We are Laura Hall & Linda Taylor. We were musicians on the American "Whose line is it Anyway" in it's first incarnation, and now we're both playing on the reboot versions as well, with Aisha Tyler as the new host.

We also work as touring and recording musicians, both together and separately.

Find out more:

Laura: website:http://www.laurahall.com/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Laura-Hall/134888457220 twitter: @LauraHallMusic

Linda: website: http://www.lindataylormusic.com/Linda_Taylor_Music facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lindataylormusic/Home.html twitter: @LindaRTaylor

Alright, I'm fried. Thanks to everyone for being part of our iAMA experience! And keep watching the show, cause we want to keep working. My husband always says the reason I have that big smile when the camera pans over is because I'm the rare thing, a musician with a job!

Thanks again!

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LRTaylor353 karma

Maybe I'm typing in the wrong place...Laura, can you see me now? Check, check, is this thing on?

will650123 karma

Hi Laura/Linda - I'm really enjoying the reboot, but I've noticed that there's a disturbingly low number of Hoedowns and Irish Drinking Songs...and by low, I mean NONE. Was this an Executive Producer decision by Mr. Ryan "If we do another hoedown, I'll slit my f*cking wrists" Stiles? Please tell me we can expect to see some in the future!

LRTaylor125 karma

We've done a couple, never fear, but we don't know when they will ever air. If memory serves, we haven't yet done an Irish Drinking Song...

Laura_Hall120 karma

No Irish Drinking, but we did tape a few Hoe Downs. The editing Gods are in chargoe of whether they air or not.

LRTaylor76 karma

Okay, what actually is the correct spelling of "HoeDown"? Two words or one? Excuse me while I google..

Laura_Hall107 karma

I don't think there is a correct spelling. The British producers used to spell it Ho Down, and that's definitely not right. I think it's up to the individual speller to improvise.

LRTaylor159 karma

Who ya callin' Ho?

TheHumanSuitcase43 karma

No no no you're supposed to answer questions.

LRTaylor105 karma

Man, so many rules...

KingModest97 karma

Are Colin and Ryan really best buddies?? pls tell me they are

Laura_Hall163 karma

They have been friends since high school I believe. And they worked together at Second City in Toronto back in the day.

GodoftheGeeks95 karma

How do you ladies feel about the new Whose Line shows now being focused so much around guest celebrities?

Laura_Hall277 karma

It doesn't thrill me. It feels like there's less time for improv since they're in so many games. And they are of mixed abilities improv wise.

LRTaylor203 karma

Yea, Laura is right. We had a lot more music in the older shows and a lot more games. These feel cut to death to me. More commercials than anything. I'm amending my prior statement :>)

LRTaylor57 karma

The guests are great, and we've had some really good ones, Lisa Leslie, Laila Ali, Kevin McHale...it's a new energy, I dig it

Laura_Hall93 karma

We have had some really great ones. And some not so great... I'm not naming names though, so don't ask.

QSector84 karma

You don't have to. We know.

LRTaylor94 karma

Hahahahahahaha. So, it aired already then?

ecost74 karma

You're both sent back in time as Roman gladiators. Who survives the longest and why?

Laura_Hall129 karma

Linda for sure. She's way more badass than me.

LRTaylor150 karma

Okay, I just spit my soda all over my keyboard.

ecost79 karma

Then my work here is done.

LRTaylor140 karma

You owe me a Mac Book.

ecost52 karma

SHOOT. There goes tuition money.

LRTaylor177 karma

A really new Mac Book fully loaded, maxed out RAM. And I've been meaning to try Logic Pro. (Extra $$$)

And I want a pony.

ecost34 karma

On another note: all the members of the Whose Line cast are sent back in time as Roman gladiators. Who survives longest and why?

LRTaylor89 karma

Aisha, no contest. She owns badass.

Laura_Hall87 karma

Yeah, Aisha could kick us all around. with one hand tied behind her back

LRTaylor81 karma

She's like 6'6" you know. Then she puts on heels. Oh, yea, she wins.

ecost19 karma

So she really is like her character in Archer?!

LRTaylor76 karma

She was in the Archies???

Frajer67 karma

What are your favorite and least favorite games to do the music for?

Laura_Hall161 karma

My favorites are Three Headed Singer and Song to an Audience Member, both because we get to stretch out a little more.

And my least favorite (I hate to say it, because everyone loves it) is the Hoe Down. On my end it's not very creatve, I play basically the same thing every time.

