I host two shows you might know of - Dancing with the stars and another one that’s been on the air longer than man has had utensils - America’s Funniest Home Videos. The new season of AFV airs, Sun Oct 13th 7/6c on abc.

I tweeted in advance: https://twitter.com/AFVofficial/status/385469411622010880 and took a picture in the AFV writer’s room ‘cause I’m thorough like that: http://i.imgur.com/zCA9I1R.jpg?1

Edit: Thanks everyone, this has been really fun. Please be sure to watch the season premiere of AFV, THIS Sunday, 7/6c on ABC.


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the_number_2420 karma

Hi there, Tom.

Do you ever cringe at some of the cheesy voice overs and puns they have you do on AFV?

TomBergeronAMA1748 karma

Yes, but the checks always clear

EdYOUcateRSELF334 karma

Do you realize you are like the king of dad jokes?

TomBergeronAMA751 karma

No. But pull my finger.

EdYOUcateRSELF180 karma

Now I have a real question but its prob too late, do people still send in tapes or do you guys also pull them from the internet?

TomBergeronAMA396 karma

Both. We have an AFV app

CommitThisToMemory265 karma

Hey Tom, one more question. The show is hilarious, but why do so many mediocre videos make the top 3? How is that determined?

TomBergeronAMA857 karma

During drunken meetings

Thakrawr244 karma

How have you managed to not age in 20 years?

TomBergeronAMA1260 karma

I began looking 50 at 30

odinist241 karma

Hi Tom! One of our favorite family times is Sundays when we get to watch AFV (or "Funny Videos!!!" as my five year old calls it).

Question: What is the chance of a picture of you holding a sign that says, "Hi Colin!"? My kid would be floored. :D

TomBergeronAMA806 karma

gulpeg101 karma

Ever get mistaken for Henry Winkler?

TomBergeronAMA211 karma

Nope. Mostly mistaken for Potsie

odinist1 karma

You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir!!

TomBergeronAMA38 karma

Well, you're 1/2 right

TomBergeronAMA404 karma

Happy to. Should be up soon. At first I thought you wrote, "Hi Colon" which is too intestinal


Are the judges on DWTS really that crazy or are they hamming it up for the show?

TomBergeronAMA363 karma

Yes to both

OrangeCabinet165 karma

Tom, I want to grow up to be a TV host, Have any advice?

TomBergeronAMA928 karma

Don't do it until I retire

longlostfromnh162 karma

In the early 1980s when you were a diskjockey with WHEB, you helped with a marketing event at the Isuzu dealership on Route 16 in Somersworth next to the old drive in threater. You were giving away WHEB mugs. The only requirement to obtain a mug was to show up in person and spell Isuzu in front of you. A young mother with four children was driving on Route 16 and decided it would be awesome if all her children could each get a mug. She brought her children in and they all spelled Isuzu together and correctly in front of you during one of your commercial breaks. You even mentioned them on the air following your commercial break. You decided to give the young mother a single mug, rather than four, disappointing the mother and the children.

I was one of those children. My question for you, Mr. Bergeron, is when are you going to give me my mug?

TomBergeronAMA550 karma

When you stop whining.

Crab_Muffins160 karma

Tom, the first time my friend was under the effects of a hallucinogenic substance I decided to turn on AFV while I was making sure he was safe. Now, because he took too much, I can quote you and cause him to become sick to his stomach and confused.

I just wanted to thank you for that.

TomBergeronAMA194 karma

Cool, dude

joebreezy12154 karma

Are you boys with Bob Saget?

TomBergeronAMA327 karma

Yes. Got him to do our 20th anniversary show.

Pajakistan153 karma

Hey Tom! Thanks for doing this. Has there ever been a video sent in on AFV that made you think "This reminds me exactly of this other clip from a previous episode" so much so that you think it's staged/recreated? On that note, do you have a process to weed out obviously staged clips? Thanks!

