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My SO asks: are you married?

UPDATE: I have asked very few AMA questions over the years, so of course the first one I get an answer for is my GF wanting to see if the DDOI dude is available.....

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plus putting a scooter in a clients vette or Porsche

It would fit. These things fold down to the size of a large gym bag. The only issue I would see in some places - they would be a bitch to ride in snow/ice conditions

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While you are more than happy to quote various Hamilton writings to justify your refusal to vote for Trump, where is the Hamilton quote that in any way justifies installing John Kasich - a man who was not on any ballot on Nov. 8th - as the president?

How in any sense of good conscious can you justify completely & deliberately ignoring the the overwhelming will of the American people who voted for someone who does in fact live up to every single Hamilton requirement of the office? One who had a laundry list of Republicans saying she was well-qualified for the office.

How can you claim to be acting in the name of protecting the country when you apparently lack the courage to put the country above your party?

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One of my best surreal L.A. moments was buying an armoire off Craigslist and The Todd opens the door. I waited until we had the thing nearly loaded into my jeep before I acknowledged I knew who he was. Very nice, cool guy.

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IIRC, the launch codes go to senior military staff/joint chiefs who then authenticate them. If they deem them correct, they then pass them to missile command and the whole turn-your-key-at-the-same-time shtick happens.

HOWEVER those that get the football codes can also decide to disregard them if they feel they are being sent erroneously or without just cause. A failsafe built into the system.

Was hoping Mr. Perry would elaborate on this.