great Darren Sproles like player.

VSMITH22 karma

I have received a little but not a lot on interest from teams as I would hope to. I still have the opportunity.

chaseman4211 karma

Also, just wanted to let you know that in my Michigan dynasty in NCAA Football 12, you won the Heisman after rushing for 2700 yards, 13 yards a carry, 40+ TDs all on the way to the National Championship win. So thanks for being a boss!

VSMITH22 karma

Appreciate it and I hope my quick moves set a record on your dynasty.

silentnighthd1 karma

I dont know if I'm too late, but I am also from Florida and I have family in Clewiston. I was wondering if football is as big as its made out to be in Pahokee. I remember playing Clewiston in middle school football, and it was unfair how good they were. We lost 52-6

VSMITH21 karma

Yes football is very big in Pahokee. We were once the 6th highschool team in the nation and won 3 back to back state championships. The focus on football is a very big aspect in Pahokee as well.

Mooninites71 karma

What was the most rewarding experience of college outside of football?

VSMITH24 karma

Most rewarding experience was bringing my degree home to my mom and graduating and making my mom proud.

Windowsandvents1 karma


VSMITH22 karma

I think that is a great idea you have. Especially the part about classes and preserving. We got started because we wanted to use our fame to do something really big that helped a lot of people. We chose gardens because people need food, healthy food. And also in Ann Arbor, where U of M is, there is a strong community and farmers market.

The funding actually came from football fans. Our fans are great and really support everything we have been doing.

We got the garden help from a guy named Roger Horne who runs Urban Greenworks in Miami Florida. I don't know how much business background you need and I would recommend finding partners who have different talents.

I got my community involved by talking to them and asking people to help. You would be surprised at the amount of support people give when you want to do something helpful.

fartifact1 karma

Do you do any indoor farms or gardens? I have always though that this would be a great way to repurpose abandoned buildings and allow for growing many things all year round.

VSMITH25 karma

We are expanding into Michigan where the weather is more of a concern then in Florida. I agree it would be a great way to grow things all year around. We are looking into hoop houses, which are like little garden tents to protect the vegetables from the weather.

I want to take an abandoned building and make an after-school program though.

fartifact1 karma

Very cool. Have you had a chance to checkout the sweetwater project in Milwaukee? I know its different but still neat. Side note who do you think is going to make it to the Superbowl this year?

VSMITH24 karma

Thanks, I will save the sweetwater link.

The Broncos have been looking good and my fellow Alumni Tom Brady knows how to win games. It is still up in the air.

gin-n-tonic1 karma

What kind of yield production do these gardens produce? Are there certain foods you plant vs. foods you stay away from.

Sure they may show that clip 100x a day on ESPN but it sounds like your off field efforts are making a sound difference. Tip of the hat.

VSMITH22 karma

Thank you.

I commented on this above and the community garden is more about the community. We are expanding to working farms to get people the amount of food they need, create jobs, and also we want to sell at farmers markets. Miami is a great place to do that because of all the restaurants.

We try to plant local foods, or things that match the climates. So in Florida, we do things like mango trees and banana trees and greens and okra.

ryguydrummerboy1 karma

What hurdles do you have to leap when planting new gardens? I am looking to do the same but have yet to start.

VSMITH25 karma

Paperwork is always an issue. And funding. It is hard to organize everyone, but once the ball is rolling then it gets easier. It helps that gardening is popular right now.

DommesticGoddess1 karma

Any life tips for my 13 yr old daughter? I'm always referring to 'hindsight' and my own lessons learned. I think she gets tired of listening to ME, but if someone like YOU told her important stuff, she just MIGHT take it to heart. :)

VSMITH221 karma

  1. Do what you are passionate about. If you love art do art, if you love reading do that. Life is not about material things and even I had to learn that. It is about experiences.

  2. When people are mean to you its about them, not about you. If someone is saying bad things its because they feel bad. What they say can hurt, but remember its about them, NOT YOU.

  3. Listen to your mom/dad/elders. I know it can be annoying sometimes and they usually are right because they have been through it and can see the situation differently.

  4. If you get really upset about something its better to sit and feel the feelings of being upset. Because when your upset it can be destructive to just act in the moment. Sports helps with that or being active when you are upset.

  5. Peoples actions are the best indicators of what they believe. People can say whatever and if you watch what they do that will tell you a lot.

  6. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!! If you have trouble with this you can make a list of your strengths and read them to yourself.

  7. I learned this next one on reddit. If there is something you don't want to do, get a stopwatch and say I am going to do this thing for 5 minutes. And start your watch and do it.