TomBergeronAMA740 karma

I'm not willing to discuss my weed habits here.

gulpeg178 karma

This AMA will most likely end at 4:20pm

TomBergeronAMA525 karma

Or when we run out of munchies

VanSensei132 karma

What happens during commercial breaks at DWTS?

TomBergeronAMA648 karma

Dozens of spray-tanned people run to the bathroom

uberlad120 karma


What's your very best life advice?

TomBergeronAMA566 karma

Don't die

gulpeg150 karma

I died, what do I do now?

TomBergeronAMA460 karma

Nothing. That's the best part of it.

wink4jesse115 karma

Hi Tom!

What interested you in radio broadcasting when you first started?

TomBergeronAMA443 karma

Not having to shave

Awesome_Otter112 karma

You and Daniel Tosh. Death match. Who would win?

TomBergeronAMA562 karma

I'd sic a horse sized Saget on him

gangnam_style109 karma

Were there any clips where you felt bad for laughing at the people involved?

TomBergeronAMA254 karma

Yes, but only passing guilt

bubblemaster30106 karma

If you were to make an educated guess, what is the total number of clips you've seen where someone gets hit in the nuts?

TomBergeronAMA259 karma


humanornament93 karma

Hi, Bob Saget is pretty public about his hatred for hosting afv. What is your opinion of the job?

TomBergeronAMA313 karma

Bob's mellowed. I think he mostly hated himself

TheDuskDragon93 karma

What's up Tom! I've been watching you host America's Funniest Home Videos and Dancing with the Stars for years. Thanks for doing an AMA!

If you were asked to switch roles and become one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars for one season, would you do it?

TomBergeronAMA195 karma

Nope. Hosting is much easier

LordBarvis88 karma

Why do you suppose Vonnegut decided to kill you? If you had survived and became Emperor, what changes do you think you would have made?

TomBergeronAMA178 karma

You're thinking of cousin Harrison, who was always a pain in the ass

matthiasreddit85 karma

Hey Tom!

Your show is great, but aren't you afraid of the internet? It contains a lot of funny videos...

TomBergeronAMA205 karma

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. And, on occasion, YouTube. But, seriously, there's enough room for us both.

licencevlease80 karma

What did you take from Bob Saget and use for yourself?

TomBergeronAMA415 karma

Three of his suits and one of his wives

PandemoniumR79 karma

Oh my God, AFV is still on?! I loved that show back when I had cable.

TomBergeronAMA248 karma

It IS??

truckcentmelon76 karma

I used to watch AFV as a kid, holy shit I had no idea it still existed! How's it goin, Tom?

TomBergeronAMA320 karma

Great. It's not on TV anymore. Now we show up at your house and do it there.

furophile75 karma

Don't have any questions Tom, can I call you Tom? I'm just letting you know you are awesome.

TomBergeronAMA292 karma

Please call me Hank

TomBergeronAMA171 karma

You're a great judge of character

rekkashien75 karma

Can you tell us about your expierence being on Castle? Love from WY.

TomBergeronAMA196 karma

Castle was great fun. Nathan and the gang made my time as a corpse quite enjoyable

Mercury8572 karma

Have you ever considered hosting Jeopardy?

TomBergeronAMA385 karma

What is "no"?

thetypicalstudent70 karma

Your teeth are really white. What toothpaste do you use?

TomBergeronAMA506 karma

No toothpaste. Paint.

scrapplepony62 karma

Hi Tom. You're the first Boston TV guy I remember watching go from local to massive national success. How'd you make that transition?

TomBergeronAMA215 karma

Between bouts of unemployment

Cyire62 karma

Why are you so handsome Mr. Bergeron?

TomBergeronAMA237 karma

How's the glaucoma?

TheSporkening55 karma

Tom, my kids beg to watch AFV all the damn time. Could you try to intersperse some footage of slaughterhouses or big boxes of insects with the people being hit in the groin with hard objects to turn them off?

Or you could just keep on keepin' on. Which is what you should do. There is a reason I'm not in television.

