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Hi Jesse. Over past times, a lot of straight actors would play gay characters. Do you think has changed more over the years ? How would you feel about the opposite - acting a straight character role ?

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Hi Jeremy

I am totally hooked on your show. I love watching it. You've got a lot of fans in Australia.

Have you been interested in the Marianas Trench fish? What would you say is the most dangerous or fascinating of them, in the Trench?

Also, while you were in the Amazon, I'd heard you'd had a few incidents where you nearly died, from a plain crash to guns pointed at you. What was the scariest incident you've ever come across not involving scary fish?


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Hi Hank

I love your work, you are a great talent. Thanks for doing this AMA.

I know you've done a lot of movies with Ben Stiller. What is the connection between you both? Are you great friends or is it coincidence?

Do you have any future movies or projects with him?

Ps. I think you'd be an awesome dad too.


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Thanks for doing the AMA.

As a parent, I find so many sugary and fatty foods aimed at kids, which have little nutritional value. I don't even buy the "kids" food anymore. Even eating at a restaurant, the "kids meals" don't even include vegetables. They are an extra dish to be ordered.

What can I do to make my kids more interested in eating a variety of foods and being the next new generation of foodies?

Thanks muchly.

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Hi Adam

Love your work.

Do you have any unusual tastes in food or any food combinations you suggest others try?