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TIL George Clooney is a comedian

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Because that would be incorrect. The reason it's called "Whose Line Is It Anyway" is because Colin is constantly setting the other 3 people up for comedic gold. It's unclear WHO he is setting up, but he's always setting them up. Hence the name.

Colin is the mastermind behind the whole thing. The others just are along for the punchlines that Colin masterfully sets up for them.

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So this is why you won't talk about how you masturbate

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Guys just randomly get boners too though. Completely at random. I'll be sitting at my desk looking through log files or something and...bam, boner. It doesn't always have a rhyme or reason. I'm sure most male models pop one on occasion. It's not always a sexual thing, it's just sometimes your body decides "hey it's boner time."

I'd be terrified of modelling for the same reason...random boner time. Nothing stops random boner time. I'm sure this is the reason he won't do it, because he can't control the bone!

Edit: Guys you can stop posting the link to NSP's "No reason boner." Yes, I have seen it, and yes, about 4000 other people have already posted it. It's funny, I agree, but just go upvote one of the other guys who has already posted it!

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He doesn't put intelligent responses into your mouth for you though, that's all you guy. Colbert I'm sure wouldn't work with just anyone...someone that intelligent is sure to surround himself with others of like intelligence. Don't be so humble!