Helloooooo! I'm Imogen Heap! I'll be on here for a few hours answering as many questions as I can! xxx For those of you have no idea who I am.... I make music in the basement of my house mostly and am now SINGLE! ha.... the REAL reason for my reddit AMA (not really..).

Proof! https://twitter.com/imogenheap

(sneaky promo) http://www.imogenheap.com/deluxeboxset (this is my most recent release... currently ready for pre-order! Most amazing glorious package of last 2.5 years of my musical life = 4th solo album. Includes ticket to meet me during a soundcheck of any show.

Edit: I have my friend Adrian Lausch here who's helping me read them. If they're short easy (like am I gonna tour here etc...) answers he's gonna type for me. x He'll sign it (Adrian)

Edit 2: I'm now making coffee and Adam Stark has arrived of glove gang and other fame... so am going to spend 10 mins saying hello and giving my fingers a rest which are smoking from all this typing! xx

Edit 3: Ok another short break for dinner, be right back again ;)

Edit 4: I am back, racing to the finish line!

Edit 5: Right gang! It's been fun but it's also been 7 hours! Time for me to clock out as my ass is now numb! Thanks so much for all the questions! Lots I haven't answered before (a nice change from the norm!). AND.. we made it to no.1 post of the front of Reddit today! Woop! Look forward to the next time. HUGS! xx

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holy cow! This is going to take some time! From 1 to 51 comments in 5 minutes. YIKES! bear with me gang! x

sajmonides1301 karma

Where are we? What the hell is going on?

the_imogenheap1071 karma

The comments have only just begun to fall! (Adrian helping Immi out with typing at superhuman speed!)

HeywoodJablomeSr977 karma

Hi Imogen, been your fan for a few years now. Just had one question, what did you think when Jason Deluro used your song on his track that got him his fame? Were you reluctant about it? Have any say in it? What did you think of it?

Thank you for the AMA

the_imogenheap1149 karma

I got an email as I do, asking to use one of my songs in song shape or form... I had a listen as I do and said yes. I thought it was quite inventive, well produced, more interesting than the million 4 on the floor remixes I'd heard. He hadn't released anything before. I had no idea what was going to happen and just said yes and forgot about it! Then... i started hearing about a year later that I was on the radio (only faster and slightly chipmunk like) and there we had it! It went to no.1 US, UK, AUS and I was able to do things like this crowd sourced Nature film... for fun! http://lovetheearthfilm.org/

dae_shim8 karma

Do you like Clams Casino's samples of your music?

the_imogenheap13 karma


Survilus947 karma

Did you like the skit SNL did with your song Hide and Seek?

the_imogenheap940 karma

i could actually say it changed my life to be a part of that meme. So yes... i liked it (for perhaps other reasons though) x

EloquentMumbling801 karma


the_imogenheap334 karma

That would be telling, now wouldn't it? (Adrian typing)

welcometooceania581 karma

Hi Imogen!

Is another Frou Frou album still happening?

Also thanks for doing this ama. Love your music and can't wait for Sparks!

the_imogenheap506 karma

Never say never ;) (Adrian sitting here typing with Imogen)

Fionro454 karma

You shoudn't have told reddit that you are single. You are probably going to get a lot of flirty PMs.

the_imogenheap700 karma

Oh dear... such a shame! x

BreakOnThrough357 karma

Hello and thank you for doing this AMA! First my questions:

1) You've used many unorthodox methods when producing your tracks, such as using recordings of parts of your house as a basis for songs in Ellipse. What stands out in your mind as your favorite or most unusual technique?

2) What modern musicians and producers influence you as an artist?

Now for my gushing: I just want you to know that you've been a significant inspiration to me. I was in college studying audio production when Speak for Yourself was released. The vast majority of the students were guys and there were a few times where I wasn't taken as seriously as my peers because I was a girl and what could I possibly know about anything technical? Most people were fine and didn't care about my gender one way or another, but there were some instances of sexism that really started to get to me.

