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DriveByBBQ8 karma

What do you do with the confiscated drugs?

juststanding4 karma

Hand it to my Supervisor

UnitedFanDes7 karma

How do you go about getting a job like this?

juststanding13 karma

the local college gets people to work Bonnaroo and then after that I got into other festivals.

broosemoose6 karma

Cheese was incredible all the nights for me. Your favorite show?

juststanding32 karma

At electric this year.... I want to say Pretty Lights. But hearing Cheese play Bass Head was amazing

SuitedRIP4 karma

Where you at the tomorrow world in Georgia? I just had friends leave from there yesterday amd they said they loved it. Thanks for keeping the peace!

juststanding6 karma


HatDisaster4 karma

Can you confirm or deny that metal shows are the cleanliest while country shows are the dirtiest when it comes to litter? My source is reddit.

juststanding3 karma

I worked neither but if it makes you feel better Gregg Allman attracts trashy trailer people. Btw Allman is amazing

rules454 karma

Is it tru security guys find lots of drugs just laying around after music festivals are over?

juststanding4 karma

more the people who clean up do

plastination_station3 karma

What do you do with all the "stuff" you confiscate? I was at Electric Forest 2012 and you guys caught my friend with about 30 hits of Grateful family doses coming into Tripolee and only took half. If the answer is what I think it is I hope you all enjoyed them ;) He wasn't even mad because you guys were super cool about it.

juststanding8 karma

Honestly the dude might have taken it just so he doesn't get bitched out by a super visor.

HiddenDumpling3 karma

What's your best tip for getting in?

juststanding75 karma

Buying a ticket

Rogerwilco19741 karma

Is there a sure-fire way I can get security to let me into whatever event/area I'm probably not supposed to be?

juststanding2 karma

Run NAked

naughtynuns691 karma

Is it ever hard having to keep your focus on the crowd and not what's going on on stage? I feel like I'd be easily distracted if one of my favorite bands was playing right behind me.

juststanding2 karma

it can be. but, if i dislike the music then its easy

GoiterFlop1 karma

Hey Thanks for the interesting AMA.

What is your favorite fest to work at? Any you look forward to more than others?

On the other side, what are the dirtiest and druggiest?

juststanding5 karma

  1. Electric Forest 2.I am done for this year, so Bonnaroo 3.I will never get over how badly managed Counter Point was. I saw one water station and the kept us next to the main med tent. So after working a 14 hour shift, I had to listen people scream while I slept.

BatteriesInc1 karma

Every festival I've been to this year gives a basic pat down but doesn't even check the stuff I'm holding in my hands that was in my pockets. Would you say the "hidden in plain sight" approach is the best way to sneak small amounts of illicit substances into venues?

juststanding11 karma

Nope, small amount put it in your back pocket (not your wallet). No one will touch your ass

KanyeWest_GayFish1 karma

On average, how many fights do you see per day?

juststanding3 karma

Real Fights not that many. I work festivals that really have great vibes. Now I worked Metal shows that would be another story

rchase4 karma

It's such a false meme that metal crowds are just the nicest friendly people. Back in the mid 80s I saw some gnarly fights in the parking lots and on the floor.

I think it was 86 when Metallica was opening for Ozzy. What a disastrous volatile mix. Teenaged thrash ragers mixed in with fat graying pop-metalheads and MTV Ozzy fans... that shit was not cool, frankly. Add in a 4th of July weekend, and yeah, you've got fireworks.

juststanding3 karma

I attended Metal shows never worked. So to be honest I may have been talking out of my ass