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> I definitely do not want to be doing this in my 20s.

Judging from that, 18-19 or a child prostitute. I'm rooting for the former...

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Thinking about it, it's probably because they weren't so much elevators/lifts as vertically mobile toilets.

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toxic megacolon

If I were to have a medical condition, I'd want it to have a name as badass (pardon the pun) as that!

As it is, the nearest thing I've got is the fact that, after I had my appendix out, I was told that it was gangrenous!

I like to imagine that it was large, green, pulsing - nay quivering - on the cusp of bursting as they lifted it out of me!

I wanted them to put it in a jar for me to take home, but they don't do that on the NHS, it seems :)

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See here for the gesture, and 2mins 27secs for the quote ;)