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Hi Reddit! Ken Marino here. You might know me as Mark Orlando from Burning Love, Dr. Glenn Richie from Children’s Hospital or the new guy in Eastbound & Down…but I’m here today to talk about my new movie BAD MILO! (trailer) I play a guy with a demon-monster living up his butt… so ask me anything!

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mianblack95 karma

Hi Ken, Michael Ian Black here. What do you like best about me, and why?

XsimonbelmontX18 karma

Seems legit.

royjones17 karma

Roy jones the boxer here.

Remember when I was pertanent? Remember when boxing was?

Ken_Marino51 karma

Hi MIB. There are many things I like about you. I think what I like most is that behind that hard sarcastic exterior you are one of the kindest sweetest people I've ever met. Also great teeth.

herrdunphy42 karma

Are we having fun yet?

Ken_Marino36 karma

Adam Scott smell like farts!

Also, Watch BAD MILO!

nthitz27 karma

Any word on a Party Down movie?

Ken_Marino40 karma

They are trying....

poopnstuff23 karma

I LOVE THE TEN. Seriously, The Ten, in my opinion, is the most underrated comedy I've ever seen. Where did the idea for that movie come from??? When/how did you and David Wain meet/start writing together. Also, Burning Love is perfect. Sorry this is a blob of thoughts, I'm just excited. HI.

Ken_Marino19 karma

I'm excited too! Excited that some besides me likes THE TEN! We started back in college. We were roomies.

Also, Watch BAD MILO!

Honsou23 karma

Any luck getting that Soup 'R Crackers franchise going?

Ken_Marino14 karma

No luck at all.

UnitedFanDes22 karma

Do you wish that there was more Reaper? I wish there was more Reaper

Ken_Marino15 karma

I do but the demon costume started to be a pain in the ass. But I loved the show and the part.

sauze21 karma

Closing up the plug bag ...

Ken_Marino10 karma


Zooeylander8721 karma

What was your favorite skit from "The State"?

Ken_Marino56 karma

240 dollars worth of puddin'

Ken_Marino19 karma

Well that was fun! Thanks all. Drive safe.

love, Ken

RedPriestess18 karma

Do people offer you things to dip your balls in all the time? Do you hate it?

Ken_Marino29 karma

Not all the time. Mostly when I'm with my kids. Bad timing I guess. No don't hate it. But I do hate having to explain to my kids what just happened.

Ken_Marino16 karma

Sorry for not having longer answers. I am a slow typer and I wanted to get to everybody's questions.

rapgameandywarhol11 karma


Ken_Marino15 karma

No idea. What do you think? I'd like to think so.

iateyourbees10 karma

Ken- I adore you! I just wanted to let you know that The State is still one of my favorite shows ever. I'd love it if you guys would do some sort of 'reunion' type show? Would that kind of thing ever happen?

Ken_Marino12 karma

You must be very old.

Ken_Marino11 karma

Me too.

BattleRoyali9 karma

How did you decide to transfer the name Glenn Richie from "The Ten" to "Children's Hospital"?


Ken_Marino7 karma

RC and DW's Idea.

StanleyDecker9 karma

Does the entire cast of the State ever meet up for dinner parties or beach days or something? Please say yes.

If not, which if any of them have you kept in touch with?

Ken_Marino11 karma

Yes. We are all still tight.

stormingfredjackson9 karma

Did you wear a wig in Wet Hot American Summer?

Also who in your opinion put forth the best performance in that movie?

Ken_Marino16 karma

Yes I bought it on Hollywood Blvd. Best performance: Meloni

tubafx8 karma

How many times did your balls pop out of those short shorts during the filming of Wet Hot American Summer?

And is there any progress on the long-rumored sequel to that masterpiece?

Ken_Marino7 karma

14. No Watch BAD MILO!

moviesareforgeeks7 karma

dude youre the man.. what is this movie about?

Ken_Marino22 karma

About 90 minutes

hendrozilla7 karma

When you put those operating scissors in your patient was it really a goof? Or are you a cold blooded murderer?

Ken_Marino20 karma

It was a Goddamned goof.

shnuges6 karma

Is there any hope for more Party Down? How big was your involvement with the Veronica Mars movie?

Ken_Marino9 karma

Never say never. RE: VM: I was in it. Which is big for me.

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

shnuges6 karma

What is Enrico Colantoni like??

Ken_Marino14 karma

Like 5'9".

Ken_Marino5 karma

Like 5'9".

Ken_Marino5 karma

Serious answer: The nicest guy! Love him.

kiile166 karma

Hi Ken! Big fan

  1. what is your favourite part about Burning Love?
  2. is there any sort of news on the Party Down movie?

Ken_Marino9 karma

  1. working with my wife and my friends
  2. nope

Kyle-Overstreet6 karma

Is it ever problematic working on projects with your wife?

Ken_Marino9 karma

Only when she beats me. Which is often.

danc9065 karma

On a scale of 1 to Bidet. How much has owning a Bidet changed your life?

Ken_Marino7 karma


Frajer5 karma

How did Ben Stiller get involved with Burning Love?

