I have a book "Wolf's Empire" coming out in 2014 by Tor, it's a sci-fi military YA novel about a Rome that never fell. Romans in space, oh boy! I also am dedicated to educating people about The Sinclair Method, the world's most successful long term treatment for alcoholism with a nearly 80% success rate! I have a non profit: Cthreefoundation.org and we are currently making a documentary about The Sinclair Method and saving lives everyday! I am also happy to discuss Babylon 5, my voice work in Skyrim, Halo, Diablo 3 and many other games and anything else you would like to talk about.


More proof!

Thanks everyone! Have a great day!

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baliao84 karma

I have to post and run, but I'd really like to thank you for playing Susan Ivanova. She was something of a role model to me growing up. Thank you!

Is there any chance we might see you at Dragon Con at some point?

ClaudiaChristian40 karma

Thank YOU :) No plans to do Dragon Con again...I do very few cons now adays :)

gawalin53 karma

You wore a single earring for four seasons before the viewers found out why. Was the reason known to you from the beginning?

I ask because this has always been one of my favorite examples of how detailed things were, from a writing perspective, on B5...that such a small detail was maintained for so long, without explanation. I've always wondered if you as the actor were in on the back story from the outset.

ClaudiaChristian54 karma

I suggested it for my brother who died in real life and in the show...

RebelliousPlatypus39 karma

My family and I have probably watched Babylon 5 a dozen times all the way through. I just wanted to say thank you for portraying a strong female lead. I plan on watching Babylon 5 with my daughter when she gets older, to show her that she doesn't have to be a passive little princess if she doesn't want to be.

Thanks again. Have a great day.

ClaudiaChristian38 karma

I love hearing comments like this...:) yay for strong role models!

FTL_Diesel30 karma

I actually just read Babylon Confidential about a month ago, and was struck by the fact that the Sinclair method seems very effective, but doesn't seem to be more well known. Do you have any thoughts on why that might be? Was it just unknown to me?

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

It is not very well known which is why I am currently making a documentary about it! It has a nearly 80% long term success rate and could save millions of lives if used more worldwide. I have been on it since 2009 :)

InValensName28 karma

Hi Claudia. Were you surprised by anything JM Straczynski revealed about what was really going on with Michael O'Hare during the first season of B5 or was that common knowledge among the cast/crew?

Its such a kick hearing you as Liggate Rikke, "Mmmmoooove it Soldier!"

ClaudiaChristian26 karma

it was common knowledge

Thanks, Skyrim was a hoot to do!

ClaudiaChristian26 karma

Thanks everyone and have a great day! claudia

ZebuRang23 karma

Talia Winters or Marcus Cole? Jason Carter or Andrea Thompson? Judged by whatever markers you see fit.

Also obligatory 'great job' as Ivanova !

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

the gal wins both times easily :)

Karn9221 karma

What is the funniest thing that happened while you were filming Babylon 5? Do you have a favorite episode and/or scene from Babylon 5?

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

The Drazi episode was fun.....despite having a broken foot :) There were a lot of funny moments because the cast was so funny....loads of joking around etc. :)

TwoTwin19 karma

I need to make something to eat but can't be bothered to move, can you inspire me?

ClaudiaChristian23 karma

scrambled eggs with truffles?

prydekitty19 karma

Claudia. I have the biggest crush on you. Ivanova was a total bisexual icon to me, so thanks for taking on what must have been a scary career move for you at the time. That character meant a lot to me at an important time in my life, so many fangirl thanks :)

My mom is an addiction counselor, has been my whole life and she's my greatest hero. So glad that you found a program that works for you as you're a talented and seemingly super cool lady.

Totally not a question, I realize.

ClaudiaChristian25 karma

I completely enjoyed playing a bisexual or omni sexual character, after all love has many faces.... :)

Thanks, i am thrilled that I found The Sinclair Method, I wish people like your mom would help spread the word about it....send her to my website: www.cthreefoundation.org please :)

BoVandenberg17 karma

What have your thoughts been on your playboy shoot. Its a beautiful shoot. Was it an easy decision for you? Were you flattered? What was the transition from the very private to the exposed like?