At the time I didn't know much about your work outside of my favorite Frou Frou tracks. I remember reading an article in Keyboard magazine about how everything you did on SfY was self-produced and there was a screenshot of one of your Pro Tools sessions pointing out meticulous automation on a snare track. I went out and bought Speak for Yourself and have been a devoted fan ever since. Being able to look to a woman who was successful and innovative as an engineer and producer in addition to being a singer/songwriter gave me confidence at a time when I really needed it. Your talent, integrity, ingenuity, candor, and wit are amazing. Thank you for being who you are.

the_imogenheap325 karma

Hello! question no.1!! xx thank youuuu for being here. I would say... I've always as a kid loved the sound of the tall radiators in the house and when I came back here 6 years ago, I featured them in a song on Ellipse. It was lovely to realise a sound played with as a child in a recording as an adult and somehow bought me full circle as a kid making noises at home back to a big kid making noises at home! xx I used a pair of binaural mics for the recording.

the_imogenheap275 karma

question no.2 WOW! thank you x Lovely to hear! xx For me, I am a big fan of Tim Exile's work. His creations from the insane live musical improvisations he creates to the 'machine' he's created to enable him to be in 'the flow' on stage. One of my life goals is to be as fluid in improvisation yet with the sound of a studio production as he but in my own sound spaces/ melodies. Another I suppose I those who have many strings to their bows. Composer, improviser, musician, conductor, songwriter, comedian almost.. Pekka Kuusisto! My most recent love! x

the_imogenheap183 karma

I would also like to add currently Dan Black, Apparat, Baths, Jon Hopkins, The Knife are all things i've enjoyed listening to in the past year (I don't listen to music very often!)

xaugurx189 karma

Imogen Heap, I've been a big fan since I first heard your song Must Be Dreaming. Your music and lyrics have helped me through a lot of rough times and has helped me discover a lot about myself. Thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into every song you've created. Immi, you've written some songs that indicate some low points in your life. At what point in your life do you consider your lowest, and why? (What was going on at that time?)

the_imogenheap639 karma

yowzer! Oddly... I would actually in some respects say now! It's been a very trying time dealing with the album and facing everything about myself in the process and now being single in the album finishing 'comedown' ... Is this too personal? I've kind of floated through life.. not really taken much notice of what was going on with 'me' you know? Have been doing a bit of hardcore digging in that department and not always pleasant in what it brings up. BUT... it's all in the process! I'm going to be gleaming out the other side xx

B4DASS153 karma

Do you like the song I am god by clams casino. He sampled one of your songs and its awesome!

the_imogenheap191 karma

I do actually. Was considering doing a rehash of the rehash he did of my song and writing another one over it but... not today.

NocisturASociis111 karma

What is joel zimmerman like to work with?

the_imogenheap141 karma

I have never met him in person! It was the first (and only) collaboration i've done with someone I haven't met! i enjoyed our Google hangout we did together. I like a lot of his work. He's a good guy, super talented and hard working. Brutally honest! I like that. x

JessWK86 karma

Hi Imogen! Huge fan here. Thanks for the AMA.

I was just curious about your thoughts on Jason Derulo's 'Whatcha Say', and song sampling in general. A lot of people feel sampling ruins the integrity of the original artist's art. Do you feel the same?


the_imogenheap175 karma

For me the art stays as the art. People can choose to listen or not to the hashed versions. I don't want to hold back on a song's journey. I really feel like it should get out there and have fun. It's opened the Imogen Heap door to so many people. So walk in some don't. It's all about helping the music find those that want to connect with it but don't know it yet! Sampling really helps that happen. Fuels it. There's no accounting for taste and something out there for everyone. i don't know if i 'like' whatcha say as such.. I don't follow Jason's career but I can respect that the song is good for many and he clearly connected with many more people that I ever have so good on him! x I love hearing reworks of my songs. I don't like people being sneaky about it. Just ask! it's ok! Credit where credit's due and all that... nothing is truly original anyway.. nothing! x

GreenRoyal84 karma

Hi Immi! Can you tell us something (at least a little bit :) ) about the new song "The Beast" ? The title sounds like it could be a rather dark mooded song? I would love that...

the_imogenheap283 karma

hmmm! You know when you're with someone you love and you can feel a conversation or evening it's going pear shaped... a sense something is bubbling up and going to come crashing down on you both when you get home? it's a bit like that... you become one beast together, fighting yourself. You can't stop it happening almost.

mindcracker83 karma

Hey Imogen! :D

Just curious what the story is behind "Someone's Calling."