LRTaylor99 karma


LRTaylor112 karma

We started doing "Scene To Rap", and I LOVE that one...anything where we get to do a little 'underscoring' is a blast...

On "Greatest Hits" I grow 50 more gray hairs and my heart rate doesn't return to normal until we're off camera.

Laura_Hall74 karma

Yeah, I forgot about Scene to Rap. It's really fun to play.

Laura_Hall58 karma

Alright, I'm fried. Thanks to everyone for being part of our iAMA experience! And keep watching the show, cause we want to keep working. My husband always says the reason I have that big smile when the camera pans over is because I'm the rare thing, a musician with a job!

thanks again!

aklion49 karma

Just wanted to say you girls rock

Laura_Hall53 karma

thank you very much. we try

LRTaylor47 karma

Thank you. Rock On.

chocturtle41 karma

Hello! Has anything hilarious happened during the commercial break, that sticks out in your mind, that the home viewers would have missed?

LRTaylor82 karma

Hmmm...well Ryan can get a little....uh....blue, humor-wise :>)

HolmesSherlockHolmes36 karma

What do you mean by that?

Laura_Hall66 karma

I know, you'd never guess it from his on camera personality.

LRTaylor52 karma

True, he is quite subtle.

bencordoza35 karma

Have you ever laughed so hard you couldn't play? If so what at?

LRTaylor126 karma

H O W R D set to the tune of "Village People". :>) I'm sure it's on YouTube

Laura_Hall90 karma

That was such chaos...we couldn't even keep going.

LRTaylor38 karma

Honestly, will they ever stop showing that one?

MrNov32 karma

Hello! What are your musical backgrounds like? Did you play improvised music before Whose Line or was it something you developed for the show?

Also, how did you get involved with Whose Line?

As a pianist/guitarist myself, I found it incredible what you two did every night on that show. :)

Laura_Hall42 karma

I had lots of improv background at Second City Chicago and other improv theaters, but it was new for Linda.

We each auditioned. My audition came through a guy I'd toured with at Second City who became a producer on the show.

LRTaylor39 karma

Man, I remember my audition... We were in a dance studio with Wayne and the producer, Dan Patterson. Wood floors, mirrors everywhere, no mic for Wayne, and Dan kept wanting to hear 'heavy metal'. Like I can do that at a whisper level! Oh well, we survived!

MrNov12 karma

Wow! Have you ever acted in a scene for the show as well?

Thank you both for your responses!

LRTaylor25 karma

I'm not really clearing a place on the mantel for my Emmy.

Laura_Hall24 karma

Yeah, can you imagine trying to keep up with Ryan, Colin or Wayne in an improv scene? It's death defying.

Laura_Hall22 karma

Nope. When you think about all the great improv actors there are in the world, why would they ask us, who are not actors at all?

LRTaylor29 karma

Hello! For myself, just a normal working musician background, you know driving 500 miles for $100...that kind of thing...I know Laura is far more steeped in theatrical improv than I, but it seems to work!

SarcasticEmbodyment30 karma

Hey, nice having you ladies here! You're both awesome!

Are you enjoying the new season?

Do you think Aisha Tyler is a good fit as the new host?

Laura_Hall62 karma

It's fun and kind of wierd to be back. Some sort of deja vu. I think Aisha is a great host. I loved Drew, and Aisha has a totally different vibe, but I think she's great too.

LRTaylor31 karma

Thank you! Laura has done an AMA before, so she knows what she's doing and i'm probably typing in the wrong place.

The new shows were great, kinda surreal, like we've never been gone. I think Aisha is terrific, I love her energy on the show.

SarcasticEmbodyment11 karma

You're doing great! I seriously consider the musical improv's the best part of the show. I loved the gospel improv you guys did on one of the new episodes!

LRTaylor16 karma

That was a blast, thank you! Kevin was such a great guest, he really got into it.

constatine0128 karma

what moment on Whose Line stands out most to you?

which song was your favorite to play?

what's your favorite food?

what were you doing when you weren't playing music on Whose Line?

LRTaylor84 karma

The episode with Richard Simmons haunts me still... When Colin actually jumped up and did a breakdance during Greatest Hits... Favorite Food? Anything Italian. Playing music somewhere else...!

Laura_Hall79 karma

When Ryan fell, broke the neon on Drew's desk, and kept doing the scene even though he was bleeding a little.

I have lots of favorites. I like the Motown we used to do.