ClaudiaChristian38 karma

I needed the money, period....no regrets at all :)

dharpo3216 karma

Hi Claudia, why does Sci-Fi tend to favor powerful women being portrayed on the screen than any other genre?

ClaudiaChristian50 karma

because they employ smart writers :)

or perhaps people believe that it will take another 200 years to realize that women kick ass??

qbject14 karma

Apart from her interactions with Talia, you played Ivanova as being pretty, well, square when it came to matters of intimacy and sexuality. Some of your prior parts were anything but, and I was wondering where the choice to give Ivanova that comedic Achilles' Heel came from, and how you felt about portraying her that way?

ClaudiaChristian24 karma

I loved the fact that she had a huge wall up, made her far more interesting to play ..:)

BSB-14 karma

THE HIDDEN IS MY SHIT. that is all..

ClaudiaChristian17 karma

wow...thank you....I hope "shit" in this case is a positive thing :)

BSB-8 karma

to clarify... yes, it is a very positive thing. Brenda Lee Van Buren helped me through puberty.

ClaudiaChristian13 karma

sweet! :)

jward14 karma

Thank you for your work on Babylon 5. It still stands as one of my favourite shows of all time and I rewatch it every few years.

ClaudiaChristian16 karma

you are very welcome, I had a blast doing that show!

Redz0ne10 karma

I have a question about alcoholism and the C3 foundation: What would you say is a better way to broach the subject of substance abuse and the Sinclair method with people I know so as to let them know about their options but not in that patronizing "I just want to help you" way that seems more likely to push them away than help open their eyes.

I ask because I was talking with someone I know whom is an alcoholic (though he says he's a functional alcoholic but he's still addicted) and when I mentioned this he started to get very hostile and defensive and he hasn't spoken to me since. :/

(I honestly didn't get all preachy as best I recall... or at least I don't think I did.)

ClaudiaChristian20 karma

Maybe give him a copy of babylon Confidential? he might see himself in my story and it's not a preachy book at all, you can get it for a dollar on Amazon I think. I'm also willing to speak to him: [email protected] and that goes for anyone who needs guidance, just email me :) you can also send him the link to my website: www.cthreefoundation.org and just tell him that you know this actress who was also a functioning alcoholic and she did this thing called The Sinclair method and you do not have to quit drinking and it has a nearly 80% long term success rate etc. etc will that help?

fylex10 karma

would you give me a hug?

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

a virtual one came to you just now, did you feel it?

pjkitty10 karma

ninjas or pirates?

ClaudiaChristian19 karma

Pirates Matey!

Vindicus6679 karma

Hi Claudia big fan here, discovered you via B5 (I so miss Ivanova). This lead me to your book because I too struggle with sobriety. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Could you please give me a little guidance about The Sinclair Method and share some success stories?

And what was your favorite Ivanovaism and story line?

ClaudiaChristian12 karma

TSM is an incredibly successful treatment, easy to do and inexpensive. You do not quit drinking, you simply take Naltrexone (an FDA approved declassified safe, non addictive opiate blocker) an hour before you drink, within a few months you will drink considerably less or quit all together. I have personally guided over 100 people through it with a 99% success rate. Please visit my non profit site for more info: www.cthreefoundation.org you can also email me at : [email protected]

I loved the Purple Green Drazi episode because it was silly and the Talia story line because it was interesting. x

robporter9 karma

If there was ever a reboot of B5, is that something you would want/hope to be involved in somehow?

Loved your role in B5, one of my favourite characters, just wish we could have see you in season 5 too :)

ClaudiaChristian16 karma

Of course i would don my uniform in a heart beat! I loved playing Ivanova!

BoVandenberg8 karma

In all the projects you have had and the different levels of success, has there been a correlation between being paid well and living well in the long term?

You are very open with your online person and seem to have a nice family and a very genuine personality. I really appreciate your perspective.

