Hey Reddit – Cokie & Amanda here! We're the "hotdoggers" who have been driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the US for the past 3 months. We've taken some great photos along the way.

We're here to answer your questions!





Edit: Lunch break! Be back at 3PM EST to answer more questions.

Edit #2: Back for round 2! Ask us anything.

Edit #3: Thanks all for the great questions! There are pictures to take and whistles to hand out. Gotta get back to work. Ketchup with ya another time.

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JamesRenner73 karma

Did you giggle every time you went through a tunnel?

IAmAHotdogger63 karma

You get over the innuendos after the first couple of weeks.

Unsuspectingturtle30 karma

What kind of gas mileage do you get?

alikwong4769 karma

100s of smiles per gallon?

IAmAHotdogger33 karma

;-) you're speaking our language

IAmAHotdogger25 karma

It gets about the same gas mileage as a large SUV.

crappysurfer24 karma


IAmAHotdogger56 karma

I wouldn't call it a "close call"... but I once had to drive in Times Square following the other five Wienermobiles. I'm glad the Wienermobile is sound proof because strong sentence enhancers were used that day.

Salacious-23 karma

How many dick jokes have people made?

IAmAHotdogger41 karma

We've heard more than our fair share.

JimiWith2eyesReturns21 karma


IAmAHotdogger30 karma

Cokie: Bellefonte, Pa!! I stayed in a Victorian B&B that included a comfy queen size bed and a soaker tub! It was a nice break from hotels.

Amanda: Denver, Colorado was my absolute favorite. The mountain views and fresh air was amazing.

willseeya19 karma

How does one go about getting an awesome job like driving a Weinermobile across the country?

IAmAHotdogger28 karma

They recruit at college campuses around the country. Check out Hotdoggerblog.com if you're interested.

simmonsg18 karma


IAmAHotdogger51 karma

Who wouldn't want to drive a 27ft long hot dog!?

Guacotacos17 karma

How does one acquire a Wiener Mobile?

IAmAHotdogger20 karma

The keys belong to Oscar Mayer, but you can email [email protected] if you would like us to come to your next event!

wookie_walkin17 karma

How much do you get paid to do this?

IAmAHotdogger25 karma

It's comparable to any job right out of college except you don't have to pay rent!

JediMasterbater15 karma

So, pretty much "nothing" but you get some free hot dogs.

IAmAHotdogger22 karma

We get paid! I get to travel the country. I get to meet different people from all walks of life. I absolutely love my job.

JediMasterbater2 karma

Good to hear that. When you said it was similar to other jobs right out if college, I assumed you meant "nothing"... Half joking, half serious!

But do you get all you can eat free hot dogs?

IAmAHotdogger4 karma

Believe me this is an awesome job to travel, see the country, and save money!

Suncast16 karma

Did you ever get pulled over in it? If so, how did that go?

IAmAHotdogger30 karma

You'd be surprised how often we get pulled over just for a whistle and a pic

ech02316 karma

What has been your funniest car game?

IAmAHotdogger24 karma

Never have I ever. You get to learn a lot about your partner!

N8theGr814 karma


IAmAHotdogger26 karma

Yeap! We have a jingle horn.

N8theGr89 karma


passable_yokel12 karma

Worst day on the Job?

IAmAHotdogger20 karma

I ran out of Wiener Whistles at an event... THE worst day on the road. Running out of whistles is like running out of oxygen! People really do love their whistles.

efox12 karma

What's inside the back of truck? Are there beds or anything? I picture it basically like a wiener-shaped RV.

IAmAHotdogger24 karma

It's no Weeniebago! haha There are 6 captains seats inside the Wienermobile. The rest of the back is storage since we travel all over the country all year long.

stephir0th12 karma

Have you found people generally friendly or otherwise?

IAmAHotdogger22 karma

People love the wienermobile! No matter where I've been from NY to California it puts a smile on their face. Can you blame them?

catword11 karma

No question, just wanted to say hi :) I went to school with Cokie :)

IAmAHotdogger11 karma

Hey! Hey!!!

perezidentt10 karma

I guess the child of my neighbor did this too because about 8 years ago they had it parked in the driveway a couple houses down from me for a couple of months. That seems odd since you guys seem to travel a lot.

What would be the reason for having it stay in one spot in a neighborhood for so long?

IAmAHotdogger10 karma

We recruit new Hotdoggers every year. No two days are alike in this job, but we usually stay in cities at about a week at a time. it all depends on what kind of event requests we get rolling in.

pulledoutthe3rdleg10 karma

Just a few questions off the top of my head. How hard is it to handle the wiener? Does it do well around curves? How about climbing and descending? How slippery does the surface have to be for the wiener to hydroplane? Does the wiener get bouncy on grated surfaces? I have more...

IAmAHotdogger11 karma

These things handle like a hot dog hot rod.

cdaiscool9 karma

What sort of special driving training did you have to drive a vehicle like that around?

