Hi there Redditors! My name is Sean Day[9] Plott and I'm an eSports caster and general competitive gaming fanatic. I've done commentary at Blizzcon, ESL, Dreamhack, MLG and NASL and run a show myself called the Day[9] Daily! I also work as a game designer at Artillery! :D

In my brand new show SPELLSLINGERS, I face off against celebrity guests in Magic: The Gathering! The show just launched on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry in partnership with Wizards of the Coast (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-rOGGiJTQY&list=TLd1YqeMGDMiyl0WcCNN_5jBYIi1TC88n4). I'm here to chat more about the show, being a fumbling MTG tryhard, and any other questions you have because this is an AMA! :D

Prewf: https://twitter.com/day9tv/status/385476345465040896


Just reread this post. I apparently really like exclamation marks.


I have to run for now you lovely nerds you. Thanks so much for all the questions and the fun timez :D. Hope you watch yourself some S P E L L S L I N G E R S at the link above and feel free to shoot G&S a nudge of encouragement to run more episodes xD. Have a great day! GO FORTH AND BE AWESOME! (I'll come back to answer more laterrrrr)

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Unidan1572 karma

I just wanted to let you know that I get about ten questions a week asking me if I'm that Uniden, so, thanks!

EDIT: If you do want to see me play games, feel free to check out my new podcast with friends: The Collegiate Alliance!

zngelday91104 karma

Oh my god... dude... how... how are you still alive?

MetastableToChaos1358 karma

Did you pay your rent for this month?

zngelday92014 karma

Oh god dammit.



stormsmcgee1123 karma

No questions. You are just an incredibly positive influence on my life.

zngelday91040 karma

Go forth and be awesome <3

Janeling822 karma

Hi Sean, I'm Janey (with a number J)

I'm just gonna go and make A-move here: My love for you is collosus, it makes me feel imbalanced... I'm not a stalker or anything, but I want to have your banelings! I will supply you with everything you want and always give you great feedback.

I won't drone on... but if the timing window is right, will you rush to the templar and marry me?

zngelday9743 karma

I accept. Pending on the quality of the proposal ring. Your move Janeling.

Janeling398 karma

A sol ring of course <3

zngelday9425 karma

An accelerator makes sense here.

emptythecache571 karma

How on earth do you have time do to the Daily, Spellslingers, AHGL, Cast tournaments AND design an RTS with Artillery? Do you have like 12 secret hours hidden in each day?

zngelday9999 karma

I'm a multitasking animal. I work extremely hard with intense focus and don't take many days off. We recorded Spellslingers on a weekend after I had worked 30 straight ~10-12 hour days so there ya go :P. But, if I had to say what the secrets are

  1. I absolutely love everything I do. If I didn't, it wouldn't be physically possible.
  2. Turn skype/phone/gchat/facebook off when working. When I work, I work, and that be it!

MrKrazybones555 karma

No questions, just want to say daily episode 100, I havent cried like that in a long time

zngelday9255 karma

<333. StarCraft has seriously been the most influential and shaping factor of my life <3333. Competition really teaches you who you are!

D3adtrap410 karma

Are you going to beat the living crap out of Wil Wheaton on your new show?

zngelday9532 karma

I hope to have Wil on in the future. Given that we both run pretty bad on camera, I'm simply sacrificing a black lotus to the RNG god.

Or I could rig the decks.

Yeah, I'm feeling more confident all the time.

problemzerg402 karma

So Sean. Its an island map. Do you think we're gunna see.... DROPS?

Edit: We have sup son'd together at the last two MLG Anaheims and I hope we can do it agian soon. :D http://imgur.com/a/mhb6S


zngelday9415 karma

\(=/)/ <3

Ekrow364 karma

Do you have legs?

zngelday9908 karma

Beaverman215 karma

Do you wear pants?

zngelday9663 karma

ESCape87363 karma

Boner Amanda

zngelday9411 karma


CollectsPuppyPorn346 karma

Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day and Husky
fuck, marry, kill?

zngelday9589 karma

Fuck - Husky. I like to make love to someone who shares an almost identical interest set. That way, nothing I say in bed will catch him by surprise.

Kill - Felicia Day. For revenge on what you may or may not see in a future SPELLSLINGERS episode.

Marry - Wil Wheaton. Board gaming and tasty beer. Recipe for long life together imo

theymightbe338 karma

Sean, what are your thoughts on the new controller being released by Valve?

zngelday91248 karma

It looks like a surprised Darth Vader

samwisegee274 karma

as I am someone with some brutal social anxiety, what's it like to get up in front of huge audiences and be expected to perform, and to do it often? do you get nervous? Any tips for someone who finds that terrifying?

zngelday9819 karma

Lie to yourself and then do it a bunch. Tell yourself you love public speaking and then go do some public speaking. When someone asks you if you're nervous, just say "no way man, I love public speaking." If you do that enough, you'll just flip one day.

