Thanks for all the great questions! This was so fun, can't wait to do it again--Go check out ACOD is you're so inclined...GOODBYE.



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HelenVonBiscuits1377 karma

What does winning The Masters feel like?

_AdamScott1089 karma

Like anything else.

POP_THAT_ZIT979 karma

Dear Adam,

I'm a big fan. I just had a couple of questions for you:

  1. What's the status of the Party Down movie?

  2. If you had Ron Swanson's mustache, would you gel it up like you do with your hair? Something like this.


_AdamScott976 karma

  1. I have no idea.

  2. Yes.

ajwalsh44946 karma

How many takes did the "is she going to powder her vagina" scene in Parks and Rec take?

Starts around 3:05:

_AdamScott1281 karma

So many. Aziz did not help.

rutterb0871 karma

How bummed were you when Frankie and Joey the Rat told you they didn't want to be your lackies no more?

_AdamScott852 karma

still not over that one. Jerks.

jsto34735 karma

Adam, Step Brothers is one of my favorite movies. I saw it 9 times in theaters. My favorite scene in the entire film was when you and your family did the a capella version of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’. How long did that take? Also, you play the perfect douchebag. PS, It’s the fuckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer.

_AdamScott761 karma

I think it took all day. I did not sing at all. Everyone else in car was singing live. Which is better.

Fart-sniffer727 karma

Serious question. Aziz, like Tom, is a bit of a food connoisseur, so I imagine he must pass gas on set from time to time. What do his farts smell like?

_AdamScott953 karma

best question of the day.

starthirteen653 karma

Shouldn't you be at work at the lumber yard? Those pinewood derby cars aren't going to stack themselves.

_AdamScott552 karma

UGH thanks for reminding me! Jesus!!!

bookish-malarkey552 karma

Are you as big of a fan of Game of Thrones as Ben is? Anyone in particular you're rooting for to win the Iron Throne? (Also, thanks for doing this AMA and for being awesome.)

_AdamScott1046 karma

I love GOT with every fiber of my being. It's so good

every1else_has1538 karma

I saw you in line once at a Starbucks in Studio City and I wanted to say hi but you looked like you didn't want to be bothered.


_AdamScott1295 karma

Next time slap me in the face

rosavseveryone403 karma

Ok I'm gonna go ahead and ask...... are we having fun yet??!?!

_AdamScott284 karma


Frajer397 karma

What's your best Paul Rudd story?

_AdamScott853 karma

We got kicked out of a wedding once.

lamelamblamp359 karma

Hey Adam! Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your work, especially Party Down and Parks and Rec. All I want to know if I have your permission to use Ben's Low-Cal Calzone Zone as the name of my calzone shop, if I ever decide to open one that is.

And also, today is my birthday and life would pretty damn stellar if you happened to acknowledge my existence. Thanks for being you!

_AdamScott747 karma

Happy birthday and go ahead, you have my permission. Though NBC my sue the shit out of you.

BMan84313 karma

Hey Adam. You seem like a wise man of wisdom. My ex wants to get back together. Should I?

_AdamScott1295 karma

You don't need her buddy. Tomorrow is always better.

gosmj312 karma

Hi Adam. I read on here that you hate to eat barf. Do you REALLY hate to eat barf, or were you just saying that?

_AdamScott641 karma

You see right through me. I LOVE IT

damienbREC302 karma

When exactly did the following movies release? Remember hearing on Fallon that you're really good at this. Airplane. Return of the Jedi. Dumb and Dumber.

_AdamScott611 karma

80, 83, 94 did not cheat.

_AdamScott310 karma

no--Airplane 79?

kittiesandbeers273 karma

Who has your favorite guest star been so far?

_AdamScott510 karma

Kristen Bell last night was great. Billy Eichner coming up is so funny

stolarz88251 karma

Adam, I do not have question, please respond accordingly.

Sincerely, bored working peasant.

_AdamScott446 karma

Sure anytime

robertopancake212 karma

I loved your appearance on Talking Bad a few weeks ago. Were you satisfied with Breaking Bad's ending?