I'm a big fan, and am excited that you are here!

the_imogenheap173 karma

I wanted to do a ringtone! End of story! I got fed up of monophonic ringtones of hide and seek and the like, or badly programmed crap sound design rip offs of my songs... so made my own :) I use it as my ringtone :) x

turkeyzgobble83 karma

Hey Imogen! What's your favorite drink?

the_imogenheap220 karma

Hot chocolate with amaretto x (Adrian helping Immi out with typing as fast as we can)

markstephens3272 karma

hi! If you weren't making music, what do you think you'd be doing? p.s i love you!!!

the_imogenheap125 karma

I would be an astronaut!! (Adrian here helping Imogen type)

BrodyApproved67 karma

Thanks for making some such sweet tunes, buddy.
What is your opinion on the infamous O.C. Shooting/Hide and Seek scene? And of course the SNL Short - Dear Sister? Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Because there is a Dear Red Wedding.[SPOILERS]

the_imogenheap81 karma

I am going to expose my HUGE lacking of knowledge in admitting to not knowing what game of thrones. Sorry! I also.. likely wouldn't have heard of the SNL skit/meme if I wasn't a part of it. I really do live under an elliptical shaped rock (shape of my house) half the time and in my spare time read the New Scientist. not enough hours in the day! The OC guys I am hugely grateful to in taking a punt on my early demos for Speak for Yourself and encouraging me. The same gang of people who helped me for Six Feet Under and CSI. I thought the scene was very powerful and it clearly resonated with a lot of people. x

Under-your-bed65 karma


the_imogenheap265 karma

Are you free on Saturday?

EnergyUK62 karma

Hi Immi,

Thanks for coming on to Reddit. It's great to see you on here. I'm being a bit greedy and have a few (too many) questions for you.

  1. With Sparks you've created the songs with a range of different methods, many times getting the fans involved. What song did you feel the experience with fans worked best and worst?
  2. Do you have ideas/plans for how to involve fans in your future albums and shows?
  3. The new boxset looks amazing (as a big fan I'm having to save up before my preorder, new house comes first unfortunately!), what is the bit that's most exciting to you?
  4. Cheeky one here. I privately came across an old Frou Frou demo called 'Sane Again'. Am I right in thinking that once it was removed from 'Details' elements of it became part of the Airplane remix? Just a personal theory I had after listening.


the_imogenheap73 karma

My favourite of all time, was Lifeline. It was the first song in a long time I'd written and I was nervous about starting up a new album. Would I still have it in me to write songs!? Always a panic in oiling the song writing wheels again! Writing a lyric, gathering ideas from the worldcloud people had submitted to, got me so excited. To find a connection between a personal story and all those others out there contributing. Connecting it to my family and a world event (sendai earthquake). I'm so grateful for everyone who got involved in that. Here's the beginning of this album if anyone interested http://heapsong1.imogenheap.com/

x Having said that China was AMAZING and loved the filming of Xizi She Knows in Hanghzou. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgvAx2Bdt-o

the_imogenheap63 karma

A2 - I've got plans! Can't wait to share. For starters...One involving photos to be submitted and used during my live show. Connecting personal memories of fans who listen to my music and realising them on stage while I play the song. x

A3 - most exciting bit for me is to hold one myself! Argh! Such a (lovely) headache to bring it to life... all a bit scary as such a commitment from my end to make it. In a monetary sense. A big risk!

A4 - Both were produced with Guy so not surprising they feel similar xx but not directly lifted from one song to the other no. x

Ymsg53 karma

Hi Imogen! I'm so excited you're doing this AMA, Must Be Dreaming has been my favorite song for years and I love your work. What influences helped you carve out your unique sound; what inspires your creative process?

the_imogenheap79 karma

people, places, love or lack of, daily details, the small the big, everything! The pattern of a tube train rattling through a tunnel. What matters most is when I'm 'open' to being creative. It's a state of mind. Right now, I'm as far as I can imagine from wanting to go back into the studio again but... if a project came up and I get into the zone, then everything becomes a 'player' for studio noodling. I think over the years... just listening, really listening has been key. Listen to conversations, friends, myself, my instincts, the everyday. I've found just getting away, jogging, walking, going out are greatest ways to get into that space x

HireALLTheThings48 karma

Okay, this is a really stupid question, but how do you actually pronounce your name?

