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mrndaj286 karma

it's fun, i like it, because when i beat the guys they get all defensive. also, most of the guys offer to help carry my heavy equipment, so no complaints there!

mrndaj94 karma

I do actually...my favorite is sharp cheddar called cougar gold

mrndaj91 karma

depends, some think its really cool and want to know more, others look at me like im a crazy redneck (which im not) and will go crazy at any second (they tend to be on the very far left)

mrndaj90 karma

50 ft indoors, 50y, 100y and 55m outdoors i usually use iron sights, not to sure about that scope, i've used it about 3 times, i prefer iron

mrndaj90 karma

for fun! i mean its a bonus if our team gets #1 but im not searching for any titles or anything major. mostly local matches, sometimes we get plaques or metals, thats always cool