ClaudiaChristian16 karma

I have actually never made much $ as an actress ..I've made more on real-estate .....thank God I bought a house in my early 20's... i believe that money makes your life easier and I have had a lot and i have had little and having "enough" to live the way you want to live is far superior then going to bed stressed about paying the mortgage. Money does not make you happy but it sure helps make you comfortable, calm and secure. Now a days love, health and freedom are the most important things to me.

mlc7848 karma

Hi Claudia, Just a few questions:

How are things going with the documentary?

Also would you ever want to work with Amanda Tapping? I think you guys would be a kick ass duo :D or are there any other actors in general you want to work with that you haven't yet?

Oh and with it almost being Halloween, do you have a favorite horror movie?


ClaudiaChristian8 karma

The documentary is going great We are getting some terrific interviews and even managed to go to Finland to interview Dr. Sinclair himself! I like Amanda lot, very sweet gal.....I'd love to work with many talented people!

I cannot watch horror films :( too scary for me..I don;t like confrontation or violence, I'm a wimp!

OldRelic8 karma

Hello Ms. Christian, Have you heard of any efforts to bring all 5 Babylon 5 seasons to Blu-ray? Sometimes they do interviews later on to add to the "extras" content. Also are there any back stage/set jokes about the "open air lock policy"? :)

ClaudiaChristian10 karma

yes, if any actor misbehaved we would collectively get them fired :) air locked! i have heard rumors about a new B5 but know nothing concrete at all ...x

pocopiumeno7 karma

Hello there!

The Be Five album was brilliant. And not many people know about it! While listening to some of the tracks I could easily pretend that the actual characters of Londo or Ivanova were singing. More tv casts should do it.

Sorry, I can't think of a good question :( Love you!

ClaudiaChristian8 karma

thanks, making that CD was so fun! Who would have thought they were all so talented ? :)

Shadowhost6 karma

What is your favorite meal to cook?

ClaudiaChristian11 karma

I love to cook winter food actually, ironic since I live in SoCal...lamb shanks, stews, braised meats, roast root veggies, mashed whatever, sauces and such but I eat mainly fish and salad since that is what I enjoy the most. I love sushi too but cannot make it worth beans!

co_fragment6 karma

Hi Claudia,

How are you doing? Hope this AMA is a fun experience for you.Two questions:

Is there anything in your acting career you'd go back and do differently if you could?

I read your unpublished B5 novel 'Baptism of Fire' and thought it better than 90% of the other spin-off books I've read. Did you write it completely, or was it a collaboration?


ClaudiaChristian9 karma

I wouldn't change a thing in my career...it's been a great ride and I am grateful for the 30 years of interesting work..of course if I had my druthers I would be in a hilarious TV show with a great ensemble cast or doing prestigious feature films but hey, I can't complain about what i have already done :) i wrote the book with a wee bit of help :)

Innalibra6 karma

Hi Claudia. I recently watched Babylon 5 for the first time and even though the visuals are a little dated now, I loved every minute of it! Most of that was down to your character, Susan Ivanova. Not to detract from the rest of the cast since I think they all did a fine job, but yours really stood out.

B5 must have been an enormous amount of work. Was it something you enjoyed doing and would you consider doing anything like it again? Also was this part as much fun as I think it was? :)

ClaudiaChristian10 karma

Indeed that speech was the dope! :) Tank you for the kind words, B5 was not actually very hard work for me because going to work on that set was a joy...the cast and crew were amazing.....

CapitalistPigMan6 karma

Oh! I have another question that I thought about. I know Jerry Doyle (and some others I don't know about) have very different political views than probaby most in the film/TV business. Without getting into the particular political stuff, did you guys ever got into serious, noisy and loud political/ethical debates on set? If yes, how often? Did someone got offended by those debates or took them too hard? I always wonered if people like Dwight Schultz (Murdock from the A team), Sarah Michelle Gellar and others ever got into noisy debates or "quarrels" on set :)

ClaudiaChristian8 karma

we always argued, we had a few Republicans, a Libertarian and a bunch of Democrats and some foreigners! Of course we argued! :)

RobinRaybould5 karma

Hi Claudia, I guess like most people your fame comes from the utterly epic work on B5, I only really have one question: Have you not been offered any scripts for Sci-fi space movies, or are you now sick of that type of work for fear of type casting?