I hope that helps. Also she is young for social media and maybe a good approach for when she is older could be explaining how people are and dangers because sometimes taking things away makes kids want it more.

DommesticGoddess2 karma

I thank you SOOOOO very much for your time!!!!! She is 13 and loves SoftBall. She hurt her ankle last month, sliding into 3rd, which ended her season abruptly. :( She tore a ligament, and I have been SERIOUS about her ankle healing properly. She gets annoyed with me often. I just want MORE for her. I want her to be a better person than I ever imagined even myself being, and I thank you for your advice to her. She is a GOOD kid, gets good grades, and I am very proud of her. I cannot wait for her to get home from school, so I can show her your response!!!!! THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!

VSMITH26 karma


SlipStreamWork1 karma

Vince, what's your take on player safety/concussions in football?

VSMITH23 karma

I think that it is an issue because there is a lot of medical evidence behind it. I would like to think that in the future because of the greater awareness of the issue that the players will get better care because there is more awareness. Also maybe there will be something for the long term.

When we chose to play football we know there are risks. Sometime it is the only path out of the situation we grew up in so a lot of people are willing to take the risk. Although, I always said if the focus was rocket science and we had all the resources, Pahokee would have rocket scientists.

I hope that there will be more research and awareness. I would volunteer my time for this.

skater35981 karma

HEY. I have a link for you... this is a link to my favorite podcast, and it's an episode with Frithjof Bergmann, this guy who sets up "new work" centers around the globe, and who was a widely acclaimed philosopher before that. I think you might find it interesting, and relative to your work.

VSMITH26 karma

Thanks so much I will listen to it later.

emueagles1 karma

What system while you were at Michigan did you enjoy playing in the most? Spread Option or Pro style? What did you like and not like about both systems?

VSMITH22 karma

I like playing in Spread Option. I liked it because it was fast and high scoring. I did not like the transition at first and knowing the plays was the most challenging.

For Pro style I liked the screening, highlighting plays, and opening space. What I did not like about it was it was not as exciting as the Spread Offense.

SuspiciouslyWetFart1 karma

that play was on sports center everyday for 6 months. that must get annoying.

VSMITH21 karma

I never pay any mind to it anymore.

Dolgare0 karma

Hello Vincent. I used to be a huge Michigan fan and followed your career very close in '09 and '10. Your TD catch against tOSU in the '09 game will always stick out in my mind. I was so sure that was going to propel the team to an improbable win.

Anyway, my question is this: How did the team feel about the book Three and Out? Or basically, how did the players that were there for the transition feel about internal struggle between the "Rodriguez guys" and the "Carr guys"?

As a fan, going through those years and reading the book, it came across as a pretty big clusterfuck and pretty sinister actions by Carr's people inside the program. I've always been curious how the players viewed the situation.

VSMITH22 karma

Thank you. It was a big difference, a big change, and some of the older guy were teaching us the ropes. When we came in younger we did not know Carr like they did. They had to learn from scratch the way we did and were starting all over like freshmen again. It was difficult at times, but along the way we all gelled together and tried to bring the program back to where it was.

tomtheslave0 karma

You should join my flag football team

VSMITH25 karma

No disrespect, but I don't think it would be that fun for me because I think I would be the fastest and most skilled. It wouldn't be fair to the opposite team.

odles_44-2 karma

everyone knows this, so why would you say it?

VSMITH23 karma

I was being honest. I wouldn't mind going out to play.

ArmchairAdventurer-2 karma

Could we see some proof please?

VSMITH24 karma

I already did an AMA but I will get a picture up in a few.

ArmchairAdventurer-1 karma

Thanks, and sorry I didn't realize that.

kNewc-3 karma

How are you making bank out of planting gardens?

VSMITH29 karma

It is not about "making bank". I will be honest, we are starting out and it is difficult because its all volunteers right now.

We are working on building ties with fegional farmers markets. There is no "making bank" and is about building our local economies and you can't do that as one person "making bank."

We do have tshirts that go with our garden and we are hoping that turns into a business enterprise. I think it will eventually because everyone can agree we need more American businesses. Our goal is to bring US manufacturing back because shouldn't the clothes that are made to support American teams have roots in America or at least North America?

kNewc2 karma

Ah, I should have said "how do you make money". I guess you would be considered non-profit right now?

Of course everyone wants products made in America! Except me, who only cares about price... ;)

VSMITH23 karma

The price will go down if more people by things here.