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I just wanted to say that your pictures always remind me of Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl, and my childhood in general. Congratulations on your success, you absolutely deserve it. You said that you drawing stuff on reddit was just something to fill the time that used to be spent studying. Have you since fallen in love with it?

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Hey Wayne!

I was a massive fan of Static-X growing up, thanks for contributing to the shaping of my future!

Have you always enjoyed playing music or was it something that came to you later in life? If you hadn't gone in that direction, where do you think you would be now? Cheers, good luck with the AMA.

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I have enjoyed everything you've done. I'm amazed you didn't reference Party Down in your credentials; it's one of the most underrated comedies to come out in recent years.

Are you eager to play more serious parts? I think you'd be great. I'm sorry that this looks like it was written by a twelve year old. I'm tired.