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Daisy Fuentes didn't happen to leave her phone number lying around anywhere in the studio did she?

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What did you do to get put in there? Did you ever put tp on the walls or camera? Thats usually the only reason they take that away.

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I work as a cop in Wisconsin. The "reasoning" behind getting away from 10 codes is that it will cause confusion in a multi-jurisdictional incident. Everybody in the state was using the same 10 code system, but you don't use all of them, there are some obscure and not useful ones that some areas change to something they specifically need a 10 code for.

Now they want us to stop and use plain talk, which is dumb in some situations. Now instead of saying 10-29 when I run somebody at a bar fight for a warrant check, I have to say "Wisconsin warrants check." Sometimes they don't get it with the 29, but now they almost always flip their shit when they hear you checking for warrants. That is just one of the many stupid examples. If something isn't broke, don't fix it. And in the case where there is a major event, we can switch to plain talk for that, sure, but let us keep the 10 code for day to day stuff.