ClaudiaChristian8 karma

I am not sick of any decent quality work....I have not been offered much sci fi actually, it surprises me frankly!

TalkingBackAgain5 karma

Claudia, I loved you to pieces in Babylon 5.

  1. What are you currently working on?

  2. What is your favorite character to play in Skyrim?

  3. What goals are you still aspiring to?

  4. Has love been good to you [asked in the fond hope that it has]?

  5. What was your best Halo moment?

  6. Do you think that when the LHC is able to operate at energies in the 14TeV range, major new discoveries will be made that will make an even larger collider necessary?

  7. What is your favorite dish to cook?

  8. What advice would you give a young man, new in the art of romance?

  9. What motto do you live by?

  10. Who is your most famous friend?

I hope you're doing very well and that your book will be a great success!

ClaudiaChristian5 karma

I am currently filming the documentary about The Sinclair method : www.cthreefoundation.org i don;t know how to play Skyrim but I like Legate My goal is to help people with The Sinclair Method and to make it more well known and used world wide I am very much in love with a wonderful man :) Not sure I recall my characters in halo, sorry! indeed we need a larger collider healthy comfort food though I just made my dad a mac and cheese for his 80th that was evil be yourself, do not put up with people treating you badly, be upfront and honest and treat your intended the way you would like to be treated. My man still brings me flowers every time he sees me....romance and attention (without being clingy and needy) works "Brutal Honesty gets rid of the people who should not be in your life" Brenda Vaccaro and Michelle Dockery I suppose...or the cast of B5 since we are still friends! thanks!

Glams5 karma

What's a dream role for you? Maybe not a specific person, but a specific type of casting?

(PS. You rock - big time role model for me growing up.)

ClaudiaChristian9 karma

thank you...I love playing tough but would kill for a period role... i also like playing crazy :0

Iforgotmyspacename4 karma

Hey Claudia, what would it take to get an Ivanova TV series off the ground? I'd totally kickstart that.

ClaudiaChristian7 karma

I wish!

AvisIgneus4 karma

Hi Claudia!

The bloopers from B5 are hilarious! Do you recall your favorite fun moment on the set?

Also, any tips for aspiring authors?

ClaudiaChristian8 karma

we had a blast on that set because a lot of us had the same sense of humor! Tips for actors nowadays? Have a back up plan because it is MUCH harder then it was when I started! Not enough scripted shows and too much competition....heck I've been acting for 30 years and I only get about 6 auditions a year!

I_was_a_fakir4 karma

Dear Mrs Christian,

I appologize if this post makes you uncomfortable, and feel free to ignore it if it does.

Celebrity actresses, particularly female actresses in action science fiction. Are often "faked". Faking is the use of photoshop or similar software to take a real picture of the celebrity, typically a glamor shot or high resolution screen-capture, and place that image of the head or face of the celebrity into a new context. Typically the intended result is to produce an image that places face of the actress edited onto the body of a porn star.

The resulting fake picture, if done by a master, is something of a work of art requiring real skill, and many dozens of hours of time. (Faking is also legal as long as it targets public figures over the age of 18.) Most Fakirs sign their work... that is they do not produce the fake image to fool people into believing that it is a real image of the celebrity, but rather see it as an artform which is intended to pay homage to the faked celebrity. Fake images of celebrities are posted for admiration and comment on various web forums including in some of the NSFW subreddits.

So, now that I've explained what I'm talking about, I can finally ask my questions:

  • As one such celebrity who has often been the subject of faking, how do you and other celebrities feel about this practice? Are actresses generally unaware of the faking community? Do you personally despise faking of yourself and other actresses? Do you see fakirs as cretins and potential stalkers? Conversely, do you consider fakirs fans like any other fans? Are you flattered by the attention of fakirs? To your knowledge, are your attitudes on this topic representative of the attitudes of other female celebrities? Do male celebrities (who are the subject of faking MUCH less often) have the same or different attitudes on the subject?

