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Not OP, but yes. I've read of similar books that replace conclave with "klonclave,""klonklave," tavern with "klavern," conversation with "klonversation," cavaliers with "klavaliers," etc. Really silly.

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Combination of several things, I'd guess. Tight-knit community that doesn't like people who have had some hearing restored/bestowed still being allowed to benefit from the 'club', elitism, etc. "You can sort of hear now, so you're not one of us anymore; you're just mooching off the benefits."

Outside of handicaps and disabilities, you often see something similar in the LGBTQ community: bisexuals are often looked down upon and face outright prejudice from the community because, "you can at least pretend to be straight," or, "you're betraying us when you date the opposite sex," or, "pick a side!"

Edit: changed some wording, since it's not entirely accurate that cochlear implants restore hearing.

Also, /u/meradorm nailed it like a boss.

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My dad was a pilot for over 30 years, and he maintains to this day that autopilot makes the job so easy, that pilots only earn their pay when something goes wrong.

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My dad used an Anschutz while on the team at Indiana University, and he told me (tall tale alert?) that they set their triggers to be so light that they had to lock the doors during indoor competitions and practices; a gust of wind or sudden change in temperature could apparently set off the already-sensitive triggers. Ever hear of this? I've always suspected that he was exaggerating, but I've never had the opportunity to ask someone in your position, before.

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Damn. I had less than half a thought going, and you came along and hit it out of the ballpark.
Thank you for your input and for sharing your perspective.