As a big fan of your work (solo and as a part of Froufrou), I feel silly that I don't actually know for sure if I'm saying your name right...

the_imogenheap83 karma

pronounced i (as in gin) mo (as in motion) gin (as in gin). Can also sound like imaging (which is why for a very brief time when I was a teenager I was called LASER... as in Laser imaging!

Bluerfuse48 karma

What ever happened to Frou Frou?

the_imogenheap82 karma

we did one album, then carried on with whatever we were doing. We are still very good friends. We've known each other for 18 years you know :) He's my favourite producer on the planet still. x

cthulhu547 karma

Hi Imogen! So I love your collaboration with deadmau5 and i was wondering, would you ever make another song with him? Telemiscommunications is great and another collab would be amazing.

the_imogenheap33 karma

I think a lot of people were hoping to hear a banging dance tune from me and him but we went and did a chill song! I wrote something earlier in response to whether I'd release a whole album with Jeff Beck (we collaborated before)... and my response was... it's like going on holiday. I always want to go visit somewhere I haven't been before even if I'd had the most amazing time of my life in one country/town or another... I feel it may be the same for me with collaborations. Not enough days of our lives, want to try new stuff, new places, work with new peeps. BUT... you never know! I think he's great x

HunterGonzo46 karma

Greetings, Imogen! I absolutely adore everything you've ever done. "Speak for Yourself" goes down as one of the albums I've spent the most time listening to in my lifetime. Thanks so much for stopping in!

You seem so deeply involved in every single aspect of making your albums. Is there a part of the whole process you find the most challening? Or a stage of putting an album together that when you get to it you think "I still kinda dislike this bit"?

the_imogenheap89 karma

OH YEAH! I really dislike de-essing but at the same time, can't stop myself from doing it. I could find an engineer or technician to take care of a lot of it and have actually tried but find it difficult to give even the most annoying things up. Something about, even in the way one de-esses a vocal (for instance) that is still 'me'? And I want to give as much as I can to each recording. Another part I do hate... to compound further on that is .. when it's glorious sunshine outside and I'm doing the MOST tedious of studio jobs, I WISH I could let go enough to have someone take over those bits. I think... when babies come into my life... so will a technician! (NOT physically related I imagine)

newm107045 karma

First of all I gotta say I love you a little, well ok a lot. In your song The Moment I Said It, you can hear background voices in one part, that sounds like fighting, what are they saying? I have been trying to figure it out for a long time, also is there a personal story behind this song?

the_imogenheap80 karma

It was me and the fabulous Riche Mills. A brilliant drummer, lover and friend. We were an item. What we said stays between us (but it wasn't a real argument). x

ReedsyRac2043 karma

Your version of Hallelujah blows me away every time I listen to it. What do you look for in a song that you want to take on and sort of retool?What recent songs do you think you could do more with than the original artist?

the_imogenheap81 karma

Initially I said no to do the cover for the OC end of series spot... that's what it was for you see. It was daunting with such a beautiful original and all the great covers that have come along since... also it was a time thing. I had just one evening free to do it. I was in the shower after declining, feeling annoyed about it and thought... well why don't I just sing it a cappella, no music (no days in the studio perfecting this and that and fretting over whether it was good enough/ adding anything to the song's story) and just kept it raw. Accompanied by the sounds of London that night recorded from my balcony. x

Captainbuckwheat39 karma

Here to say: I love Imogen Heap, you have been with me for many years and your music is timeless. Listening to "Let go" now...

the_imogenheap31 karma

Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear this x (Adrian helping Immi type)

sahil8838 karma

What do you think about Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman)?

the_imogenheap33 karma

I like him :) xx

thrwwyact946435 karma


the_imogenheap87 karma

I drank a lot and wasn't very good at turning up to lessons :/ I have a dear friend called Michelle, who is now finding homes for those who have found themselves without one. She's one of my best pals. Not a musician. I think she was studying media?