ClaudiaChristian15 karma

I don;t really pay attention to what people do with my image anymore...it bothered me that they used my face for a sex doll back in the 90's....my brother found that one, yuck ...:( so I have no opinion on the matter other to say to the people who put actresses faces on porn stars bodies "would you put your daughter's face on a porn stars body then post it on the net?"

i am someone's daughter . :)

SwimmingNaked3 karma

On the other hand, Playboy in 1999, I believe.

ClaudiaChristian9 karma

yes I did Playboy but I believe he is talking about way more hard core stuff.....

Noralf4 karma

Dont have a question, just wanna say that, you should defenetly continue with the good work! You are awesome!

ClaudiaChristian7 karma

why thank you :) So sweet of you.....

randomataxia4 karma

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to thank you for being on one of my favorite Sci-Fi shows ever, and doing a damn fine job at that! I also saw you on Nip/Tuck, and while your character was really fucking crazy, I think you made that character shine. Thank you for being such an awesome actress :D

ClaudiaChristian6 karma

thank you! I based that voice of her on Kathleen Turner..:) Fun show to do!

claynferno4 karma

Hi Claudia :) I think I asked all I wanted if in my interview. Just stopping by to say hi! Thanks so much! Clay

Does the Sinclair Method also subscribe to 'one day at a time' or is that strictly AA?

ClaudiaChristian10 karma

that's AA, you can drink on TSM so the only thing "one day at a time" about it is the fact that if you drink that day you must take your pill... ...it causes pharmacological extinction after a few months so it is more of a cure than a bandaid like AA and other faith based treatments are, as long as you stay on TSM you are in remission from binging or abusing alcohol and many people go 100% sober on TSM. BTW: I am not saying AA and other treatments do not work for some people but in my experience, a modern medical treatment made more sense then trying to "pray away" a learned behavior like alcohol dependance. TSM has worked for me for 4 glorious, free years! :)

FlipprDolphin4 karma

My wife's birthday is next week. What should I cook that isn't too difficult?

ClaudiaChristian12 karma

if you eat meat how about a nice roast chicken with a gratin? Gratin is easy to make, I like potato, fennel and leak gratin with chicken...maybe a simple green salad with that and a nice cake you can pick up at a shop...you can find a good recipe on line for a gratin, make sure to use good cheese on top like Gruyere if you can find it, that makes a difference. Or you could roast baby potatoes and veggies with it. I also love a good slab of roast salmon with mashed potatoes maybe with wasabi or horseradish in them and a simple caper sauce to serve with the fish (sourcream, mayo, dijon mustard, chopped hers and capers and lemon juice) ....

pennywise534 karma

When you see a mime in the street, are you tempted to punch them in the face? Hexed is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

ClaudiaChristian11 karma

I'm glad someone saw the film! ha! Yes, i hate mimes...sorry....but it's true....mimes and clowns I cannot stand them....

m_spicer4 karma

How did you prepare for your very first interview?

ClaudiaChristian9 karma

It was the National Enquirer, nothing can prepare you for that because they just end up lying!

AxeofSweden3 karma

Do you play Skyrim? And if so, do you use Lydia or Aela as a follower?

ClaudiaChristian10 karma

I can't play any games, don;t have the machines and don;t know how! My nephews play Skyrim and keep trying to kill my many incarnations....:)

gogojack3 karma

Hello there...we're twins! We were both born on the same day, so when our shared birthday comes back around next year, what sort of cake would you like?

Also, can you please post more Hexina on your FB page?


ClaudiaChristian5 karma

coconut please......xoxoxoox

Sure, I will try to find more hexina pics :)

josephine_amos3 karma

Hi, Claudia, I'm a big fan, you're beautiful and really talented, and I think you're awesome! Here's a couple of silly questions:

  1. What makes you laugh?
  2. You've worked with some really hot and handsome guys... Was any of them ticklish?
  3. Who would be your dream co-star and why?

Have a wonderful weekend, Jo X

ClaudiaChristian6 karma

Being with my funny friends makes me laugh, theres nothing better....not sure if anyone of my hot co stars was ticklish, I never tried to tickle them....dream co star? Jim Carrey, Robin Williams...anyone funny....

starboardbow3 karma

Hi Claudia! I'm so glad you're doing this. I follow your FB page and was super excited yesterday when you posted the AMA info.

