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Hello Mr. Bergeron: If you were not a TV Host, what would be another profession you think you would be good at, or would like to work in?

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Good to see that you guys are having such a great time and success with this project, I've known of Katie since youtube (when it was popular) and she's super talented!. What was (and if there's one thing) the hardest thing for you guys to accomplish in relation to this movie? was it getting it filmed? choosing the right actors? distribution?

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Hi Doc: I know that we have brought over a couple of infected patients here to the US for treatment, but they have been contained for what I understand... do you think that Ebola is something that can be spread to the US if we are not careful?

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Hello Mr. Izzard: Huge fan! I see that you are engaged on twitter a lot and like to contribute to charity. What are some charities that you are interested in at the moment and that we can contribute to?