IAmAHotdogger64 karma

40 Hours of driver's training just for us to learn how to maneuver our buns

smiley775028 karma

What is the best story you have from your trip on the hotdog

IAmAHotdogger11 karma

My favorite was when I visited a 12-yr-old aspiring Hotdogger who submitted a cover letter for when he graduates from college in 8 YEARS! His cover letter might have been better than mine. True story.

fightgar158 karma

Has anybody tried to vandalize the sacred Weinermobile?

IAmAHotdogger17 karma

People are intrigued by the Wienermobile. They like touching and knocking on to see what it is made of, but nobody wants to harm it.

CarmenTS7 karma

All of a sudden really sad that I've never seen the Weinermobile in person :(

IAmAHotdogger7 karma

Don't be sad! We never want to see a sad face! You never know where we will be next.

gtrecover7 karma

Where are your next stops?

IAmAHotdogger7 karma

We post all of our travels on Twitter, @Wienermobile.

IndustryGiant6 karma

I guess driving a giant hot dog you would stick to the backroads rather than the Interstates? Do you feel like thats a better way to see America? Or do you roll up on the Interstate? How fast does that thing reasonably go?

IAmAHotdogger12 karma

We actually drive on interstates all across the country. They've wind tunnel tested it at over 90MPH, but we always go the speed limit. :)

loukitch5 karma

Amanda, how would you life be different if your parents named you Christine?

IAmAHotdogger6 karma

Well, my hotdogger name is Spicy Mustard Mandy... not sure what it would've been if my name was Christine! Any ideas anyone?

lindseywaslike5 karma


IAmAHotdogger7 karma

Haha, yeah that was me, Amanda, that stopped in Butler. I was on my way to NY, but had to make a quick stop at Penn State on the way. WE ARE!

LaMadrina5 karma

Holy shit - amanda we went to college together...

Participated in the Latino community together. Glad to see you're doing your thing and this AMA.

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

hahaha HI! Thanks. Who is this?

jake555555 karma

Which team are you on? I got a free sticker from team speedy wiener.

IAmAHotdogger9 karma

I was on team DriftDog... Amanda was team AutoBunh.

SkyysThaLimit5 karma

Were you just in Dallas? I saw you guys for the first time in my life last week!

IAmAHotdogger5 karma

Oh, I wish I were! I'm from Waco. Our South team had events in Dallas.

SnipeyMcSnipe5 karma

Where were you guys on the fourth of July? I remember seeing one of these in my hometown parade. How many hot dog cars are out there?

IAmAHotdogger11 karma

All six Wienermobiles are spread out across the country. I was in Coralville, Iowa at their Fourth of July Parade. I actually got to pop out the BUN roof and wave, while my partner drove.

jfoust24 karma

At a thrift shop, I recently purchased a nice red polo shirt with an embroidered Weinermobile on it. What's it worth? Should I eBay it?

IAmAHotdogger12 karma

Keep it! It's a piece of Wienermobilia.

bluckme4 karma

I think I saw one in Iowa City. Tell me it was you guys!

bluckme5 karma

A wiener vehicle, that is.

IAmAHotdogger4 karma

I've been in Iowa City! Did you see me wave?

Dewmsdayxx4 karma

What is your most memorable event you guys got called to and why?

IAmAHotdogger4 karma

Mine was a back to school event in Denver at the Denver Coliseum. We ended the summer playing corn hole with all the kids right before they headed back to school. What's cooler than a Wiener Whistle and a Wienermobile sticker to show all of your friends?

kobester19854 karma

It's been one of my wishes to see one of the weinermobiles in person since I was a kid. Hope to see one soon!

IAmAHotdogger4 karma

What state do you live in? Check out hotdoggerblog.com. There, you can see what part of the country the Wienermobiles are in under the 'Where We Are' tab.

InfamousBLT3 karma

Hah! I used to make frequent (once or twice a month) trips from Cleveland to Chicago, and then also from Chicago to Detroit.

I've seen the Weinermobile at least 5 times on one of those trips, either on 80/90 or 94. It always makes me laugh.

Also thank you for not being awful drivers. That gigantic vehicle could definitely cause problems on the road but I've never seen you folks do anything other than smile and wave at people.

IAmAHotdogger7 karma

Wow! That's a lot of traveling! Thanks for the compliment! I'm going to screen shot your comment and send it to my boss. ;-)

messy_eater3 karma

So do you sell the hot dogs of the truck or what's the deal with that?

IAmAHotdogger4 karma

We don't sell hot dogs, but we do give out Wiener Whistles!

themackerman3 karma

Has the Mobile ever travelled abroad? And are there Tamalemobiles, Bratwurstmobiles and/or Potstickermobiles that you could meet up with if/when you do?

IAmAHotdogger4 karma

The Wienermobile has been to all 50 states... yup, even Alaska and Hawaii. We've even done a special trip to Europe and even have our 1988 Wienermobiles living in Mexico!

cronikkk3 karma

It could have been you guys, but I was driving on a frontage road in Waukesha Wisconsin and saw a similar hot dog on the freeway to my right. Needless to say I had to call my friends and tell them I saw a giant ass hot dog.