I just wanted to say thank you. This has been a rough year and I needed some badass lady inspiration, so I rewatched Babylon 5 recently, and Ivanova was exactly what I needed.

ClaudiaChristian10 karma

Hey there! Sorry you've had a crap year but remember to always focus on the good things in life and know that change is possible...I had a horrible few years back in the day and now things are better then they have ever been so have hope.... I am most pleased that bad ass Ivanova could help you through some rough spots, she rocked!

starboardbow3 karma

Ooh - do you have any preorder or tour info for Wolf's Empire? I love alt history, space, and Romans.

ClaudiaChristian4 karma

No pre orders yet but Tor is releasing it in 2014, we are most excited to be part of the Tor family!

heytherehandsome3 karma

How was working with Bruce Campbell in Maniac Cop 2?

ClaudiaChristian5 karma

I can't recall it was so long ago but I think he was fine to work with, Robert Davi not so much....... :)

CreamyKnougat3 karma

Hi Claudia! Big fan of your work, specially in B5. No specific question to ask, just wanted to tell you that I truly admire your body of work, and Ivanova will always be one of my favorite characters in science fiction.

Thank you very much for all you do.

So...no boom today?

ClaudiaChristian6 karma

Why thank you, playing Ivanova was one of the best experiences of my career...i still love her :)

Vuthunder3 karma

Claudia, big fan of Babylon 5 and because of your FB page, I rediscovered my love for the show and have recently watched a bunch of episodes/movies online. Now if only it would come out in Blu Ray :) Now for the question, which actor was the craziest one to work with. I bet Jerry Doyle...

ClaudiaChristian7 karma

hmmm...Jerry was definitely funny and whip smart, Richard was a love and funny too....Bill and i ha d a lot of laughs and Bruce and I too...they were and are all terrific people! i can;t wait for the B5 reunion in Texas next year, I love hanging with them!

Shinimegami233 karma

Hi Claudia, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. I see you love sushi, do you have a favorite sushi order that you get every time?

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

yellow tail sashimi, uni sushi...stop, you're making me hungry!

crysania46and23 karma

Hi Claudia you are amazing. What was your favorite story line in Babylon 5? Would you have liked to have been in season 5?

ClaudiaChristian8 karma

Hi and thank you....I left the show when it was over as far as I was concerned so no, I did not miss season 5....I loved the Marcus dying episodes, Talia and any scenes I had with the alien characters :)

BoVandenberg3 karma

What sort of software environment do you like to write in? Apple? Windows? MS Word? Adobe FrameMaker?

Do you want to shout out about any mentors or methods you discovered in your process?

ClaudiaChristian4 karma

I am a Mac gal...Word is my choice..I have also used Final Draft for scripts

mlc7842 karma

A non-question now but just wanted to say how fantastic it's been getting to know you and your work this past year. On my list of role models for sure, you are amazing to say the least. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

(and with all the Hexed photos showing up lately have to say I love that movie...hilarious!)

ClaudiaChristian2 karma

very kind of you thank you! :) I loved Hexina, best film experience EVER :)

Roll3d62 karma

Hard to believe you've had 30 years on TV & movies...you still look amazing (and I will continue to tell you so on your FB page). Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do. You are a wonderful and beautiful person. Oh, yeah, this is an AMA. Ok, here's my question: What do you think of the recent glut of super-hero TV shows & movies and do you have a favorite comic book character?

ClaudiaChristian4 karma

I suppose i like Thor :)

Zidanet2 karma

Hi Claudia.

I'm a big fan of B5, and I really enjoyed you playing ivanova. I follow you on facebook too.

my question: If you had one day to live, how would you spend it?

ClaudiaChristian4 karma

making love with my man and eating the best food on the planet then watching the sun over the ocean and having dinner with all of my favorite people I love.... family, friends....all of them together toasting life and laughing....maybe a big bonfire at the end of the night and a lot of hugging...being outside in nature and just thanking everyone for their love.

cobalthawk2 karma

The Romans in space?

I've got to read that. What research did you do for writing that book?