Also, don't even worry about "doing a good job" once you're up there. If you're nervous, just be nervous and then go do it! I have [i]bombed[/i] in front of [i]very large crowds[/i] probably 30-40 times before I started to gain comfort. Best of all? I don't even remember what happened. Over time, I learned to love the crowd <3

DownVotingCats438 karma

Just like the time you bombed trying to use italics on reddit? Man, how did you overcome that one?

zngelday91576 karma

I just [i]kept doing it[/i] man. Soon enough, I learned to love italics.

apetresc258 karma

Why do you think M:tG is experiencing such a huge surge of popularity lately? It's a 20-year-old game and it's been more popular in the last 2-3 years than at any point in its history.

Any lessons for Starcraft here?

zngelday9361 karma

For one, I think the MTG design is more brilliant than ever (Shoutout to Mark Rosewater for being awesome). Since the game constantly evolves with new card blocks, old players have constantly new, refreshing content that keeps them interested. And, new players have an easy launching part! For me, I stepped in around Innistrad and don't know many of the cards before then. But, I now am part of ever growing MTG train! Other video games like League of Legends do some similar things (releasing new heroes to freshen up the game).

StarCraft 2 should introduce green creatures. We need a few more big green men in that game.

PhanTom_lt173 karma

The primary reason was the launch of Duels of Planeswalkers, a massively simplified version of the game that is a perfect bridge for newcomers to get into the real game. Also the rebranding of the game to heavily feature planeswalkers, the New World Order way of design, massively reducing the complexity of cards. Look up how many effectively vanilla creatures exist now compared to Onslaught or Time Spiral blocks.

zngelday9149 karma

Oh that's a great point. I forgot about Duels! That game is awesome too!

Zwo93247 karma

Day[9], you're awesome.

How's Felicity?

zngelday9391 karma

She is very cute! <3

Eagl3ye91215 karma

Dear Day9,

Will you ever play Outlast on your friday's playtrough?

Also, I love you.

zngelday9527 karma

Dear Eagl3ye91,

Very no.


Peimai213 karma

When are you doing the Sex and the city dress up with Husky?

zngelday9303 karma

Setting a recording date for next month! I feel horrible about how delayed it's been, and it will almost certainly be pretty bad when it comes out. But dammit, it'll get done! DONE I SAY!

cryfest205 karma

Who would win 1v1 between you and Tasteless right now?

zngelday9628 karma

Somehow, Wil would find a way to lose

Sleet_SC105 karma

This is my favorite answer of the day :D -Anton

zngelday9143 karma

Anton Bischoff? (say your missing name for PROOF)

DreXxiN168 karma

No questions so hope this isn't bothersome, just want to thank you for influencing me to a better person and inspiring me to take a stride into eSports. You are awesome and words cannot show my appreciation!

zngelday9167 karma

<3333!! :D. Thanks so much for the kind words. It always feels great to hear <333. Go forth and be awesome!

Pacifistlock167 karma

Hello Day 9,
What deck do you least like to play against?

zngelday9351 karma

Blue. Fuck blue.

Sunsparc163 karma

What made you stop being this guy?

zngelday9225 karma

That was a particularly good angle. I looked more like a disheveled mutant in reality. I've taken the opportunity to clean up, get new clothes, and look like an executive mutant.

Fyskish157 karma

Hey seany-sean, have you ever been as far as decided to do look more like?

zngelday9318 karma

More or less when I try to accidentally the whole look.

Bestfriendevr150 karma

How are the decks constructed in the show?

zngelday9711 karma

They are preconstructed and prebalanced by a lovely fellow from Wizards of the Coast. Therefore, winning in the show is purely a result of skill. Except when I lose

Strooder141 karma

How would you suggest getting into MTG casually with friends all of which have little to no experience with MTG. I.E first decks, etc etc.

zngelday9201 karma

Go to a Friday Night Magic! Ask people what to do! People are amazingly helpful and will rapidly teach you everything you need to get started. Alternatively, you can attend a pre-release event (same idea).

The best part about MTG is the people who play it <3

gps14130 karma


zngelday9206 karma

MetaDating is almost certainly done for good. The show has run its course and I'm happy with it. You haven't the last of the Sean, Bill, Sean combo though :D

ifndefdefine228 karma

I'm gonna hold you to that, Sean. Bill and I would love to do another project with you.

zngelday9258 karma


jwintermute126 karma

Hey[9], I've been a fan for quite some time. I was curious if you've ever had any experience with pen-and-paper RPG's. If so, with what systems and with whom. If not, why not?