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

It wasn't Cokie or me, but we do have a Wienermobile based in the midwest so it was probably them... Shout out to Alex and Stephen.

khodges8193 karma

Hey Hotdoggers! It's Ketchup Kylie from Class 24 :) Please tell Ed, Rachel and Becky I say hi! Also- how was the Wienermobile run? Do y'all know the winner yet?! Happy fall staff!

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

Ketchup Kylie!!! Can't wait to get back to LA with Kate to KETCHUP! I'll say hi to everyone for you. Check in September 30th for the Wienermobile Run winner announcement.

rastacola3 karma

Are you familiar with the episode of Rocko's Modern Life, "Road Rash," where Rocko and Heffer go on a road trip and Rocko destroys their motorcycle and win a wienermobile?

IAmAHotdogger1 karma

Of course I've seen it! I love that show! http://imgur.com/3ukeKrW

placebo_button3 karma

Is it hard to keep that wiener on the road when it's super windy outside? Any close calls with a low bridge or overpass when driving around?

I just want to add that you guys are awesome! I was filling up my car a few years ago in Severna Park, MD and one of the wienermobiles pulled up next to me to get gas too. Probably the last vehicle I would expect to see in that part. I said hi and they gave me a whistle and let me get a picture with the wiener while it was filling up :)

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

The Wienermobile is super aerodynamic! People tell us it looks like a spaceship all of the time. Regarding close calls... we like to say when in doubt, GET OUT! Glad you got your Whistle and picture taken!

wtfudgery2 karma


roygbiff2 karma

Have you noticed anyone following you?

Let me be clearer -- anytime I see the Wienermobile, I follow it until it stops. By that point, I've usually calmed down and gotten all of the photos I needed. Last time, you just stopped at a house in the middle of LA, got out, and pretended I wasn't following you.

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

Why so shy?

PoopSavage2 karma

Do they hire all new people every year? Are there opportunities to keep working for Oscar Mayer?

IAmAHotdogger3 karma

A new class of Hotdoggers starts every June. There have been past Hotdoggers that go on to work for Kraft.

TheCreativePage1 karma

Do you guys get any free food from your employment, such as free hotdogs, and if so what are you tired of eating?

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

Oscar Mayer gives us a meal allowance, but Hotdoggers get tired of eating out. We love when we get the chance to have a home cooked meal.

TheCreativePage1 karma

What are each of your favorite home cooked meals?

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

Tascana Soup!! I've cooked it numerous times on the road! There is something about the combination of kale and potatoes that makes my mouth water!

frojoe1 karma

Why does Oscar Mayer do this? It's very enjoyable to see these vehicles ~ but it just dawned upon me to exactly what do you guys actually do?

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

We travel all around the country doing promotional events-- so everything from parades, to festivals, retail events, and military bases. We want to bring the Wienermobile to you and make memories you will have forever!

srijankiller1 karma

What is that one question you guys have in mind that you have prepared for to answer? (Just curious)

IAmAHotdogger1 karma

If I'm reading your question right, we did not do any AMA prep. We are doing this on the fly!

Urokmysockzoff1 karma

What's the hardest part of your job?

IAmAHotdogger1 karma

Being away from family and friends can be tough.

[deleted]1 karma


IAmAHotdogger7 karma

Best advice? Huummm... When your driving a giant hot dog, you can't take yourself too seriously.

DirtyAnus1 karma

I think you passed through my hometown once... Did pass through Taft, CA?

IAmAHotdogger1 karma

I've driven a bunch through Calfornia, but never Taft. Could've been another group of Hotdoggers.

greggosmith1 karma

Were you in Secaucus, NJ about a week ago? I saw the Weinermobile in the parking lot outside my job and took a picture.

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

Yup! Our South team of Hotdoggers, Kacee and Stephanie, took a detour to Secaucus, NJ last week. Show us your picture!

conqueso241 karma

Hey, Cokie and Amanda! Caileigh con Queso from Class XXIV here--I hope you two are loving life on the road. How are your tan lines coming? ;) And when are those big buns coming to Seattle?!

IAmAHotdogger1 karma

Hi Caileigh! I'm still working on evening out my foot tan! I know Mike and Hannah from our Northwest team are hoping to get to Seattle soon. I'll let them know you're waiting for them.

ProfBatman1 karma

How did you get my dream job?

IAmAHotdogger3 karma

I applied in my last semester of college. After two rounds of interviews, I ended up cutting the mustard.

Illbjammin1 karma

My mom said she use to get whistles from the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile 55 years ago.She would like a new whistle:)

IAmAHotdogger2 karma

We still have the whistles! Follow our travels through our @Wienermobile tweets so you can KETCHUP with us and get that whistle.

Frajer-1 karma

Has anyone tried to eat the car?

IAmAHotdogger7 karma

I'm not sure how well fiberglass can be digested...