Ken_Marino3 karma

Mike Rosenstein a producer at Ben company liked the script and showed it to ben.Ben responded to it.

lukelear5 karma

Hey Ken. Just a quick question. I read through your answers and I'm still a little unclear about this one.

Should I watch Bad Milo?

Ken_Marino9 karma

Sorry for being unclear. Yes you should.

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

TrepidaciousFatGuy5 karma

Do you have any cool behind the scenes stories that happened on set of Wet Hot American Summer? The cast for that movie is so unreal so I feel like it had to be an absolute blast to film

Ken_Marino4 karma

It rained 29 of the 34 days we shot. somehting like that

marcdwilkinson5 karma

Party Down movie - please tell me it's going to happen!

As an actor and a funny guy, have you ever had conflict with writers/directors where you were tasked with saying a line or doing a performance that you just think (or know) may not be funny, and if so, how do you handle that situation?

Love your work, looking forward to Bad Milo!

Ken_Marino4 karma

I can't tell you that. But it might.

Sure. You try it there way and you try it your way and if you are working with people you trust the cream will rise.

CWSfan4 karma

Is Lizzy Caplan as awesome as she seems to be?

Ken_Marino7 karma


LastNightGus4 karma

How many times a day to people yell "I wanna dip my balls in it" at you? And, you were my favorite in Party Down. Its still one of my favorite tv shows of all time. I really hope the movie happens.

One more question. Did you really punch Nick Kroll?

Ken_Marino3 karma

4 times a day. Yes I really punched Nick But you have to hear my side of the story....

jm71903 karma

Hey Ken, any chances a Party Down movie happens? Big fan, would love if Netflix picked it up for another season.

Ken_Marino6 karma

Yes there is a chance. How big of a clue. Why don't you talk to the people over at Netflix.

eztarget8963 karma

First off, you kick ass in Eastbound and Down and your Party Down character is my favorite of the crew.

What was it like working with Danny McBride on Eastbound and Gillian Jacobs for Bad Milo?

Ken_Marino5 karma

Danny is the coolest mother fucker Gillian... you can't get any better!

poopnstuff3 karma

I recently watched all of Dawson's Creek for the first time. It really made my day when you popped up as the "hot professor."

Ken_Marino7 karma

What day was made? Tuesday?

brick-face3 karma

Hey Ken! Any plans on coming to Toronto in the future?

Ken_Marino7 karma

Sure. Why? What you got?

Better_Call_Paul3 karma

Who was your favorite guest star that was on Children's Hospital?

Ken_Marino3 karma

Too many to pick! Mrs C from HAPPY DAYS maybe.

SNESdrunk3 karma

Do people still come up to you and ask, "Who's got somethin' for me?"

Ken_Marino5 karma


Also, Watch BAD MILO!

miketonystevedave3 karma

How did you all (The State) not die laughing shooting "The Pope is a Coming" sketch? Definitely my favorite.

Ken_Marino11 karma

Three members actually died of laughter while shooting that one. Sorry to be a buzz kill.

StanleyDecker3 karma

Long time fan of yours since The State. Bad Milo looks amazing. You have never failed to entertain me in anything I've seen you in. I don't really have a question though.

Ken_Marino4 karma

Then I have a question. Buy me dinner?

drybleeder3 karma

Hey Ken. I absolutely love everything you've been involved with. So thanks. If you could dip your balls in anything right now what would it be?

Ken_Marino6 karma

Mustard maybe.

dustinlieber3 karma

Is there a story behind the name 'Just Falcon', the actor who plays Dr. Glenn Richie on Childrens Hospital?

Ken_Marino2 karma

His name was Falcon at one point and then I suggested adding Just. So it would be a bit of an Abbott and Costello bit when his name was discussed.

KyleDuke2 karma


Ken_Marino7 karma

Happy Birthday Kyle! Happy Birthday to you!

hendrozilla2 karma

Was Natasha Leggero really bottomless the whole time for burning love also Should I watch bad milo

Ken_Marino2 karma

Yes and YES!

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

Redux11382 karma

Is Dan Marino really your dad or have I been lied to all my life?

Ken_Marino2 karma

Lied to.

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

melonheadct2 karma

When is burning love returning? Who is the main character, if there is a new season?

Ken_Marino3 karma

No new season. But season 2 and 3 on E! this fall!

I_like_dwagons2 karma

I just had a particular thought. What if we go all the way to the zoo and the monkeys ain't in the mood?

Ken_Marino4 karma

To make-a love?

MaxPower12182 karma

What is your biggest Ron Donald Don't? You are awesome "You've been Seeded!"

Ken_Marino3 karma

Don't fail scissors.

Toyou4yu2 karma

Will you be my friend

Ken_Marino7 karma

For sure. I always get my friends ATM password and bank info. What's yours friend?

Sdjules2 karma

Big fan! Wishing Flute Cop had more lines, and wondered what he does with the flute?

Ken_Marino3 karma

He plays it well.

unknownunknowns112 karma

Thank you for Ron Donald.

The scene first episode where you tell a teenage girl you will just...destroy her after she thinks she saw you masturbating is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Ken_Marino2 karma

Thanks man!

