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Volunteer fire fighter here (rural BC, training officer). About 2/3rds of our calls are MVI.

Occasionally I see us get shit on by professional FFs online. This makes no sense to me, since there are no pros here and the small tax base won't support a paid department.

What gives, and what can we do to show the pros that we're just here trying to help save property and lives?

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We haven't seen it yet, but my 6 year old is entranced by the commercial where the vampire says "I do not say 'BlahBlahBlah'!". What's the possibility of an "autographed" vampire "photo" or poster from the movie, by any unlikely chance? She'd go nuts.

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What's the best gift a fan ever gave you or your husband?

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Without intending insult, the reason that I greatly reduced my visits to BoingBoing was that for days on end it seemed like there was nothing but self-promotion, which differs from personal blog posts.

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That was the most awesome thing ever. I am not a man to get excited about things, but that made my jaw drop. I may have squealed.