Favorite food, almost anything involving pesto.

Playing in my band, The Sweet potatoes, etc.

LRTaylor30 karma

Doh! I forgot about Ryan's header!

warz0n327 karma

I've always been dying to know...did the points actually matter?

Laura_Hall72 karma

that's sort of an existential question, isn't it?

LRTaylor40 karma

Am I here?

78aweshucks27 karma

Do y'all miss Drew?

LRTaylor51 karma

Drew is a doll, a real sweet guy, a great hang, and I love working with him. Aisha is dynamite, badass, smart, funny. They're both great, and I feel lucky to work with them.

Laura_Hall49 karma

That's a great way to put it Linda. They're both really great in different ways. I'd work with either one of them any time, any where.

esdanol26 karma

Why is the show so centered around celebrity guests now? When audience members were used it was clear that Ryan, Colin, and Wayne were improvising. Also how many takes does it talk to get a song right? It sends really difficult to do.

Laura_Hall52 karma

I don't know why it's so centered around the celebrity guests. There are many mysteries in the world of network tv.

We only do one take of a song. If it's not good they just don't use it. But Wayne has a remarkably high success rate!

LRTaylor25 karma

Well it's probably time to sign off, maybe stand up or something physical like that. I enjoyed hanging out with you all, and thank you to Laura for the invite! - linda

Mashuu22523 karma

Do you like ice cream?

Laura_Hall28 karma

of course!

LRTaylor28 karma

I'm eating it right now. (Yea, right, at my age).

asegal13622 karma

Hello ladies, thanks for doing this AMA! When they play "Props" on Whose Line, where do they get such odd items? Is there any rhyme or reason to what they decide to use? And once the game is finished, do they get thrown into some giant warehouse never to be seen again?

LRTaylor27 karma

Good one! We were actually at a local studio doing some pre-production work, and our producer borrowed some of those velvet ropes, you know like you'd line up in? I don't know where they find them, honestly...

Laura_Hall27 karma

Yeah, there's someone on staff who that's their job, finding those crazy props. but it's not me!

CrimsonComet22 karma

I understand that there is a cult following with the show whose line is it anyway. How does that translate to popularity in terms of ratings?

Laura_Hall48 karma

yes, we've been getting great ratings

LRTaylor124 karma

I think it's us, Laura.

LRTaylor37 karma

Well I'm no Nielsen family, but from what I heard, the premiere was one of the highest rated shows for the CW network.

rememberzack19 karma

What is each of your favorite moment on whose line?

Don't know much about music, but you 2 do great work on the show!

LRTaylor48 karma

Well, having Robin Williams on the show was pretty amazing...

Laura_Hall46 karma

Robin Williams was a cool guest. My favorite was Sid Caesar (you young people will need to google him). He was a flirt and a charmer and such an old school gentleman.

LRTaylor34 karma

Oh I remember that...he was great, very kind and sweet. Drew really dug him, I think Drew's a huge fan.

empty_hospice19 karma

Would either of you have dreamed of being where you are now? I'm currently 16 and play ten instruments, and I'd love to be where you all are, but I don't know if my dream is so realistic.

Laura_Hall31 karma

I did improv for a long time in Chicago, but when I moved to L.A. I thought "I have to get out of improv, there's no way to make a living doing it". Then lo and behold, I got the one paying improv gig! It was a huge shocker to me.

But realistically, improv groups are ALWAYS looking for musicians to play with them. It can certainly be a good part of a career as a musician.

LRTaylor28 karma

Nice Laura...I don't think "Whose Line" was in my Big Life Plan...but it's surprising to me how much of what we do translates to other gigs...except Hoedowns. They don't translate in any language.

Bristonian19 karma

Do you enjoy the added feminine presence of Aisha Tyler being on the show, opposed to the original mostly male cast? Does this change the ambiance/relationship you have with the cast off-set? or is Aisha's presence similar to Drew's?

Laura_Hall30 karma

I do like having another woman on the show, it does change the vibe. It's always been such a guy based show, it's great to have another woman, and especially one whose funny and smart.

TheMenk17 karma

How does it feel on the set of Whose Line in between takes? Like is there constant laughter or are there dead spots in between? Also how long does a shoot usually take? Also thank you so much for doing this, what you two do on the show is just seems incredible!

LRTaylor31 karma

You're so kind, thank you! Well, one shoot is pretty much the whole day...they load the studio audience about 2 p.m. and we're there until about 11 p.m. But they get more than 1 episode of new material out of the shoot, so we're definitely productive!