ClaudiaChristian5 karma

Roman history mostly....our heroine reminds me a lot of a certain Susan I know...:)

KaloyanGigilev2 karma

Hello Claudia, greetings from Bulgaria! I've been wondering what to ask you ... but rather I want to invite you to visit my beautiful country. Your character Ivanova was always close to me because she was a part Russian and we have very common things with Russians. So nice to see you online ... on the other side of the planet.:)

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

why thank you! I'd love to go back to Bulgaria, I did a film there in 2007 but did not see much of the country :(

Scotsman611 karma

Hi Claudia, Just thought I'd wish you well in your AMA Glad the Documentary is going well. B5 was one of my fav shows.

ClaudiaChristian2 karma

thanks! The docu is going great!

indeeds1 karma

Hi CC...what's your favourite dish?

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

Bouillabaisse, sushi, brazino cooked in salt....good Thai food....spagetti and meatballs!

yarash1 karma

No question, just wanted to say thank you Claudia. I've enjoyed your work on B5 and just received my copy of Babylon Confidential.

I follow you on facebook and wanted you to know that your openness and interactions with the fans is appreciated and entertaining.

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

thank you, I enjoy the people on my page, they never cease to amuse and flatter me :)

Mrsriversong1 karma

I met you in Glasgow about a million years ago ( forbidden planet) and I let the man in front of me talk to you with a huge ring of Tomato soup Round his mouth. Sorry you had to witness that. You're pretty, forgive me?

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

Ha! of course i forgive you...:

farfur1 karma

Are you attracted to men or women? Have you ever been attracted to a fan? Have a nice day :-)

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

I have a man in my life :)

I believe back in my drinking days I may have stepped into the "flirting with fans" world :)

danme1 karma


ClaudiaChristian3 karma

I have been using a lot of flavored oils lately, lemon , basil etc. and fresh herbs always, I grow them...also recently started experimenting with truffle honey on roast meats...it works on lamb but only if you like truffles. i love mushrooms and truffles......

TommiHenriksen1 karma

If you teamed up with Claudia Black, where would your inevitable rampage of conquest take you both?

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

I have never met her nor seen her in anything but we did both do an animated film together....:) She seems like a fun gal!

roxnrock1 karma

Which character would you most like to play next in a movie/TV mini-series, and why is (or isn't) it something like Luther, The Fall or a period drama?

ClaudiaChristian2 karma

you tell me! I'd love to do any of the aforementioned shows!

ubomw1 karma

Hi Claudia,

I'm a fan of B5 (best TV show in my book) as well as The Hidden.

I just want to thank you for some fine pieces of TV/Film.

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

why thank YOu for the kind words!

sbeard19781 karma

Hello Claudia! Thank you for all you've done on the small and big screens, and for all the great voice-over work too (contributed to several geek-out moments in recent years :) ). It is great news to see you've gotten a novel published, and with an intriguing premise to boot. What inspired and motivated you to write such a story? BTW, I live here in the great Pacific Northwest, and seeing as you're a fish-lover, we have seafood restaurants in my little town, if you ever get an invite to attend Emerald City Comic-con (or maybe you have already been and I just don't know), you should check-out Chandler's Crab House.

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

sounds delicious, I love seafood!

i love history so Morgan and I thought "Romans in space!" how can we go wrong? :) Wolf's Empire has it all, action, a kick ass female protagonist and history , aliens and more! :)

gybryant1 karma

Since no one has mentioned it, I thought you were great in Freaks and Geeks. Between that and B5, you're in, like, half of the best things ever. Also, have you checked out Pax Romana by Jonathan Hickman? If not, it's a graphic novel about a group of modern-day soldiers sent back to 312 AD by the Catholic Church with the goal of retroactively strengthening its position in the face of impending Islamic dominance. It's a smashing read.

ClaudiaChristian3 karma

Yes, I loved Pax Romana! Freaks and Geeks was a blast, what a fun show.....we did Vanity Fair too!

CJJames71 karma

Hi Claudia, Just stopping in to show support and say hello. This is great, I love the way you engage with your fans and you know you're my hero. Rose

ClaudiaChristian2 karma

Thanks Rose! So sweet of you to stop in and say Hi! :)