TomBergeronAMA124 karma

I'm kinda diggin' the big boxes of insects idea

Pikzel353 karma

On a scale of 1-10 how scripted is AFV? :)

TomBergeronAMA334 karma

My writers will get back to you on that

ou_master50 karma

Hi Tom!

Did you ask Bill Nye the Science Guy to do any science experiments for you?

TomBergeronAMA143 karma

Yes. But he needed the eye of a newt.

Rudyrobbob45 karma

Would you rather fight a horse sized Bob Saget or 10 duck sized Bob Sagets?

TomBergeronAMA109 karma

A horse, of course, of course

lotsocows45 karma

Daisy Fuentes didn't happen to leave her phone number lying around anywhere in the studio did she?

TomBergeronAMA103 karma

Yes. It's 310-555-9761

marialfc45 karma

Hello Mr. Bergeron: If you were not a TV Host, what would be another profession you think you would be good at, or would like to work in?

TomBergeronAMA141 karma


marcm624644 karma

Do you feel guilty for taking over Brooke's job this season? (Interviewing the stars before the scores?)

TomBergeronAMA149 karma

The leg waxing has been the toughest

Amon_Equalist43 karma

Now that most people go to YouTube for funny videos, how much time do you think AFV has left? I want it to stay on forever but I doubt it'll happen.

Also, why are there so many dog videos on AFV? Some of them aren't even funny, just kinda cute.

TomBergeronAMA140 karma

I think AFV has 372 hours left. Maybe 560. I'm lousy with numbers

proudtobeunamerican41 karma

Hey Tom...loved you on Howard Stern. Most hosts in your position are such yucksters...glad to know you have a sense of humor.

TomBergeronAMA67 karma

Love Howard. We produced a special using interviews with Moe & Larry of the Three Stooges I conducted when I was 16 & 17

dayofthedead20441 karma

Hi Tom, Who was the funniest celebrity you worked with while on Hollywood Squares? And why was it Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

TomBergeronAMA120 karma

Gilbert Gottfried.

balfoursyournephew44 karma

Did he ever read 50 Shades of Grey to you?

TomBergeronAMA121 karma

We're up to page 140. Starting tonight.

ambiguousbowl40 karma

Do you have weird Whoopi stories you like to tell from Hollywood Squares? Also, who was better to work with, Whoopi or Ellen?

TomBergeronAMA71 karma

Ellen was only on a few times. Whoopi and I worked together for 4 wonderful years.

fa5340 karma

Do you ever tire of the "hit in the balls" clips?

TomBergeronAMA142 karma

No, as long as the involved balls are not my own

starship739 karma

Is Jeri Ryan as awesome as she is beautiful?

TomBergeronAMA67 karma


theboneycrony32 karma

What is your idea of a perfect meal?

TomBergeronAMA161 karma

In N Out Burger

jlwalk90530 karma

Who is your favorite judge on Dancing with the Stars?

TomBergeronAMA48 karma

I love them all equally

anjoli29 karma

Do you mind if we call you the berg (rhyming with purge)?

TomBergeronAMA95 karma

Try Berj.

EmilioEstevezForever28 karma

What happened to your top lip Mr.Bergeron?

TomBergeronAMA101 karma

I swallowed it

BushwickSpill25 karma

I loved the morning show Breakfast Time you used to to on FX back in the 90's. Do you keep in contact with Bob?

TomBergeronAMA37 karma

Yes! Al Rosenberg was Bob's "handler." Great guy and still good friend

martlet124 karma


TomBergeronAMA80 karma

No, I wasn't, despite what IMDB says.

elegantsocialist23 karma

Hello from India! My family and I love watching the show! Thank you for being the hilarious person you are. :)

  • What is a video that makes you laugh uncontrollably every time you see it?
  • Do you like waffles?
  • What is your favourite childhood memory?

