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Just came to say I absolutely love your collaborations with Linkin Park. And I always blast out Name Of The Game when testing out new speaker and earphones

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If there is going to be a "greatest hits" game, do you get to know the styles in advance or do you also have to perform it on the spot?

Also, how much do you practice those sessions?

You are both great musiccians and thank you for doing an AMA!

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Did you have any rivalries with Westwood back in the day?

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Halo Wars is one of the best examples for an RTS on a console mostly because of the way it transfers the mouse/keyboard functions.

What kinds of issues did you had to face to make it as controller-friendly while maintaining the flow of the game?

Huge fan of Ensemble studio's, shame it's no more

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Is her real singing voice as horrible as we percieve it to be?