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I met you once when you visited my cousin in the hospital (Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in 2002/2003) after he suffered a spinal cord injury doing backyard wrestling. A lot of wrestlers actually came out to see him and the WWE really went all out for him, sending people like Edge and Torrie Wilson also out to visit him.
That was a tough time for him and our family, but seeing him smile when some of his favourite WWE personalities went out to visit him really helped.
I know it wasn't a question, just wanted to say thank you.

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First of all, I just want to say I've been a fan since your website was pretty much nothing more than a loop of Capricorn; I used to leave my browser open just to listen to that song on repeat for hours. I've been to just about all of your Toronto shows and still remember how amazing your show at Mod Club was when Jared sang Capricorn by himself with no instruments. He and Shannon even complimented my homemade shirt after the show (I made it to look like the one in your self-titled CD booklet with all the writing all over it). It was basically my favorite concert ever.
I was actually picked to be in the video for The Kill when you guys did sign-ups at the Toronto show (it was the day after my birthday so it was just about the best birthday gift I could have imagined getting), but due to my new cell phone dying on me, I didn't get the call until it was too late. I still watch the video thinking where I would have been in it.
Anyways, at your last Toronto show I couldn't help but notice there was a lack of older material in your playlist. I know you guys were supporting the new album, but I'd love to hear some older stuff mixed in there. Is there any reason you don't play some older stuff from 30STM or ABL (besides the Kill)?

TL;DR - Long time fan, was supposed to be the in the video for The Kill, please play Oblivion next time you're in Toronto.

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Thanks for the response, Tomo!
If you guys did a 30STM or ABL anniversary tour I'd be able to die a happy man.

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Even though the points don't matter, is there a reason there's no winner like previous seasons? Specifically, when the winner gets to sit and Drew would do a skit with the others.