I met my manager of 17 years there. He was a temp teacher. I just thought he fancied me and kept running away from him when he wanted to hear demos of songs. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to hear more songs of mine? It was not my plan to be a pop musician! I was planning on heading to the Royal College of Music to study further and then was going to have have my own orchestra, travel the world and premiere my pieces along the way! Who knows... one day it may still happen :) x I thought I'd give this songwriting/ recording thing a go for a year and if didn't work out would go to study more. But here I am! xx

honeythumbs35 karma


the_imogenheap53 karma

that's just what happens when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning (if you referring to copious amount of hairspray look).

volume4listener33 karma

Hello! Any future plans to bring back Frou Frou? I really loved Details and Breathe In is one of my favorite songs!

the_imogenheap29 karma

Never say never ;) Lovely to hear, thank you! (Adrian helping Immi type)

pollyfilla32 karma

Hey Immi! I'm gonna cut straight to the chase here...we want tour dates!

the_imogenheap57 karma

I'll likely be touring March 2014 onwards. No exact dates yet unfortunately, but I might even have people voting for where I'm going :) (Adrian helping Immi type)

Ameryana28 karma

Miss Heap, big fan here, I adore you music and your voice, it's a honor to have you here, welcome! I've been dying to ask a lot of questions, sorry for the load of text! (I copy-pasted it from my AMA request for you)

  • Your work has a unique sound to it. I've read about how you threw things on the ground and used the recorded result in a song. What's the most extreme thing you ever did to try and record a specific sound?

  • I heard that you were very stubborn about your music when you were still at school. Did you do things back then you regret now?

  • You've had diverse collaborations with various artists. Did they contact you, or did you contact them? Is there someone who you would like to work with?

  • What do you think working together with Aphex Twin would be like?

  • Among your work, what are your favorite songs to listen to or to perform?

  • Any chance you'll perform in Belgium someday? I'd love to go and see you perform.

  • Do you do particular things to train your voice?

  • How does performing with those hi-tech gloves go? Is it easy to make mistakes with them? Do you think the technology will be used by more musicians?

  • My favorite comment on Youtube was when some moron said you didn't look like your typical pop star, on which someone replied that this is because "Imogen Heap isn't a pretty flower. She's a tree. A big, strong tree." How do you feel about that?

the_imogenheap37 karma

  1. the sound of my bare ass slapping for Bad Body Double 'snare' sound. Not exactly extreme but perhaps rather unusual? No extreme sporting recording though! xx

  2. I wasn't stubborn at school just naughty as hell! nah... don't regret anything really. All adds to the mix!

  3. Pretty much they always contact me. I don't think i've actively contacted someone else about a collaboration.... mm... but loved every one i've done. Always like to take on things I wouldn't have thought of myself.

  4. I'm a little scared to ask Aphex Twin but love his music. I can't actually imagine it. He's a bit of an enigma isn't he? xx

  5. I LOVE performing 'Me The Machine' with my gloves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6btFObRRD9k this is an early version of it... the album version sounds different as it's recorded but one has fed the other. This is the first song I've performed before I've recorded it.

  6. Have been to Belgium before and will go again for sure :)

  7. Nop! Just don't eat cheese or drink lemons before I go on stage. I make a cricket noise chirp like thing... but I should really start to do it. I end up warming up on stage and the first song ends up sounding a bit dodgy as a result!

  8. I make mistakes If I've programmed them badly! The key is to make intuitive gestures connecting to functions/ actions I need to access. I hope they'll be used by others. It certainly feels like there's a surge of musicians are up for it from response to the http://theglovesproject.com/ wesbite :)

  9. LOVE IT! bring it on! Leaves sprouting, roots forming. I become a tree in Propeller Seeds (perhaps that's where they got it?). 3D sound song about the moment I met my last boyfriend. (listen with headphones) xx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7FhBiF5_ls

the_imogenheap28 karma

I'm now making coffee and Adam Stark has arrived of glove gang and other fame... so am going to spend 10 mins saying hello and giving my fingers a rest which are smoking from all this typing! xx

Stilton-Cheese28 karma

Part of your appeal to me is that you aren't all over the charts and your songs aren't overplayed and ruined by radio stations and music channels. It makes your music seem a lot more personal and intimate (im unsure if that's quite the word to use but I hope you get what I mean). Do you prefer not being less 'out there' or would you prefer to be played all over the radio etc?