Laura and I are busy just talking through things, trying to remember to keep lipstick on, and drinking coffee :>)

Laura_Hall39 karma

We're also trying to stay warm. They keep the studio super cold for some crazy reason. Try glancing at the audience members when they pan across them. You'll see icicles on them

spacecowboy0078 karma


Does the audience get to eat? Drink?

LRTaylor43 karma

No, we keep them in chains. Hollywood is tough.

ken2723816 karma

  1. How do you two manage to not break down laughing?

  2. What's the funniest genre you've had to play so far?

Laura_Hall47 karma

It's funny, when I'm playing, I'm listening in a different way. I'm so focused on listening for where they're going melodically, what Linda is doing, if we should go to another section, are we headed toward the end, etc. I'm not listening like a regular audience member, so I don't laugh the same way.

But when I watch the episodes later, I laugh my head off.

We've had some weird genres over the years. I loved playing the J-Pop one we did recently, it was pretty silly.

LRTaylor40 karma

That was great...you killed that Laura. I like it when you play Uke too, that was a blast.

Laura_Hall37 karma

I did get to play my ukulele when we did a Hawaiian style. That made me very very happy

LRTaylor37 karma

wow, I was going to type the exact same thing...I'm listening to what Laura is doing, and the singer's phrasing, and while I hear them, I'm not really getting the joke until i see the episode at home.

Funniest genre? Anything where I play orchestral drums on a keyboard.

ITootWhenIGiggle11 karma

What have you guys been doing between the last airing of the show and now appearing on this show?

LRTaylor19 karma

Well Laura has her own band The Sweet Potatoes (I played on a couple of her albums), but I'll let Laura get you up to speed.

I'm a freelancer too, just playing, touring, recording with alot of different acts. Although I had a little moment on "The Office" that was kinda cool.

Laura_Hall16 karma

I loved you on The Office, by the way.

And yes, Linda is going to be playing on The Sweet Potatoes next album. We start recording in early October!

LRTaylor14 karma

Thanks, L. That was hysterical. Spent 3 hours walking through that door to take the cable away from Ed. You know, how I usually am.

Laura_Hall15 karma

We've both been doing tons of stuff. Linda should answer for herself, but I've been playing with my band, The Sweet Potatoes. (We've got a gig tomorrow night at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood http://www.thesweetpotatoes.com/Upcoming_Events.html )

I also teach music improv workshops with my husband, Rick Hall. We help people learn how to do song games like we do on the show. And I have a cd, Improv Karaoke, people can use to learn on their own, or work with their own improv group. http://improv-karaoke.com/

spacecowboy00711 karma

Laura, as a woman with a couple of children who works around guys who could cause you to laugh uncontrollably at any second, how do you survive.

Is your secret wearing Depends while the show is being taped?

Laura_Hall23 karma


greyest11 karma

What have you found to be the biggest changes for you two on the job between the first and second incarnation of the show?

Are there any off-camera stories you'd like to tell, with Drew/Aisha, the actors, the audience, etc.?

LRTaylor30 karma

Agreed...although for some reason, they rotated the entire set 45 degrees away from where it used to be. I kept walking into storage rooms, looking for the stage. Now that I think of it, I'm still here!

Laura_Hall30 karma

What's weird is how many ways it hasn't changed. I guess the biggest difference is all the special guests, and how many games they include them in.

averagekitteh10 karma

Does anyone on the show seem to have changed significantly since the last season ended? I think I'm picking up on some changes in comedic style...personalities too?

Laura_Hall20 karma

I'd say we've all mellowed a bit, which just happens you know? So people are a little easier going maybe. But everyone feels the same-ish to me. Except Aisha, she's completely changed.

LRTaylor15 karma

Some of the cast seems older. I don't want to mention any names.

Bobo_v510 karma

How did it feel to hear that "Whose Line is it anyway" was coming back after all this time?

LRTaylor32 karma

Surreal. Very, very, very Matrix-Keanu level woah.

Laura_Hall20 karma

There have been rumors several times over the years that it was going to come back. So when it did, in some ways I wasn't surprised when we finally did. That being said, I'm totally excited to be back in the saddle.

Moose_Hole9 karma

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Laura_Hall22 karma

I make this amazing bar cookie with chocolate, pecans, coconut and caramel. That's probably my fave.

LRTaylor22 karma

Fat Free Gluten Free Organic Paul Newman Fig Newtons.

