I'm a straight male escort in Australia and have also recently started working in porn.

Like the title says, ask me anything!

Picture proof from the shoot I'm on tonight here and twitter verification here: https://twitter.com/ryanjamessydney

Link to my website

Edit: Off to get some sleep now but will be back in the morning to film some more and answer more questions!

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greasythug225 karma

Ever had a tax audit conducted on you? Do you take any performance enhancing drugs? Could you get the actress to slip in a reference to 'greasythug' during the shoot? What are your thoughts on the U.S Government shut down and international implications?

MadisonMissina598 karma

Mr_Myers141 karma

That was pretty damn cool of you to do that.

taneq64 karma

Madison stealing this AMA in 3, 2, 1...

ryanjames0134 karma

Seeing as I get to do scenes with her, she can steal whatever she wants.

iirostashock167 karma

Are your parents supportive?

ryanjames01357 karma

My parents don't know.

HungryHungry-Hippo43 karma

What do they think you do?

ryanjames0124 karma

I have a day job as well.

Adamsojh130 karma

Obvious question, how big is the package? And how can a slightly overweight guy get into the male escort business.

ryanjames01188 karma

8 inches.

Honestly, just put an ad up. There's a market for everyone. It how successful you are depends on you. It's up to you what you do about your weight but personality, hygiene, ability to hold a conversation and some skill in the bedroom are all hugely important.

Mortissia7109 karma


ryanjames01141 karma

Madison Missina, she's another Aussie pornstar!

Check her out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadisonMissina

woody_kerbox104 karma

what would you be doing for a living if you weren't sexing on film for money?

ryanjames01158 karma

I'd be doing what I'm already doing - working as a personal trainer.

djnap49 karma

Do your clients know you working in adult films?

ryanjames0120 karma

Some of them know I have something to do with the industry. My clients are generally grown ups who see it as just another industry.

Beau_Vine20 karma

Have any of your gym clients recognized you (and admitted to it)?

If so, did they just stare intently until they made sure, said something along the lines of "hey, loved your work" or do they ever ask for non-workout training advice?

edit: also, did you ever play in a porn where the pseudo-plot is that you play a personal trainer (I saw multiple flicks with that angle. Seems to be the new dick in a box).

ryanjames0117 karma

Not yet. I've only gotten into porn recently so that hasn't happened... Yet.

Haven't played a PT yet but I plan on doing it soon! I might get carried away though, forget I'm on set and end up making them do an intense hour long workout.

it_is_abomination87 karma

  1. Do you hope to one day transition to mainstream/non-porn movies?

  2. Did you draw the Reddit alien or did a fluffer do it?

ryanjames01561 karma

No, I have terrible acting skills and zero desire for fame.

I guess you could say the fluffier did it - I drew it with my hand.

rannicus79 karma

Do you have a girlfriend? If not, then what if you meet a really cool chick and how will you introduce yourself to her? Will you hide the fact you are doing porn? And also your co-star is smokin' hot. That is all

ryanjames01107 karma

I'd be open and upfront about it. I know from past experience it wouldn't cause problems. I also know of many other people in the industry with successful relationships.

rannicus39 karma

I see. thanks for answering my question. To be honest, I have a different view of how pornstars live their lives in the real world. Like i thought you can just mingle with people in the same industry.

Good luck with your career. You seem like a pretty cool guy

ryanjames0148 karma


Both happen. Some people date within the industry, some don't. Some do both.

Honduran3 karma

Both male and female in relationships? How do they say they work around it?

ryanjames012 karma

Yes, both male and female.

They don't "work around it."

It's just another part of their lives.

QuotationStation73 karma

What is your favourite non adult film?

ryanjames01319 karma

I'm a big fan of Watchmen. Sadly, no one else I know seems to like it as much as I do.

hate_this_song48 karma

watchmen was heavy, people don't like films that rustle their jimmies

ryanjames0113 karma

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

bigmonkeyjunk66 karma

do you ever wonder whether you are helping the world celebrate women, or objectify them further?

ryanjames01181 karma

I would rather celebrate women then objectify them so I make an effort to have that come across in the prob that I do.

I'm also trying to get involved in the more sensual, intimate style of porn that is about a couple enjoying themselves rather than a woman being fucked senseless.

Edit: changed then to than.

Starace0165 karma

What is your favorite mythical creature and why?

ryanjames01389 karma

A horse sized duck.

Edit: Because quack quack.

15MinutesOfReign53 karma

Does your parents/family/friends know that you're working in porn?

ryanjames0173 karma

Most of my friends know. None of my relatives do.

whosSlifer52 karma

Is the porn industry in Australia quite small?

ryanjames0171 karma

Compared to the US it's tiny. It's growing though and we have produced a number of international stars.

kazneus206 karma

Could you say it's tiny, but growing in members? I'll see myself out..

ryanjames0126 karma

Sorry? Just because our industry is small doesn't mean we don't know what to do with it.

QuotationStation49 karma

How much testing are you/other actors expected to undergo before shooting?

ryanjames0163 karma

We all get tested in the weeks leading up to a shoot and check each other's results.

Lamaar49 karma

What was your favorite movie to shoot? Also just Googled Madison Missina, Wow!

ryanjames0143 karma

I couldn't say, it's honestly too hard to choose between.