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

sourdsmokin2 karma

How did you find out you were going to be in Eastbound & Down? Loving this season so far.

Ken_Marino4 karma

I got a phone call.

moneyman69692 karma

How's your day been?

Ken_Marino4 karma


XsimonbelmontX2 karma

Hey Ken! Have there been any talks to start a new sketch show with the old gang? I really miss seeing all of you guys together.

Ken_Marino1 karma

Like maybe we call it The Old Country?

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

childhospital2 karma

Hey Ken! Huge fan of your work! What made you decide to sign on to Bad Milo?

Ken_Marino10 karma

When Mark Duplass asks you to be in a movie he is producing about a demon coming out of your butt. I ask,"when's the fitting!"

Kevers862 karma

You have no idea how excited I was the first time you showed up on Veronica Mars singing Private Eyes. I can't wait for the movie and hope the Party Down script is coming along nicely. What was your favorite State skit that you wrote? Is there more Burning Love coming anytime soon?

Ken_Marino3 karma

It excites me that you got excited. Favorite Skit I wrote: Louie and the Last supper

jackjustdied1 karma


I have enjoyed everything you've done. I'm amazed you didn't reference Party Down in your credentials; it's one of the most underrated comedies to come out in recent years.

Are you eager to play more serious parts? I think you'd be great. I'm sorry that this looks like it was written by a twelve year old. I'm tired.

Ken_Marino2 karma

Thanks! I didn't say Party down because it's not out right now. I was just shamelessly pushing what's out right now.

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD! Burning Love season 2&3 coming to E! this fall!

cheeziin1 karma

Hey Ken I'm a big fan. I even once asked you something about burning love on twitter and you responded which was cool, I don't have a question I just want you to know I think you're a funny actor (party down / childrens hospital / east bound and down) some of my favorites. Keep doing what you're doing. Also, in a non weird way, want to hang out when you're around DC sometime?

cheeziin1 karma

also, i'm not literally a fan, I'm a human just FYI

Ken_Marino1 karma

I do not want to hang out but only because I don't hang with humans.

peanutsbeta1 karma

Loved your episode of the Nerdist podcast.

Was it as hard as I imagine it to be to keep a straight face during every interaction with Ken Jeong's character on Burning Love?

Ken_Marino5 karma

My face was filled with botox so no.

JellyWales1 karma

Did you improvise that dick joke on Eastbound? that shit had me rolling on the floor!

Ken_Marino3 karma

Not sure what dick joke you mean. That show riddled with dick jokes. Do people really roll on a floor when they laugh a lot???

Shmumbles1 karma

What's going on with Party Down?

Ken_Marino3 karma

Same shit different day man.

coldsheets1 karma

How do you think of new material. Does it just come to you? Or do you have a Process?

Ken_Marino5 karma

I hire young writers and I keep them in a box.

drsarah1 karma

Keep writing and acting because you're hilarious. I love watching you on Burning Love and Children's Hospital. You're definitely my favorite comedic actor by far.

Ken_Marino2 karma

Lend me a million doallrs if you really mean it.

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

matt451 karma

True Story: My wife recently had a dream that she was an extra in the Veronica Mars movie and she was supposed to kiss you in a scene. She was very agitated when she awoke. My question for you is this: What is the capital of Iceland?

Ken_Marino7 karma

Reykjavík And that's what I said to your wife right before I stuck my tongue in her mouth.

thosewholeft1 karma

All the creature pooping scenes in Bad Milo looked exhausting. What did you have to go through for those performances? Thanks for all the laughs.

Ken_Marino3 karma

I have been training for this part all my life.

Nexus7181 karma

When you get stressed in BAD MILO a demon comes out of your ass.

What happens to Ken Marino in real life when your stress is at a breaking point?

Ken_Marino3 karma

I pee out a gnome.

KyleDuke1 karma

What was it like trading faces with Rob Huebel?

Ken_Marino2 karma

It hurt.

Camillesmom661 karma

You have aged very gracefully, and look even hotter than u did in the 90's.

Ken_Marino2 karma

I have an oily T zone. It helps. Also lots of work done to my face.

ClaudioRules1 karma

Who in your opinion is the most successful "The State-r"?

Ken_Marino5 karma


forsan_et_haec1 karma

Hey Ken, huge fan! Children's Hospital is the funniest show on TV hands down.

Is there still a chance of a second Wet Hot?

Ken_Marino1 karma

Thanks and I'm not sure! Never say never I guess.

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!

nrnon1 karma

Do you ever have a desire to take on a serious role or is it just not your thing? What kind of non-comedic role can you see yourself in? Or, I guess, something different from what you usually do.

Also: thank you for the love you give your fans, and thank you and your wife for Burning Love. You're beautiful people.

Ken_Marino1 karma

Firstly thank YOU! Secondly I want to do a western. That seems like fun.

TheImpetuous1 karma

Bad Milo looks amazing.

When will there be a Louie movie?

Ken_Marino1 karma

Thanks! Louie movie coming out 20never.

Also, Watch BAD MILO! And Eastbound and Down! And Axe Cop! And Childrens Hospital! And Toy Story Of Terror! And IN A WORLD!