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From a US Navy Corpsman (medic but for the Marine Corps) I'll let you know the Marines have nothing but respect for the Canadian troops as war fighters. They're some of the toughest sons of bitches out there.

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I've heard taking benzodiazapenes (Vallium, Xanax, Ativan, etc) is frowned upon or outright banned in competitive shooting because it equates to 'doping' and has been found to significantly increase accuracy. Have you heard about this in the competitive shooting world or is it blown out of proportion?

The reason I ask is that I've (within the last 3 years) had a lot of Marines ask me for prescriptions to these drugs before the range qual day because they believe it will help them get a higher score.

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You guys were downvoting legitimate questions from anyone who didn't ask her a loaded question or praised her during their question.

This is worse than those idiots down in Texas shouting to disrupt a vote just because they don't agree with it.

You guys really proved that reddit is a liberal echo chamber and has absolutely no legitimacy as a media outlet.

How immature can you be? This was just sad and pathetic.