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Generally the extremely cheap houses are in bad neighborhoods, require thousands of dollars in investment to become livable, and have back taxes that you are required to pay.

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Do you have any recommendations for under-the-radar things far outside of the immediate downtown core? I'm a big fan of Cadeiux Cafe and the Dakota Inn and I'm sure that there's more out there that I just don't know about.

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The 2002 Detroit Red Wings had to be one of the most star-studded teams ever. What was it like playing on a team with some of the greatest of all time? What was the locker room like? How did Scotty Bowman manage such a great team?

Edit: Go Wings!

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Any chance that we'll ever see a reincarnation of The Man Show with you and/or Adam Carolla?

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Are you happy in Buffalo or would you welcome a move?

What was the experience like starting in net for the USA in the Olympics?

I understand that you are not hockey Ryan Miller but would like you to answer these regardless.