Imogen Heap

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is an English singer-songwriter and composer. She is known for her work as part of the musical duo Frou Frou and her solo albums, which she writes, produces, and mixes

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holy cow! This is going to take some time! From 1 to 51 comments in 5 minutes. YIKES! bear with me gang! x

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I got an email as I do, asking to use one of my songs in song shape or form... I had a listen as I do and said yes. I thought it was quite inventive, well produced, more interesting than the million 4 on the floor remixes I'd heard. He hadn't released anything before. I had no idea what was going to happen and just said yes and forgot about it! Then... i started hearing about a year later that I was on the radio (only faster and slightly chipmunk like) and there we had it! It went to no.1 US, UK, AUS and I was able to do things like this crowd sourced Nature film... for fun!

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The comments have only just begun to fall! (Adrian helping Immi out with typing at superhuman speed!)

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i could actually say it changed my life to be a part of that meme. So yes... i liked it (for perhaps other reasons though) x

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Oh dear... such a shame! x

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yowzer! Oddly... I would actually in some respects say now! It's been a very trying time dealing with the album and facing everything about myself in the process and now being single in the album finishing 'comedown' ... Is this too personal? I've kind of floated through life.. not really taken much notice of what was going on with 'me' you know? Have been doing a bit of hardcore digging in that department and not always pleasant in what it brings up. BUT... it's all in the process! I'm going to be gleaming out the other side xx

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Never say never ;) (Adrian sitting here typing with Imogen)

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That would be telling, now wouldn't it? (Adrian typing)

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Hello! question no.1!! xx thank youuuu for being here. I would say... I've always as a kid loved the sound of the tall radiators in the house and when I came back here 6 years ago, I featured them in a song on Ellipse. It was lovely to realise a sound played with as a child in a recording as an adult and somehow bought me full circle as a kid making noises at home back to a big kid making noises at home! xx I used a pair of binaural mics for the recording.

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hmmm! You know when you're with someone you love and you can feel a conversation or evening it's going pear shaped... a sense something is bubbling up and going to come crashing down on you both when you get home? it's a bit like that... you become one beast together, fighting yourself. You can't stop it happening almost.