Laura_Hall24 karma


LRTaylor18 karma

I know, it sounds weird. You get used to them.

BickieDitch2459 karma

Who was your favorite guest star?

Laura_Hall18 karma

I loved Sid Caesar, Florence Henderson and Robin Williams from the old episodes. From the new batch, Kevin McHale from Glee

LRTaylor14 karma

Mrs. Brady!!!!!

giraffechoreographer9 karma

Huge fan of the show and you guys. What's the craziest thing that's happened during one of the shows? Do you know where Ryan buys his shoes?

LRTaylor23 karma

Cool, thanks...Richard Simmons showed the cast most of his undercarriage. And I think Ryan's shoes are actually custom made, but don't hold me to it.

ProfObladee9 karma

What do you think of the new Whose Line in comparison to the old seasons? Which changes do you like/what do you wish had stayed the same?

Laura_Hall25 karma

It's a lot the same. But, the new shows are shorter by about 3 minutes, so it's often a music game that gets cut. That I don't like at all.

And although I adored all the guys who used to be in the "fourth chair", it is fun to get some new people in too. It just helps make everything fresh.

Oh, and the new Sideways Scene game, that cracks me up.

chemical_echo9 karma

Even though the points don't matter, is there a reason there's no winner like previous seasons? Specifically, when the winner gets to sit and Drew would do a skit with the others.

Laura_Hall17 karma

no idea. Maybe because the show is shorter now (by about 3 minutes).

cobaltcollapse8 karma

how hard is it to keep performing while you're laughing?

LRTaylor34 karma

It's more like, "how hard is it to keep performing when they're lowering the set temperatures to 23 degrees"...

Had to do "Van Halen" once. My hands were two blocks of ice. It was more like "Van Halen's Grandmother".

cobaltcollapse8 karma

huh, never imagined that it'd get cold there. everyone seems pretty comfortable when performing (especially Colin, wearing Hawaiian shirts all the time)

LRTaylor18 karma

Oh, yes, Frozen Tundra. I think Colin's shivering too..

tittilating_tomatoes8 karma

Is everything the actors say actually made up on the spot, or do they have some clue on what the topics will be and have time to prepare?

Laura_Hall20 karma

They truly do not have any idea what the topics will be.
But remember, the show is edited, so if something goes poorly (which doesn't happen that often) it just doesn't air.

reconditereference7 karma

Did you ever have any issues with your instruments that required even more improvisation?

Laura_Hall19 karma

Oh, we've had lots of tech/sound issues. In fact that's the stuff that makes me the most nervous. Of course there's the classic Village People song where I somehow hit the "Accelerate" button on my drum machine.

LRTaylor16 karma

Couldn't agree more...i've got so much s((*&T up there, I'm tripping on it, now I've got a laptop for more sounds, it's just a matter of time before it all goes up in smoke.

SaucySemite7 karma

Hi, Laura and Linda!

I actually play guitar for a musical improv troupe at my college, and since you are both inspirations to me (female musical accompanists unite!), I was thrilled to see you do this AMA! I was wondering sort of how you come up with the exact progressions that you use-- like if they were doing a Backstreet Boys style, do you go through a bunch of their songs and find common progressions, or do you just stick with a pop I-V-vi-IV?

My group does half-hour improvised musicals off of one suggestion, and instead of thinking of what style, I usually have to think what tone and emotion fits the current scene. Do you have any tips for that? What progressions do you find are the most energetic/fun to play/work the best with anything?

Sorry for throwing so much at you! I'd really appreciate any answers for any of these questions.

Thank you for your time!

LRTaylor12 karma

Well I'll jump in...

I think what we do is sort of 'reductive surgery'. We find the essence of the style suggestion...what one element sounds like "Backstreet Boys"? It's sort of like 'name that tune in one note', well we're 'name that style in one sound/groove.

I think in more current/pop music, the progression is less important. In most cases it hurts your cause because there really isn't traditional progressions right now, just a lot of 1 chord/2 chord vamps.

Improving musicals with just a guitar is a tall order - so much of that is piano, orchestra, etc. I guess if I were in your gig, I'd just do what you're doing and score the scene, as opposed to the musical. Fit the scene's emotion.

Laura_Hall12 karma

Good for you!! I love that you improvise musicals. That's one of my favorite things to do. And you're exactly right, you have to just play the tone/feel of the scene rather than sharply delineated styles like we do on Whose Line.