Also, what are you currently reading?

zngelday9261 karma

I have been privy to many a D&D game of varying systems at my house. I always thought it was unfair that they were called "pen-and-paper RPGs." They should be called "immersive improv superstar" games.

I'm currently reading Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi and The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sandersen.

angelpuppie116 karma

Dear Day9,

You're the best and I love you <3 Can you please come to Toronto so we can play magic and eat salami sandwiches?

zngelday9189 karma

I'll be in Toronto for the WCS Season 3 Grand Finals. You should come!

mitchsorenstein102 karma

What's your favorite part about the competitive gaming scene?

zngelday9250 karma

Seeing people express themselves through a game. Some of my best friends in SC were Brazilian and Russian. Nobody spoke eachother's language, but we all knew eachother's personality from playing.

iMelon89 karma

What are you thoughts on the League of Legends scene?

More importantly, what are you thoughts on the job that Travis Gafford does for the LoL scene?

zngelday9171 karma

I think the LoL scene is awesome! I'm attending Worlds this Friday! (Go SKT!)

The League of Legends scene excites me because it provides a clear inspiration for other companies to do the same. Up until now, eSports has been a fuzzy passion project for most. Rarely did any tournament find financial success. If I want to make an eSport game, should I run my own tournaments? Ask an existing organizer to help run them? Let grassroots growth take over? Few companies have clear examples to provide inspiration. Riot has set a fantastic example that I hope many many more companies will follow :D

And then once we have a fucking government again, we can build eSports stadiums!

zngelday978 karma

Oh, and I haven't seen much of Travis' stuff, but I know Travis personally and he's an awesome guy! No doubt he's the man at whatever he does.

SamMee51487 karma

Hey Sean!! I watch the Daily everyday and I'm a huge fan of yours :)

Anyways, how long are you planning on running the show for? And what can viewers that know nothing about MTG expect from the show?

Thanks for doing the AMA and keep being awesome! :D

zngelday9155 karma

We're gonna be running 6 episodes and seeing how things go from there! IF YOU LOVE IT HARD ENOUGH IT WILL COME BACK. I personally hope the interest is there because it's an incredibly fun & straightforward show to do. We sit down, do an intro, and then just play a normal game of magic (with some breaks because the fan was overheating lol)

engelMaybe83 karma

Hi Day9! What would you say was your absolute favorite Funday Monday and why?

zngelday9163 karma

Probably 337. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I remember feeling excellent throughout the whole episode. That almost never happens. I'll generally get frustrated at least a couple times when I'm not doing well. Such is the life of a show with no script :)

albiinorhiino81 karma

Day9! Amazing amazing caster and I look up to your energy and enthusiasm when it comes to e-sports in general.

Question, out of all the events you've casted for, which stands out the most to you and why? It's a tough question, but I ask because you always seem so enthralled by everything so I wonder if you can chose one over any other.

zngelday9159 karma

Iron Squid II in Paris. I've never seen a crowd of thousands so involved and enthusiastic. Best event ever <3

Ksight374 karma

Hi Sean! Fellow archive viewer here.

If I see you IRL, can I take you to Chipotle?

[edit] Shameless plug for videos by Day9 that changed my life (Non SC related)

Thanking people instead of apologizing

Emotions as kittens and ninja stars

Being relentlessly positive

zngelday943 karma

I would love to go to chipotle with you! I'm trying to be more responsible and eat them burrito salads instead of the burritos. It's hard since I love the burritos so much.

<3333 Thanks for linking the videos too! I enjoyed doing those :D.

Vizition71 karma

I Love you, Day9. Your analysis and casting are incredible. You're an amazing person. I've donated "Sandwich" (donations) money to you several times because i enjoy what you do!

My question: Why are you doing green screen for your dailies nowadays? :)

zngelday9154 karma

Thanks so much for the nice words!!! Always puts me in a better mood <333333.

I'm doing green screen because I'm traveling quite a bit to do work with Artillery. But, I love my room so I just green screen myself into it hahaha :D

listos67 karma

What is your schooling? There are a few instances in your day9 dailies where you referance some extensive knowledge in math, but I have never found strong evidence.

Also what made you move into esports rather than following the route of your schooling?

Your awesome btw, love the dailies and every cast you have ever done!

zngelday9139 karma

Bachelors in Math from Harvey Mudd College and Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media from USC.

I actually feel like both my degrees help tremendously in my work :). Remember, why follow a route when you can make up your own? :D

omiz14464 karma

What is something that you hope to accomplish before you get old and die.

zngelday9257 karma

I want to have a Corgi named Conrad and a daughter named Penny. I want a library where I can sit and read all the wonderful fiction created in my life. I want to laugh a lot :).

That's about it! :D

feralshadow63 karma

Hey Sean,

Just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for the gaming community.