_AdamScott422 karma

Yes very much so. Bummed it's over.

kissograms207 karma

Jesse Pinkman moves to Pawnee post-Breaking Bad, what do you think happens? Go!

_AdamScott500 karma

He and Tom do something weird together.

vicolani07202 karma

How is it working with aubrey plaza? is she almost the same as her character April?

_AdamScott388 karma

Yes. Actually no. Yes. Nope! She's rad

beeinyourbonnet199 karma

HEY BROS. Will we hear you on CBB again soon?

_AdamScott201 karma

I hope so

mkwierman187 karma

What's it like having two first names?

Seriously, what movie have you seen the most? Not necessarily favorite or best. Just the most. How do you feel about it?

Keep up the great work on Parks and Rec. I'll keep watching.

_AdamScott345 karma

probably Raiders of the Lost Ark, it's perfect

T1RCOTT187 karma


_AdamScott586 karma

what up WIFE

freakethanolindustry163 karma

Mr. Scott,

What is your favorite joke of all time?

Keep up the awesome work, sir! Thank you for countless laughs.

_AdamScott677 karma

whyd the monkey fall out of the tree? It was dead. favorite in the 2nd grade, holds up

JuggaloRando152 karma

I watched The Vicious Kind a few years back, and I enjoyed it, but what made you take the part? It was such a twisted movie and so different from what I usually see you in. Also, huge fan since Party Down.

_AdamScott129 karma

Lee Krieger is really talented, good writer. Really wanted to do it.

BarackOFlocka151 karma

Any allergies?

_AdamScott472 karma

I hate eating barf.

Gabrielle91138 karma

Would you vote for Leslie Knope for city council?

_AdamScott476 karma

Shit yeah bro

TellThemIHateThem133 karma

Adam I'm in my mid twenties and balding. I love you and you hair. Will you donate some of your hair to me so that I can have hair and also a part of you with me always.

_AdamScott187 karma


PapaGator130 karma

Do you really have a love for calzones?

_AdamScott490 karma

Like not love. But RESPECT.

RodCannon2127 karma

What was it like to work with Amy Poehler in such a different capacity in ACOD as opposed to Parks and Rec?

_AdamScott502 karma

Super fun. We hate each other in ACOD, like in real life.

TheRiverFox90 karma

How do I convince my friends to see ACOD with me? I have a few Parks & Rec fans in the mix but most are not really familiar with yours and Amys hilarity

_AdamScott444 karma

Tell them you'll live forever if you see the film, then when you arrive at the theatre break the news to them that it isn't true and you don't want to be friends w anyone how'd believe something so stupid.

turbo_loadstone86 karma

How many tacos can you eat in one sitting?

_AdamScott189 karma


TheDuskDragon85 karma

Do you ever plan on taking the lead role of a movie? What would that movie be called?

_AdamScott321 karma


GrandfatherJesus82 karma


When was the last time you guys went on a super long walk through a city and just to the outskirts where it turns into either the woods, the desert, or just like walking right into the ocean just depending on where the city is?

_AdamScott102 karma


peterlew80 karma

Mr. Scott, you are so funny and have a great subtle acting ability. I will usually watch anything to see you in it.

What's your favorite album right now?

_AdamScott309 karma

last Vampire Weekend, Volcano choir, Haim, In Utero re-issue

tylerdurden0379 karma

To whom it may concern (Adam):

If you were to open Ben's Low-Cal Calzone Zone, who would you rather manage it: Jean Ralphio or Jerry.

P.s. Choosing Jean Ralphio also means Mona Lisa as assistant Manager.

_AdamScott201 karma

Jerry. It would be a disaster, but less of a disaster

ganja_is_ganja75 karma

Hello Mr. Scott,

I have a couple of questions. What was it like to work with Will Ferrell? What is your favorite scene you've ever shot?

Lastly, any advice for someone that wants to get into acting one day?

Thanks for doing this!

_AdamScott115 karma

I'd say stick with it, don't stop--all I had on the others I started with is I never left, stuck around.