In terms of chord progressions, I would say listen to lots of kinds of music for inspiration. I don't think there's any one magic progression that fits all. I think you have to have a lot in your tool kit to draw from.

And in terms of doing a specific style, yes, we listen to a lot of Backstreet Boys for example and try to find what makes them distinctively sound like them; including chord progressions, instrumentation, drum grooves, etc and use that as a jumping off place. If you just did the same progression for every style, it would make them sound more the same than you'd want.

wilkinswontkins6 karma

How come they never let you guys talk on the show?

Laura_Hall28 karma

They want us to be women of mystery.

LRTaylor24 karma

Like we're gonna be funnier than Ryan?

gf1036 karma

Hey, you two are awesome! What are your favorite hoedowns and/or Irish Drinking Songs?

LRTaylor31 karma

I like all the Hoedowns because I don't have to play them :>)

Zomg_A_Chicken6 karma

Have you ever been asked to be an active participant in a scene?

Laura_Hall31 karma

You mean playing music isn't being an active participant? :)

Friedso6 karma

Laura and Linda, thanks a bunch for this AMA! Unfortunately, I've yet to see the Whose Line reboot, because I don't know when it - or if, at all - will air down here in Brazil.

Linda, how were you discovered to work on the show?

Laura, have you ever made any musical recommendations for the show?

Laura_Hall9 karma

It probably will, but later. That's how it was with the old ones.

Do you mean recommending different styles to try? Yes, both Linda and I do all the time.

LRTaylor9 karma

like "styles of music played at their normal tempo", but they've yet to take that suggestion.

LRTaylor8 karma

Hello! Jennifer Batten, guitarist for Michael Jackson, referred me, and I auditioned. I've never, ever, been to an audition like that before :>)

geotracker85 karma

How did you guys learn to improvise so well?

Laura_Hall9 karma

I learned by working as a musical director at Second City in Chicago, and with other improv groups. And Linda learned everything she knows from me. :)

Actually, lots of different musical experiences help you with learning it. Playing for musicals for example makes you be flexible with following singers.

LRTaylor9 karma

Hey, I taught you Rap. I still don't know what Madrigals are...sounds like a Xmas thing...

Laura_Hall20 karma

After we've been working together another 10 years I'll teach you Madrigals. You haven't earned enough point to unlock it yet.

LRTaylor5 karma

Thank you! Truthfully, I've learned so much from Laura, and probably just by doing it for so many years...

Veneficium4 karma

If there is going to be a "greatest hits" game, do you get to know the styles in advance or do you also have to perform it on the spot?

Also, how much do you practice those sessions?

You are both great musiccians and thank you for doing an AMA!

LRTaylor9 karma

It's more like - what 'could' work...Laura and I basically spend a week or two prepping, just getting as many different styles together as we possible can. We both spend a ton of time programming drums, getting sounds together, figuring out how 2 people can pull of something like "Beyonce", if it's called. We will talk down basically everything in iTunes...just prepping. Lots and lots and lots and lots of prep.

adamnarimatsu2 karma

You two were always my favorite part of any episode, so thanks! What are your biggest tips for up and coming musicians on working on improv? Everybody says "You just have to do it," but every good improvisational musician seems to have their own unique approach. What would you say were the best exercises/experiences/pieces of advice you have come across in your careers regarding this?

Laura_Hall3 karma

I'd say: Listening to other improv musicians, analyzing what they do, and figuring out if you want to use any of it. Doing lots of vocal accompaniment, whether it's with a singer/songwriter, church soloist, etc. Listening to and analyzing lots of musical styles to think about what makes them tick. Listen to the actors. Try to find the balance between leading and following.

There's a great book by Michael Pollock on the subject. http://www.amazon.com/Musical-Direction-Improv-Sketch-Comedy/dp/0974742740/ref=pd_bxgy_b_text_y

Also, remember, improv groups are always looking for musicians, so they'll give you the opportunity to learn by doing it (which was how I learned)

yoshiozz2 karma

Hey Guys!

Massive fan of the show!

I have always wondered how the hell do you keep it together when the guys crack a joke that get's the whole crowd wetting their pants?!

You have great composure! wish I could keep it together as you guys do!

Laura_Hall5 karma

Thanks! When they're doing a non-music game, I'm laughing my ass off, just like everyone else.

Lugash1 karma

Hi Laura! Will you play my wedding?

Laura_Hall4 karma

We'd like a suggestion of something a bride would say....