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Gangster as fuck

Dowager as hell

Schemes behind the scenes

Mad flower hats as well

Granny got the news

Granny got game

Old Russian dude

I can't remember his name

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Regardless of verification, I'll just say thanks for all the laughs. Not only did you entertain me for so many years, but your work has been instrumental in the geekification of my three teenage step-daughters as well. They still toss out Rowsdower quotes now and then, having loved "The Final Sacrifice" as younglings.

So a question:

How many times do you have sit through those movies during the writing process?

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Lloyd!!!! Get Dana Gordon on the phone!

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I have no idea what you're talking about, but I agree, The Final Sacrifice is excellent.

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Mulder is not on Twitter, because he is afraid of social media. He would be on an anonymous social media platform, like reddit. He's become a magician.

And this is why we need more X-Files.