TomBergeronAMA74 karma

My favorite childhood memory is eating waffles

grizzlyunicorn23 karma


TomBergeronAMA58 karma

Only when Maria Menounos does it

rusty__shakleford20 karma


TomBergeronAMA114 karma

He eats a shitload of yogurt

nuqqet9k18 karma

Fuckin' Seacrest. Am I right, Tom?

TomBergeronAMA56 karma

Spooning, maybe. Not....

mushperv15 karma

Who is the most beautiful female celebrity you've had on DWTS?

TomBergeronAMA67 karma

Tucker Carlson

chickenboneneck14 karma

How hard would you plow Beth Ostrosky-Stern?

Followup: How many times have you plowed her?

TomBergeronAMA35 karma

I wouldn't. Howard is a trained Ninja

csstarr11 karma

Hey Tom! Do people ever come up to you and say, "Remember me?? AFV aired a video of me falling off a roof!!" If so - how do you respond?

TomBergeronAMA40 karma

I nod. I smile. I run.

wrapped_in_clingfilm9 karma

Who are you and what have you ever done for the UK?

TomBergeronAMA50 karma

I once nailed Margaret Thatcher at a rave

wrapped_in_clingfilm12 karma

Isn't there some kind of medal the Queen should give you for that?

TomBergeronAMA37 karma

Just Purell

marcm62468 karma

Hey Tom! Thank you for doing this AMA! I’m a longtime and huge fan of DWTS and I have many questions for you, don’t feel that you need to answer them all though, just thought I’d throw the ones right off the top of my head at you.

  1. Back when the shows elimination night was on a Tuesday, my father was completely convinced that the Monday night and Tuesday night show were filmed the same night and that you, Brooke and the judges simply had a wardrobe change. Were they filmed the same night or was there truly a 24 hour break to count the viewer votes? Please settle this debate for us.

  2. What has been your most awkward moment in the shows history as a host, and what is your favourite dance style to see performed by the stars? Do you have an all-time favourite dance?

  3. what has been, to your knowledge, the “most famous” star they’ve asked to come onto the show?

  4. Any chance of adopting the old format from pre season 17 for next season? I’m not a huge fan of this new format.

Thanks again for doing this, you’re a great host! :)

TomBergeronAMA34 karma

DWTS is live. As in, not taped.

poornose8 karma

Hi Tom! I just want to say that you are absolutely one of my all time favorite T.V. personalities second only to Mr. Mike Rowe (but it's a close second), I will watch you host anything you are charming, funny and smooth on your feet when talking to guests, and you just come off with an air of caring and general interest. I also think you are the BEST host of AFV ever even better than Bob Saget. Please don't stop hosting I enjoy the way you provide commentary over the videos and not try to do goofy voices and the like.

No real question just a total admiration of your work. I wish you the best.

TomBergeronAMA22 karma

Thanks, Mom

poornose10 karma

Your mom likes Mike Rowe more than you? :)

TomBergeronAMA25 karma

Only one of the reasons I'm in therapy

blondegirlfrnd2 karma

Hey, dude. No disrespect, but in the age of YouTube, how is "Funniest Videos" even still around?

TomBergeronAMA16 karma

A lot of dudes still watch it

anonibon2 karma

Do you often hate yourself after filming episodes? I assume it sucks to have to tell crap PG jokes all day.

TomBergeronAMA3 karma

Bitter much?

wangaccount1 karma

Are you really that annoying and unfunny or is that just for T.V.?

TomBergeronAMA9 karma

Just for TV. I'm downright scary now that I have your IP address

2chainz451 karma

can you make turkey

TomBergeronAMA3 karma

Make turkey do what?

Mom2pigs0 karma

Are you going to show my pig video? He is scratching his butt and sitting on a rail road tie rocking like a 3 year old.

TomBergeronAMA2 karma

Oh...my bad. I thought that WAS a 3 yr. old

NightEmber790 karma

You're not going to make a career out of dick jokes once you leave AFV, are you?

TomBergeronAMA5 karma

Trying to shaft me?