TimeSuck300055 karma

Call your doctor if it lasts longer than 4 hours.

ryanjames0115 karma

It's only priapism in the absence of stimulation.

nsflliker47 karma

Are you circumcised?

ryanjames0137 karma


BluessH19 karma

Do you have any idea of a ratio of circumcised to uncircumcised or are you not in the habit of looking at other guys junk?

ryanjames0112 karma

No idea of the ratio, I do know the number of circumcised men in Australia is fairly high.

the_drew44 karma


ryanjames019 karma

Of course!

Archfeared40 karma

You're a pretty eloquent dude. Maybe Sydneysiders aren't inbred hicks after all.

  • Melbourne.

ryanjames0148 karma

I've seen the Sydneysiders you're referring to. In some cases it's a well deserved stereotype.

Archfeared13 karma

So do you get recognised often? Are you able to afford inner-city housing (since the housing bubble continues to grow and prices are relentless)? Where do you usually film, does it vary?

ryanjames0122 karma

I've only been in the adult industry for a year so haven't been recognized yet that I know of.

Still renting at the moment, fairly close to the CBD. Looking to buy soon!

Filming locations vary considerably!

2bblazek36 karma

What do you think about marriage in the porn industry?

ryanjames01150 karma

Exactly the same as I feel about marriage between anyone else - that it's between two consenting adults and anything else is irrelevant.

nommsayinn34 karma

How much you squat bro

ryanjames0120 karma

400 lbs. How much you deadlift bro?

lilyoftheally29 karma

what exactly is an escort & what did you do when you were one?

ryanjames01100 karma

I still am one. It's basically a fancy name for prostitute.

whosinthetrunk28 karma

How much do you have to weigh to be considered a BBW?

ryanjames0129 karma

Not a clue.

crashlog28 karma

How did you bag your first role in a porn movie? Did working as an escort help get your name out within the industry? Did you have to audition etc?

ryanjames0145 karma

It was mainly through knowing the right people - my costar in the proof pic was a huge help.

The escorting helped as well, mainly in that it showed I was serious about it and knew what I was doing. Porn producers get emails all the time from guys who think they can do porn. It's a lot harder than most people think.

I didn't have to audition. Thankfully I did well so got called back for the next one!

crashlog13 karma

Cheers! So like most other industries, contacts and networking are also key.. gotcha

ryanjames0123 karma

Absolutely - contacts and networking play a huge part. But unlike many other industries, you can't fake it once you're in.

liddad45 karma

The women working in the industry, however, are much more skilled at the faking.

ryanjames0118 karma

What? You mean they're orgasms aren't real? I've been living a lie...

limondrop27 karma

Have you ever been concerned about your parents just happening to stumble across your twitter page and find out what you do?

ryanjames0137 karma

Not really. They don't know but I've accepted they'll find out someday. I don't really feel awkward about it, I'll just explain it to them when it comes up.

volkz1924 karma

How much do you get paid if you don't mind me asking?

ryanjames0131 karma

That's one thing I can't say!

Viney29 karma

If it wasn't lucrative, would you still do it? Or do you enjoy your work enough, you would continue to do it for less?

ryanjames0135 karma

It's a surprisingly rewarding job so I would probably keep doing it as long as it continued to help pay the bills.

InSearchOfNature16 karma

How did you get involved in this industry?

ryanjames0140 karma

I did some photoshoots and started working as a topless waiter. From there it naturally progressed to stripping, escorting and porn.

seamustfap120 karma

Well that escalated as can be expected.

eitaporra9 karma

Well that escalated in a reasonable pace.

ryanjames016 karma

Well I couldn't just stop at waiter, could I?

Babidixp15 karma

Have you done any gay porn, I heard that men in the industry has to do this in order to proceed get better "roles" and pay. If so, what did you like about it?

ryanjames0128 karma

No, I haven't done gay porn.

demize953 karma

Would you consider doing it if asked, or just flat out refuse?

ryanjames013 karma

I wouldn't consider it, it's just not my thing.

15MinutesOfReign-4 karma

Do you want to ;)?

ryanjames0153 karma

If I wanted to I wouldn't be doing straight porn.

mirozi12 karma

how hard is work in porn bussines?

ryanjames0124 karma

Depends which part you're talking about. Getting into porn, the physical side of performing etc.

mirozi16 karma

mostly about physical side. is it hard to be ready when director needs you? and how long are you shooting (maybe something like 1h movie)?

ryanjames0142 karma

It's very physically demanding. Outside of porn I have fantastic sexual control. I can get hard on demand, come within a minute or last for over an hour.

In porn it's hard to stay hard as it's just not a very sexual environment. It can also be hard to come on demand.

A 20 minute scene can take anywhere from 20 minutes as one continuous take up to a few hours. It depends on the actors, director (if there is one), style of porn and how much difficulty the guy has staying erect/coming.

Casem07 karma

1) Are FLUFFERS a real thing?

3) What exactly do Fluffers do?

2) How are the fluffers today?

ryanjames013 karma

Not as far as I know!

mrgoober13376 karma

On average, how many bags of chips do you eat daily? Be honest.

ryanjames014 karma

Are we talking small bags or family sized bags here?

mrgoober13373 karma

Small bags!

ryanjames013 karma

Probable average about half a small bag a week. When I do eat them, it tends to be an entire large bag in one sitting though.

Trumpstah0 karma

Wait, so what do you do?

ryanjames015 karma

I work as an escort and appear in porn films.

loves_reposts-17 karma

Do you have mommy issues?

ryanjames0115 karma

Would it make you feel better if I said I did?

QuimLiquor-26 karma

Maybe you should be fucking and not on reddit. Makes sense to me.

ryanjames018 karma

Why would that be?