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Hi Sean! Fellow archive viewer here.

If I see you IRL, can I take you to Chipotle?

[edit] Shameless plug for videos by Day9 that changed my life (Non SC related)

Thanking people instead of apologizing

Emotions as kittens and ninja stars

Being relentlessly positive

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Any interesting stories about kicking someone out of the bar / event?

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Will there be any new videos on TheMicros?

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How do you classify a call that you get as "BS"?

Are we talking about like a cat stuck in a tree? What are some examples of a BS call?

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Hi Stephen! Freakonomics is a big part of what formed my beliefs regarding government regulations and how incentives matter.

I pereonally think the government does a poor job of assessing what they want to happen vs. what is encouraged with the regulations they put in place. Other than issues of pollution which was touched on, what is something you would want the government to focus on, and how would you want that policy worded so that it does what it's actually intended for?