Claudia Christian

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is an American actress, writer, singer, musician and director, known for her role as Commander Susan Ivanova on the science fiction television series Babylon 5

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ClaudiaChristian54 karma

I suggested it for my brother who died in real life and in the show...

ClaudiaChristian50 karma

because they employ smart writers :)

or perhaps people believe that it will take another 200 years to realize that women kick ass??

ClaudiaChristian40 karma

Thank YOU :) No plans to do Dragon Con again...I do very few cons now adays :)

ClaudiaChristian38 karma

I love hearing comments like this...:) yay for strong role models!

ClaudiaChristian38 karma

I needed the money, regrets at all :)

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

The Drazi episode was fun.....despite having a broken foot :) There were a lot of funny moments because the cast was so funny....loads of joking around etc. :)

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

a virtual one came to you just now, did you feel it?

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

It is not very well known which is why I am currently making a documentary about it! It has a nearly 80% long term success rate and could save millions of lives if used more worldwide. I have been on it since 2009 :)

ClaudiaChristian29 karma

the gal wins both times easily :)

ClaudiaChristian26 karma

it was common knowledge

Thanks, Skyrim was a hoot to do!