Also thanks for making music that is so original and not the usual bland rubbish. Always a pleasure to listen to.

the_imogenheap81 karma

It's a balance. I don't want to be a trend. People listen to it because its the thing to do.. but somehow how I don't feel I'll ever be in that bracket, thankfully. I enjoy hearing the stories of how people came to hear about my music. Occasionally I do get on the radio and I squeal like a little girl at the novelty of it, or hear something in a cafe and have to go and thank the waiter or whoever put it on personally as it happens so rarely! It feels magic when it does but it's not something I want for particularly. I want it to be natural. I haven't done any club remixes for the sake of getting on the radio or done collaborations with people to get more exposure. I've worked with really famous people yes but it's coz I like them and enjoy being around them or I love their work.

I feel I am the luckiest artist alive to have such an incredibly giving, collaborative, forgiving fan base. To be able to work with musicians I love, be involved in fantastic projects and be invited to incredible conferences. To really add to the picture and be involved in shaping a world I want to live in not run away from. Yet still.. with all this possibility I don't have to deal with fame! What a horrible thing to have to live with. Not being able to walk out your home? being 'papped'. You're every move watched, hounded, scalded. No thank you. For me, I get in a cab and they say... don't worry love, one day you'll make it (coz he hasn't heard of me)... but I HAVE made it just not on your dial. It's such a pleasure to occasionally meet a fan on the tube or in a restaurant every now and then. That it's not all "OH .... MY..... GOD!!! you're imogen heap aren't you??"... but it's just friendly, easy. Sometimes a bit overexcited but not to the point of passing out coz I'm of madonna fame. you see? So... super lucky to be able to just carry on making music, make gloves, make a difference here and there but it not impact my everyday life too much. WOOP!

BlackdogBassist26 karma

I was introduced to your amazing voice when I picked up the Blu Ray of Jeff Beck's Live at Ronnie Scott's concert, and I was completely blown away. Have you ever considered doing a whole album with Jeff?

the_imogenheap30 karma

There are many things I'd love to do but a little of a lot of things is what seems to be the direction in my life. I'm 35 and in the last 17 years of album making have made 5 albums. Roughly 3/4 years an album. It sounds a bit odd perhaps but in the same sense I'd rather go and visit another country for a holiday than go back to a place i'd already been ... even though it'd be amazing and I LOVED it the first time and life changing and and and.. I'd still want to go to a new country. i think it's the same for collaborations perhaps? x

AlgiePowers25 karma

Immi, I am one of the lucky "First 100" to purchase your boxed set (which is blowing my mind, by the way. Thanks for coming up with that whole idea of the first 100 being invited to your party, getting their footprints on your cover, and getting a pass to your sound checks. Brilliant marketing!). I will be in London visiting my son from Jan.22 - Feb.22. If the party isn't during that time period, would you ever consider letting me stop by at the House of Round and meeting you when I'm there? It would mean the world to me.

the_imogenheap32 karma

hopefully it be around then! Have made a note on when you're in UK :) If not... maybe... hmmm... xx Really look forward to meeting you either way and THANKYOU for buying one! xx

gregorynice24 karma

Hey Imogen! Just wanted to say I’m a big fan of yours! I (like many other people i’m sure) was first introduced to your song Hide and Seek after Saturday Night Live played it in one of their most infamous Digital Shorts. How did your popularity grow after this, and how did you feel about SNL using your music for comedic effect?

the_imogenheap45 karma

It was a real tipping point for sure. Who'd have thought? You never can tell how it's going to happen (unless you're guaranteed radio play artist in which case you just need to have someone write you a half decent pop song and you're off). I'm very precious when making the music, the attention to detail, to meaning but once it's done, it's out of head, my studio and into the big wide world, I love to let them go play and get up to mischief. I don't feel like holding songs back... unless i find it really offensive or in particularly bad taste. I love hearing the songs rejigged, or rehashed. Put into new contexts. Watching people dance to them or rap over them. They have a life of their own for me outside the studio x I feel like a big part of the reason I managed to get an amazing publishing deal and be able to keep my family house in the family is largely due to these anomalies. Long may they continue! It gives me the freedom to be as creative as I like without panicking about the next radio chart position. having said that... it's always nice to actually sell records! x