If you could say one thing to motivate someone in life what would it be?

zngelday9229 karma

80% of life is just showing up. You don't need qualifications, motivation, brilliant ideas, or any other crap. The person who wins is simply the person who shows up. If you show up every day, there's nothing you can't achieve.

Tendie62 karma

How much would you say you spend on MTG over a month? How do you budget yourself?

zngelday990 karma

~100 a month. More when a set comes out

terafighter50 karma

In Starcraft, it is easy to get inspired by pro players and their amazing skill. Do you have a favorite mtg pro that you like to follow or learn from?

zngelday991 karma

I love watching Channel Fireball videos. Luis Scott-Vargas & Travis Woo are amazing <3

edu72350 karma

Sean <3333333 love u so much, thanks for doing this show!

What's the schedule for it?

I refreshed Youtube all week last week waiting for it :)

(edited to bold)

tragicsupergirl42 karma

Seems to come out every second Wednesday, with gag reels in the weeks in between. Bit similar in schedule to Tabletop on Thursdays.

zngelday968 karma

What this lady said!

spysappin40 karma

Do you like cheese?

zngelday997 karma

YES. Brie cheese especially. I really like strong cheese with strong ale. What a winning combo.

Reading Name of the Wind was particularly hard because of all the food descriptions of my favorite combo :<

nerdofemp38 karma

Do you still cast in your bedroom or do you now use a studio provided by Youtube?

zngelday9124 karma

Bedroom mode!

casadin36 karma

What's your favorite doughnut?

Also if you met Pat Rothfuss, what would you say to him? (Besides hug him, because his hugs are magical)

zngelday980 karma

Most donuts are my favorite donut. I particularly like sprinkled donuts.

I've met Pat! He's awesome! We talked about random things. I suggested he play Journey!

xSiphrex33 karma

Hello Mr Day [9]! You are one of my biggest idols and a huge influence on my life. I hope I can meet you at Blizzcon! Anyways,

1) What is like knowing how much you influence your Fans? Is it strange or encouraging knowing what an impact you make? Or do you even consider

2) Of all the games you have played on your day off, which would you say is your favorite.

3) Will you adopt me?

zngelday956 karma

Thanks so much!!! I'll be at BlizzCon def this year (It's next to my house) so give me a double hi5 when you see me!

  1. Nothing makes me happier than when somebody says they are happier and more positive after seeing something I said. Seriously, it makes me feel so wonderful and happy. I had deep problems with depression in High School and didn't quite know how to ever like myself. I was lucky enough to meet a dear friend in college who patiently taught me how to love myself and to not be so hard on myself. I try to eject those messages out as much as possible because of how life changing it was for me. It's deeply meaningful to me to know it has an impact.

  2. Antichamber

  3. Only if you are a corgi <3

MrRonGalvan23 karma

Hey Sean! I've been a regular at MLG Dallas for a few tournys now and I was really glad I had he chance to meet you this past one! I had the chance to have you sign a NES style starcraft art piece that you seemed pretty blown away with.

What is the coolest thing you've had brought to you to be signed? And also what has been the weirdest?

zngelday941 karma

Good to see you again! I'll never forget the SC NES game. It was awesome <3.

Coolest thing??? Hmm... I'd have trouble picking that

But the weirdest was definitely a baby. He wanted me to sign his baby. His fucking baby dude... I didn't quite know what to do

chevan99318 karma

Hey, Sean!

You have been an amazing influence on my life. Both your life stories and your sc2 learning techniques have taught me a lot and gave me many pleasant hours.

I've been watching your daily for the last couple of years, but I stopped lately because of lack of interest in SC2. I've noticed this trend in the last year or so. It seems to be falling off quickly, losing players, tournament viewers, stream viewers, youtube viewers, etc.

Where do you see yourself going after you're done with Day9 Daily? I see that you've branched out a bit with your new show and your day off, but ultimately people will stop watching SC2 all together.

Thanks for all the good times and I hope there's many more to come!

zngelday923 karma

From day 1, I always knew the daily would eventually run its course and I'd elect to stop. The important thing to note is that I don't do the show because I think it will get views. I do it because I genuinely enjoy it and want the opportunity to study and think about strategy. If enjoyment for other new shows and projects arrive, I'll head in that direction!

Honestly, if 10 years from now, the daily is getting 15 views a night but I'm still enjoying it, then I'll just keep doing it hahaha :D.

Specifically, I'm super interested in game development and old school adventure games. I may very well begin doing more shows in that area, or just making such types of games :D.

decrode8 karma

Do you have any other hobbies besides gaming?

zngelday99 karma

Comic books, electronic music, foods from other cultures, graphic design, massage (both giving and receiving!), reading books, computer programming, game design, physical modeling (I'm horrible and would love to be better)