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Go on…

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So some places use fried chicken for things like Orange Chicken or Kung Pao Chicken. Other places use grilled chicken. Is there a way to tell in advance what it's going to be without having to ask and sound like a fat guy?

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Thanks for your reply! Always loved watching you play. Go blue!

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I backed this project after listening to you on The Talk Show. I have grandiose ideas about a KickStarter of my own, which would be a 50-100 page focused technical book on one aspect of iOS development. What advice would you have in terms of the non-writing aspects of this: printing, fulfillment, reward tiers, etc.?

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Here's what's always bothered me about The Hit.

At the beginning of that season everyone made a big deal about the new rules for helmets coming off. Plain and simple: the instant someone's helmet comes off, the play is whistled dead and the ball is spotted where it is.

So why the hell were they able to pounce on the ball after the hit? As soon as it happened, the play should have been whistled dead and Michigan should have kept the ball, albeit having lost yardage.