I got into shooting as a child because both of my parents were, when I was a freshmen in highschool I joined the local gun clubs jr. rifle team, i stuck with it and in 2011 went to Camp Perry National Matches. I shoot a .22 bolt action weihrauch and I was the only girl on my team for a while!

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my imgur username is miranderp

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kelly72129 karma

What's it like being a female in a predominantly male sport?

mrndaj286 karma

it's fun, i like it, because when i beat the guys they get all defensive. also, most of the guys offer to help carry my heavy equipment, so no complaints there!

TailwindsFoxy92 karma

:D So am I! 19 year old shooter from MI. I've been to nationals many times.

mrndaj80 karma

woo! youre probably better than me! I'm slightly out of practice

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mrndaj90 karma

50 ft indoors, 50y, 100y and 55m outdoors i usually use iron sights, not to sure about that scope, i've used it about 3 times, i prefer iron

Squalor-63 karma

We should probably talk about this in a private message, but would you be willing to, uh, "take care" of a troublesome "rat" for me?

The "rat repellent" you're holding in that photo should do the trick.

mrndaj66 karma

I only shoot paper ;)

8BitTRex193 karma

Why do you hate trees?

mrndaj45 karma

one fell on our car in '09 ever since then....IT JUST HASNT BEEN THE SAME

(true story, but i dont hate trees, but they cry less than people)

hmfic745 karma

Do you make good money in competitive shooting? Also, is it something you'd like to continue on for a long time?

mrndaj74 karma

I compete, but I'm not professional, so no one pays me, its quite expensive, match ammo is about 50 cents a around and each target requires at least 40 rounds, and i would like to do it for as long as possible

ThunderDumped15 karma

Then what do you compete for? Just a trophy/award?

mrndaj90 karma

for fun! i mean its a bonus if our team gets #1 but im not searching for any titles or anything major. mostly local matches, sometimes we get plaques or metals, thats always cool

glen107wood28 karma

So are you getting college scholarship offers to be on their shooting team? If not, you should DEFINITELY look into it. Free college plus all the ammo you can load.

mrndaj12 karma

I wish! my college doesnt have a shooting team

ChampionOfGaming42 karma

Do you like cheese?

mrndaj94 karma

I do actually...my favorite is sharp cheddar called cougar gold

jellyberg31 karma

How do people respond when they hear about your sport?

mrndaj91 karma

depends, some think its really cool and want to know more, others look at me like im a crazy redneck (which im not) and will go crazy at any second (they tend to be on the very far left)

Serge_A_Storms29 karma

How do guys your age react to this? Are they somewhat intimidated by a girl who is a superior shot, as our stereotypes imply (incorrectly, mind you) that this is a man's sport? Are the guys you date insecure about it at all?

mrndaj80 karma

guys my age who plink around with daddy's air rifle or go crazy with a semi auto usually laugh and say they are a better shot than I am, i ask them what they shoot at and its usually beer cans placed 20 feet away...i tell them i can shoot the center of a bull the size of a quarter 10 times in a row without missing a shot at 50 ft and it usually shuts them up

they aren't usually insecure about it, they usually think its badass and want to come to the range with me, its something they tell their buddies about so they dont mess with me ;)

Redsox93315 karma

How far to you want to continue with the sport? Also where the hell are you getting .22 right now, no one seems to have any?

mrndaj19 karma

Just for my own fun and recreation, i dont think i will ever be good enough or have enough time to actually become a serious competitor and enter into major competitions. My family is also really involved in the sport so my dad knows where to get the ammo.

hometown4514 karma

What is the best piece of advice you can give someone who wishes to improve their accuracy?

mrndaj7 karma

practice and patience and learn how to call your shots

lalicat14 karma

I've heard taking benzodiazapenes (Vallium, Xanax, Ativan, etc) is frowned upon or outright banned in competitive shooting because it equates to 'doping' and has been found to significantly increase accuracy. Have you heard about this in the competitive shooting world or is it blown out of proportion?

The reason I ask is that I've (within the last 3 years) had a lot of Marines ask me for prescriptions to these drugs before the range qual day because they believe it will help them get a higher score.

mrndaj5 karma

i dont compete at a high enough level where i would hear about that. but it makes sense, a lot about your heart rate and anxiety levels have to do with how well you will do, and when the difference between winners is how many X's they get, i can see where doping would come into play

tifftafflarry9 karma

My dad used an Anschutz while on the team at Indiana University, and he told me (tall tale alert?) that they set their triggers to be so light that they had to lock the doors during indoor competitions and practices; a gust of wind or sudden change in temperature could apparently set off the already-sensitive triggers. Ever hear of this? I've always suspected that he was exaggerating, but I've never had the opportunity to ask someone in your position, before.

mrndaj15 karma

hmm..I have not heard of that, but it sounds interesting and I'd like to look into it! I'll report back if I ever find out...but it sounds to me like a possible exaggeration, i personally HATE light triggers, I like to have a chance to change my mind if i put my finger on it.

doublestop236 karma

Did you ever dream of going to the Olympics?

mrndaj14 karma

i did, i thought it would be really cool and badass to be good enough to get there. the people in the olympics are AMAZING and I wish i started younger so i had a chance to get more involved before college took over my life

freedoomed6 karma

How come competitive shooting doesn't involve a western style showdown? wouldn't that ultimately prove who the best shooter is?

mrndaj8 karma

the government takes the fun out of it

Oldlostsoul5 karma

I'm also an 18 year old competitive shooter. I shoot trap!

mrndaj5 karma

thats awesome! youre awesome!

Dweller3 karma

What was required to get started shooting competitively? I would be interested in getting my son involved in something like this. you mention ammo costs, and that is certainly a consideration, but how about the rifle? Could someone start competing with a Ruger 10/22 for example, or would you need to step up into a higher-end rifle right away?

mrndaj2 karma

i dont know if that can be used for a competition, but it would be a great idea to teach him how to use it! that way when he uses a competition rifle he will have a pretty good handle on things

if you search NRA .22 small bore the rule book PDF will come up and it will have specifications for guns that can be used in competition

MathewC3 karma

Any interest in USPSA/IPSC/IDPA?

mrndaj3 karma

i havent looked into it much but it sounds really cool and i would try if i had the opportunity!

Dukes1593 karma

I'm an 18 year old guy and I love to shoot. How does one get into competitive shooting?

mrndaj2 karma

find a club/team! see what they have to offer, i lucked out and had two parents on a team so they already knew how to get involved. use google to find whats near you!

PineappleSituation3 karma


mrndaj2 karma

my university doesnt offer it sadly

aur0ra1452 karma

Ever think about stepping into service rifle?

mrndaj3 karma

I did, for a long time. But i dont know if its for me

MasterSprtn1172 karma

What can I do to improve my aim?

mrndaj5 karma

practice! a lot! try to 'call your shots' which means after you shoot, before you look at your target to see where your shot went, try to guess if its "6 oclock in the 8 ring" or wherever you think it went, eventually with enough practice you will be able to accurately call your shots and know if you are in the right position to shoot a 10!

Shyyyster2 karma

Did you have ammunition during the Obama scare? 22 is still rare here in Chicago

mrndaj4 karma

yes, everyone in the competitive community stocked up

blazelate2 karma

I love this made it to the front page! What ammo do you use? What other calipers do you shoot often?

mrndaj3 karma

im super excited about that too :) i use eley tenex for competition, cci or whatever is cheap for practice! i like to use a .44 magnum but im not accurate with it, sooting the M1 garand and the moisen nagant is also a good time!

Avon___Barksdale-18 karma

have you ever killed a man?

mrndaj9 karma

i shoot paper, not people