RodCannon271 karma

Hey Adam, big fan, what was it like to film the birthing scene in Knocked Up for you?

_AdamScott158 karma

Weirdly emotional.

Butterasafood67 karma

What is your favorite TV shipper pairing? (Excluding Ben and Leslie and Ben and Andy)

_AdamScott400 karma

Viva la Apollo/Starbuck

MancombQSeepgood64 karma

Shout out from Santa Cruz!

_AdamScott76 karma


Stevenpollard63 karma

What's your favorite band?

_AdamScott179 karma


Cinemaphreak44 karma

The "Hart to Hart" and "Simon & Simon" odes were hilariously random vids to stumble upon. Any more coming up?

_AdamScott90 karma

Nov 7 the next Greatest Event in TV History airs on Adult Swim.

_AdamScott96 karma

and Catherine O'Hara is in it...

MissAutonomy42 karma

COULD YOU grow Ron Swanson facial hair if you didn't shave and rubbed Olive Oil and Almond Oil into the roots to promote hair growth?

At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?

Also your a great actor and I love your work

_AdamScott127 karma

I try for both, then lose them both due to lack of willpower

thejimsy41 karma

If I'm presented with the opportunity can I give you a helicopter hug? (That's when I pick you up and spin around once while going "WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!")

_AdamScott90 karma

please do (don't)

EarthboundCory39 karma

Hey! I've been a fan of yours since Boy Meets World and Party of Five (yes, an adult male who has watched Party of Five), and I'll gladly watch anything you're in.

My question: How did you get involved with Friends with Kids? Your scene with Jon Hamm (and the rest of the cast) at the dinner table in the cabin was incredibly awkward and tense, and it stands out as one of my favorite scenes from a movie in the last few years.

A.C.O.D. looks great, along with having a pretty great cast. Keep up the good work!

_AdamScott61 karma

thank you, friends with Jon and Jen, they asked. Not sure why but glad they did.

AnkleFarm39 karma

I'm a big fan of your comedy work but I also really liked you in The Vicious Kind. Any more dramatic independent films coming soon?

_AdamScott62 karma

I hope so, love that movie.

4nonblondebuttholes36 karma


_AdamScott149 karma

I'll send you $100 right now, you're clearly hilarious. --Raiders --Midnight Run --The Jerk --King of Comedy --Back to the Future

Ashley004236 karma

I'm super excited for A.C.O.D., but with the limited release I'm not able to see it (I would have to go to San Francisco to see it). Do you know if it's going to open up to more theaters? If so, when?

_AdamScott219 karma

It will spread in the coming weeks. Throughout the nation, like a charming disease.

lillithbeare29 karma

What/who were your biggest comedic influences growing up? What's your advice for people trying to write comedy?

_AdamScott95 karma

Steve Martin, Albert Brooks, Letterman, R Reagan

vectormessiah26 karma

Hi Adam. What's your guilty pleasure movie?

_AdamScott103 karma

BODYGUARD but I don't feel guilty

yodamann23 karma

Hey Adam! Last year, you came to Winnipeg Comic Con with Billy Dee Williams. (You made fun of me for wearing a Starfleet Uniform to the Q&A session) Why where you there with Billy Dee?

_AdamScott116 karma

That did not happen.

SuperScate22 karma

Hi Adam

Love your work.

Do you have any unusual tastes in food or any food combinations you suggest others try?

_AdamScott63 karma

ask Chelsea Perretti

_m9913 karma

Have you ever been punched in the face in real life?

_AdamScott27 karma

twice, both times preventable by me if I kept my mouth shut. Lesson learned?

forthecommongood7 karma

Have you come to appreciate the majestically beautiful tragedy that was Li'l Sebastian? Massive fan of you and the rest of the cast of Parks & Recreation by the way

_AdamScott40 karma

Don't get it.

boxofkangaroos4 karma

Hello Adam Scott, I'm a big fan.

What is your favorite type of soup?

_AdamScott8 karma