nahnahnahyes23 karma

I love you! I discovered your music through The OC! Hide And Seek is my most played on iTunes. I don't have a question, just wanted to tell you that. :) xxxxx

the_imogenheap34 karma

Thank you! It is lovely to hear the song has found you. It came from a hard place x (Adrian helping Immi type)

emasky20 karma

Hi Immi,

Just one question really.....Let Go is my favourite song of ALL time, has great meaning for me, what's the story behind it for you?? That and you truly are the most talented person I know and I am absolutely in love with your music :) xo

the_imogenheap27 karma

I'm not going to go into too much detail as other people's privacy is involved... but it's about a dear person in my life who was having a really tough time. Sometimes you have to go further than you think to get back 'into' life. x

sterling556719 karma

Hi Immi! Thanks for doing this AMA, I made a Reddit account just for this!

First, my questions:

  1. Will there be a "slightly more Deluxe" or Immi's Favorite version of 'Sparks' released? You know, instrumentals, non-jewel case, etc.

  2. What caused the drastic stylistic change as an artist in the years between iMegaphone and Speak for Yourself? I love all of your albums, but what made iMegaphone so different from the others? Was it technical limitations or just changes in your taste?

Now for my fanboy part: I started listening to you in late 2008, and have been in love with your music ever since. I'm now a freshman audio engineering student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, and I want to thank you for inspiring me to pursue engineering as a career. I can't wait to hear Sparks; I know it will be wonderful! Best of luck for the album release and tour! I hope to see you in Nashville or Oklahoma, or both if I get the chance!

the_imogenheap22 karma

A1. Hello! Yes... there'll be a two disk, digipack like there was with Ellipse (like this but with 2 x cds. The songs and then the instrumental versions of them) http://www.3dicd.com/Imogen-Heap/Ellipse/

BUT.. it won't have the making of documentaries or music videos (there's one for each) x

the_imogenheap21 karma

A2. A2. I was 15-19 when I wrote and recorded i Megaphone. I worked with lots of different producers/engineers/ musicians. I had a home studio but it was pants. The technology wasn't there and it was costly to make records I like to make, complex and detailed. Dense.

I did an album between with my friend Guy Sigsworth. We produced and wrote it together. This really helped me find my confidence in the studio and afterwards, when approaching my 2nd solo album, I was equipped and the tech was out there to enable me to realise the sounds in my head alone without the need of the army it seemed to take on my first record! x

the_imogenheap16 karma

thank you xx Can't wait for you to hear it. I'm terrified and excited all at once to let it out into the world! it's a monster of an album. So much has gone into it. Not just songs but all the projects connected to it. I really should be on holiday right now! Why am i not? xx

eldeeem18 karma

If I come to a soundcheck with box-set ticket in hand, can you sign my album for me? :D

the_imogenheap30 karma

Yes of course I will x (Adrian helping Immi type)

sunmarsh11 karma

Immi, I love the idea for the deluxe box set, but it's a bit out of my price range. Any plans to release a set with just the album + general making-of video?

the_imogenheap26 karma

We are trying to see about paying in instalments! Just seeing if we can sort that this weekend :) The videos will be up at some stage but the book, special ticket, vinyl etc ... will probably just be a part of the box set only. I feel like it all belongs together. Also the playing cards won't be sold separately which act as a kind of bunch of magic keys into the new website, revealed in March. x

usedthrone11 karma

I listened to one of your albums recently and though "holy shit! She sounds a like like Frou Frou!" I am not a wise man.

the_imogenheap9 karma


ranger42909 karma

Who is your least favorite singer/band that is currently in the top charts?

the_imogenheap15 karma

I have no idea what the top charts are and probably wouldn't even have heard of half of them :D (Adrian helping Immi write)

PressureFtJayZ2 karma

We know you've got the gloves, Imogen, but what about the rest of you? Can I expect some kind of awesome Robocop music suit in the future?

Thanks for doing this AMA. Love your work!

the_imogenheap6 karma

I may not need to, as camera recognition software is getting so good that with the new Kinect this may not be necessary. For me it is all about expressing music gesturally and to feel like I am actually playing an instrument, so the gloves are designed to be like a second skin and easy and quick to setup and put on. A full body suit might even be a hindrance in that case. (Adrian helping Immi type)